Old Exercise Machines from the 1979 Argos Catalogue

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Retrospace had a post about Argos Catalogues from Great Britain which was pretty much just about looking at half-naked women, but one page really caught my eye. It was the page from the Health and Fitness section of the catalogue.

Argos 1979 Spring Catalogue Health and Fitness from Starling Fitness

There are some fairly typical things, like these weights and springs. The springs have been replaced by plastic stretchy cords in a variety of colors, but this equipment is still available today.

Argos 1979 Spring Catalogue Weights and Springs from Starling Fitness

Even these body weight machines are still available today. Companies have slapped the word “Pilates” on the label, but other than that, they’re still the same. I talked about that here:

Argos 1979 Spring Catalogue Body Weight Machine from Starling Fitness

Even the stationary bicycles are still around. They look different, but they are still something that is recommended for losing weight.

Argos 1979 Spring Catalogue Exercise Machines from Starling Fitness

The thing that bothers me is that we have been doing this for over fifty YEARS and we are just getting fatter. Don’t waste your money on the new versions of these products, they are just as silly as the old ones. Exercise can make you stronger. Exercise will help your heart, but I have never lost weight from exercising. In fact, it just made me hungrier. Don’t let them steal your money. Take a walk outside for twenty minutes a day and save yourself money and grief.


Wearing Out Vs. Rusting Out

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I saw this quote on The Quotations Page today and it was inspiring to me:

Let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out. Theodore Roosevelt from The Quotations Page

It reads:

Let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out.

  • Theodore Roosevelt

The full quote is from his address at the opening of the gubernatorial campaign, New York City, October 5, 1898:

We are face to face with our destiny and we must meet it with high and resolute courage. For us is the life of action, of strenuous performance of duty; let us live in the harness, striving mightily; let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out.

For me, that means CONSISTENCY. I need to do a little bit of exercise EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT. I do twenty minutes of something every day. Sometimes that’s walking the dog or doing a yoga video. Sometimes that’s weight training or running. Sometimes that’s just riding my bike to the grocery store. It doesn’t need to be go hard or go home. It needs to be GO EVERY DAY.

The next time you’re thinking of skipping your workout, remember this quote. Let us live in the harness, striving mightily!


Park Here To Walk Farther and Be Healthier

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While walking around Daybreak, I found this in the Rio Tinto parking lot.

Park Here To Walk Farther and Be Healthier from Starling Fitness

It says:

Park Here To Walk Farther and Be Healthier

It was on the outskirts of their employee parking lot and I thought it was genius. This is one of the MANY tips that are thrown out to help you lose weight that never worked for me. It wasn’t that I needed more exercise. It wasn’t that I was eating too many calories. Both of those things needed to change before I could lose weight, but they weren’t the problem.

The problem wasn’t the food. The problem was WHY I wanted to eat the food.

The problem wasn’t the lack of exercise. The problem was WHY I couldn’t get off the couch.

I had been to therapy to take care of my mind. I had been to Weight Watchers and the gym to take care of my body, but I was missing ONE important piece of the puzzle.

My spirit.

It’s mind, body AND spirit that makes a whole person. As Overeater’s Anonymous says it, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. I needed meditation. I need spiritual experiences. I needed a daily dose of monoamine neurotransmitters to combat the desire to eat more food and lie on the couch like a slug. It wasn’t until that spiritual aspect of my program was added that I started to make progress.

When I meditate, eating healthy is easier. When I meditate, getting out to take the dog for a walk is easier. When I meditate, the thought of parking at the far end of the parking lot no longer sounds like a punishment.

I appreciate the sentiment on the Rio Tinto parking lot, but spray-painted admonishments never helped me. What helped me was sitting STILL and getting my brain to release those feel good chemicals for fifteen minutes every day. How ironic is that?

Overeater’s Anonymous does not endorse anything on this entry or blog. I speak only of my personal experience and not for OA as a whole.


Gym Pet Peeves

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This video is funny.

THIS is why I workout at home…


Color Run in Las Vegas 2015

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I had NO IDEA that a run could be so fun. Unlike the other races I’ve run, this one was dedicated to fun. It was awesome!

Color Run Las Vegas 2015 from Starling Fitness

Amazingly, even though I only know about five people in the city of Las Vegas, I found a friend who I knew at the starting line. I was so lucky to find her and we ran the whole race together. It was amazing! Here she is, tossing a pink color packet. So beautiful!

Color Run Las Vegas 2015 from Starling Fitness

It was an amazing experience, so much so that my husband decided to do the next one with me. We will be running the SLC Color Run on 08-22-15. If you’d like to run with us, our team name is Starling Fitness and you’ll save a few bucks off your entry fee.

There are a ton more pictures after the break: (more…)


The Color Run: Salt Lake City 08-22-15 Join My Team And Save Money!

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In addition to doing the Color Run in Las Vegas, I’m doing one in Salt Lake City in August! They just opened up the registration, so you can register and sign up with my team: Starling Fitness. It will save you some money if you sign up with my team instead of running on your own.

Color Run SLC 08-22-15 from Starling Fitness

If you are unfamiliar with the Color Run, it’s the run where you do 5K and they throw paint and glitter on you. Here’s a video:

I am so excited for the run in February because I have been training so hard. Now, I have another one to look forward to once the Las Vegas one is over!


If Gandhi Took A Yoga Class

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I’ve never taken a yoga class. I’ve been thinking about it, because the yoga videos I’ve watched are HARD to do because I can’t do the moves and watch the TV at the same time. They should show me HOW to do the move first, then tell me the NAME of the move and THEN we should do it together. I’m trying a BEGINNING yoga video for a reason!! I’ve never done it before, except in Yourself Fitness, which was even worse…

But what if an experienced person like Gandhi took a yoga class. Would he have trouble too? This video cracked me up when I saw it.

When he starts losing his cool because she’s playing a ColdPlay song, I lost it. YES! That is exactly why I’m scared to take a yoga class. That and the scolding about “appropriate yoga attire.”

I guess I’ll just stick with my videos…

Update 02-02-15

I think I like this video because this is how I imagine it would be for me to go to a yoga class while being fat. No matter how good I am at it, yoga bitch gonna offer me some blocks and straps. Oh, and she’ll gladly tell me about “appropriate yoga attire” and refer me to a store that doesn’t carry my size.

I apparently have some pent up rage about exercise classes. I don’t think I have ever forgiven that brown haired bitch for the Bosu Ball Incident. I just reread that entry and I am still as hurt and angry as I was ELEVEN years ago when it happened. ELEVEN! That brown haired bitch has probably pumped out five children in that amount of time and weighs more than I do by now.

I need to let that go…


This Girl Can Do

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This girl can do…

Don’t nobody tell me I can’t!


5K Runner: A Couch to 5K App That Actually Works Sucks Like The Rest of Them

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Update 02-02-15

5K Runner Review W6D2 from Starling FitnessI’m kind of peeved today because this review was a TAD premature. I have now had THREE separate failures of this application. Each time, I was adjusting the volume or skipping a song and the app advanced the workout to the next activity. For example, today, I was in the middle of the W6D2 workout. This workout has a five minute warmup, ten minutes of running, three minutes walking, ten minutes of running and five minute cool down. I was in the fourth minute of the first run and a song came on that was a lot louder than the others and I pushed the volume button on my phone to turn it down. It advanced me all the way to the cool down. Definitely UNCOOL.

The worst part is that when I tried to start it again, it was at the beginning. I had already done almost ten minutes of my workout. I could advance it to the three minute walk, but basically, I was screwed. I did the workout on my treadmill and turned off the app. When I checked off that I had done it, it didn’t let me post to Twitter, like I usually do with the stats. That REALLY made me mad because I had done the workout and I didn’t get to brag about it.

So, not even this program is bug-free. AND the truly irritating part is that the program even has a “feature” of being able to advance to the next section. When you’re in a workout, you don’t want to easily skip the next ten minutes. The whole part of the workout is to DO it. The ONLY reason this program has that “feature” is so that the programmers can test the app without actually DOING the workout. Bad form, 5K Runner, bad form.

Oh, and you can bet I’m not buying the 10K runner or your stupid sit-up and pushup apps. Here I am, looking for another app to train with. Why do they all suck so hard?

Don’t get me started talking about Couch to 5K apps. I will rage and spew hatred for all the crappy apps out there. It will be an hour-long rant about how the MOST important thing about a Couch to 5K app are the audio cues.

5K Runner App Review on Starling FitnessSo, if you want to learn to start running and want an app to help you with that process, DO NOT SEARCH FOR COUCH TO 5K ON THE APP STORE!!! You will find SO many apps and they are ALL garbage. All of them, except 5K Runner.

With a Couch to 5K program, you learn to run by doing intervals. There are times when you run and times when you walk. This app will tell you when to run and tell you when to walk. It will also play your workout music in the background and gently break in to tell you when to run and walk.

5K Runner First Workout from Starling FitnessAll Couch to 5K apps say that they will tell you when to run and when to walk, but 5K Runner actually DOES it. It never misses an audio cue. You see, with those crappy programs, they will gladly tell you when to run, but then some bug happens and they forget to tell you to start walking, so you end up running WAY longer than you should. Or maybe they only work with the audio cues if you keep the screen on the entire run. Some of them only have trouble if your headphones accidentally get pulled out when you dropped your phone. Others break down when your halfway mark audio cue coincides with a cue to run or walk.

I have tested 5K Runner in every possible way to make it break and it has never once missed a cue. Without fail, it has ALWAYS told me when to run and when to walk. It has ALWAYS told me that I’ve reached the halfway mark. It has always given me a little extra incentive when I am in the middle of that last running interval of the day (I REALLY need that one).

5K Runner just WORKS the way it’s supposed to.

That’s how low a bar I set for this program and every other program I tested failed. They all missed an audio cue of some sort and left me walking too long or running too long (that was the worst).

5K Runner W4D2 Workout from Starling FitnessI do have ONE caveat, however. DO NOT LOOK AHEAD! Don’t look at the workout for next time. ESPECIALLY don’t look at the workout next week. It will scare you to think that the next time you run, you’ll have to run for FIVE minutes straight with only three minutes walking for a break. That happened to me. I just finished the W4D2 Run. Before I started, I was so terrified of that run this morning that I tried to avoid it because I had looked ahead.

The funny thing is, by the time you get there, you CAN do it. It might sound impossible, like running for five minutes with only three minutes to recover, but you WILL be able to do it when it comes time for that run. Don’t look ahead, just plug in your headphones and do what the nice lady tells you to do.

5K Runner Settings from Starling FitnessThat is ONE thing that I wish I could change. I wish I could record audio cues for myself. I would have the people I love record the “Motivate Me” sections. I would MUCH rather hear my husband tell me, “You can do this, we’re almost done.” Or my mom saying, “I’m proud of you for doing your workout today.” Even if it were just me, I wish I could record my own voice saying, “Keeping going, Laura. I know you can do this.”

I really like that you can just turn off the voices altogether and just have beeps telling you when to run and walk. I love that you can choose whether it tells you that you’re halfway done or whether you want motivation. Those settings will really come in handy after I have been using this app for several years, but I’m sick of the audio cues.

5K Runner Badges from Starling FitnessFinally, there are the badges. When you do workouts, you earn badges, which feels really good to have one pop up every week or two. Of course, all the motivational cues and badges in the world won’t work if the app crashes or forgets to tell you that you can walk now after a hard run. I love the badges, but they don’t mean anything to me if I am angry at the program for making me run too much.

I’m going to be BRUTALLY honest here. Up until now, my favorite option for Couch to 5K was the 5K app for Zombies, Run! I have been VERY positive about that app because I do love it so much, but even that program has betrayed me. Once it left me running, running, running, and the doctor never came back to tell me to walk. I didn’t hear from her again until she said, “Ok, Runner Five, it’s now time to run.” By then, I couldn’t breathe. I was very mad at the app for that, despite my love for it. THAT’S how important audio cues are when we are learning to run. And I said that I wouldn’t go on an hour-long rant about just that…


This Is What You Miss

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THIS! This is what you miss when you blow off your workout…

Beautiful Sky from Feel Good Inc

Feel Good Inc. was out in the cold the other morning and she saw this sunrise. This is the kind of thing that you miss when you listen to that voice in your head.

It’s too cold outside right now.

I’m so tired from exercising every day.

I’ll just do the workout later.

When you listen to that voice, you miss out on the good things like a beautiful sunrise and an invigorating workout. The next time you have that nagging voice in your head trying to talk you out of getting your butt out of bed and doing your workout, remember this gorgeous morning sunrise that you could be enjoying if you just do the next right thing.

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