Lose An Hour Gain A Mile

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I love this motivational poster I found on run, eat, relax.

Lose an Hour Gain a Mile from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Lose an hour Gain a mile

I really miss being able to run outdoors. We live near a beautiful lake and while it’s possible to go for a run out there, the temperature is at 38 degrees right now, so it’s miserable. I miss those nice weather runs where everything is gorgeous and there is a lovely sight to be seen around every corner. I know they’ll come back in a month and a half, but it’s hard to wait.

Until then, I’ll print up this poster and put it in front of the treadmill. I can pretend I’m in a lush forest while I gain my miles.

Didn’t even realize until this very second that if you run a mile in one hour, that’s REALLY slow. That’s even slow for walking. Still a good thought, though.


Trust Your Power

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I know this is a commercial for batteries, but I still LOVE it.

I love that line:

They didn’t call my name. Told me it was over. But I been deaf since I was three. So I didn’t listen.

Made me cry and inspired me to keep going. Thanks, Derrick Coleman. I sincerely had never heard of you before this Duracell commercial, but good going! I heard you won that Super Bowl thing, so congratulations.


No Gym? I Will Lift The Earth!

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I saw this image on Funeral For My Fat and I had to know what was going on.

No Gym? I Will Lift The Earth from Starling Fitness

It reads:

No f-ing gym. I will f-ing lift the whole earth!

It looked so strange that I had to watch the video that it came from, a video on YouTube called “Chinese New Year St. Rampage”

As funny as that temper tantrum was, he actually got a pretty good workout from it. There was one time in my life when I asked, “Does anybody love their gym that much?” Apparently, one guy does.


A Travel Exercise: Burpee Sandbag Row

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I was fascinated by this animated GIF I found on Funeral For My Fat:

Burpee Sandbag Row from Starling Fitness

When I looked at it, it looked like she had a suitcase/duffle bag in her hands, and I imagined myself doing that exercise in a hotel room. This exercise has a complete perfection to it as far as travel is concerned: quiet, full-body, and uses items on hand.

Of course, it’s FAR too intense for me right now, but it was nice to watch it and imagine a day when a workout like that would be something I could actually do.

The next time you use the fact that there is no gym in your hotel as an excuse to let your fitness regime fall by the wayside, remember this quick and simple (but not easy) exercise. Don’t let excuses get in your way.


Sound Mind Sound Body

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This advertisement from Asics is amazing!

Sound Mind Sound Body from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Sound Mind Sound Body: Running releases more than just sweat

It’s true. There is one moment in every run where I feel a huge sigh of relief. I have to be paying attention to notice it past all the jiggling, puffing and sweating, but it’s there with every workout.

In fact, there are times when running has actually SAVED me time throughout my day. When I’m running, my mind wanders over the things I need to do. If I take a second and write down all the things I remember on my run, I have an instant to-do list that has saved me more time than it took to run.

Don’t let excuses get in the way of your workout. Remember that exercise helps your mental health as well as your physical health and get your butt off the couch.


How To Get Motivated To Run Every Day

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“We should all do the Electric Run together. I think it would be fun,” I said, to the car full of my sister, Stacey, my brother-in-law, Dan, my husband, Mike, and my boy, Sean. Mike asked, “Is that the run where they throw paint all over you?” I laugh. No, that’s the Color Run.

“What? Do they shoot you with paintballs?” Dan asked. I answered, “I don’t think so. I think it’s colored chalk or something.” Mike chuckled, “That’s all I need when I’m trying to run a 5K, inhale a lungful of chalk dust.”

The conversation has gotten away from me and I try to steer it back. “The Electric Run is different. It’s at night and you wear glow necklaces and fluorescent clothing. They have black lights and disco music while you run. It sounds like fun.”

“Sounds great! The only problem I have with it is the ‘running a 5K’ part,” Mike is firm. He doesn’t want to participate in any run, no matter how fun. Dan said, “I’m not interested in that.” I was dropping people left and right. “I want to do that Zombie Chase thing,” Stacey replied.

“We can do that, too.” Now, instead of doing one race, I’ve agreed to do two, one of which, I’m running from Zombies through obstacle courses. “That one we should bring the trailers and camp down there before the race so we don’t have to drive so far,” I suggest. Dan agrees wholeheartedly and suddenly, I have a reason to train and run every day. Our whole family has decided to rally behind Stacey and me for these two races and are planning fun times together for them.

My butt has been on the treadmill EVERY day since this conversation.


The Pain I Endure

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I saw this motivational poster from Fit Facts today and it made me sad.

The Pain I Endure from Starling Fitness

It reads:

The pain I endure became the pleasure that I constantly crave.

I REMEMBER that pleasure and I miss it. When I was running before, however, I didn’t have the problems that I’m having right now. Even a long walk will make my feet ache like they never did before. My bulky and large feet, who have been my good friends all these years, have become fragile and temperamental. I have no idea how to strengthen them to be able to take the pounding that they did before.

I don’t want to injure myself, but I REALLY want to get back into running. I see that poster and it makes me feel so very sad because I WANT it. I want that pleasure of running every day. I want that sigh that I used to have during every run that said, “Yes, this is what I need.”

I don’t know how to get back there, but I want it so much that I’m willing to try again.


The Blerch: Why I Run

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The Terrible and Wonderful Reason I RunThe Oatmeal is a great comic that has been around for a long time. He wrote about why he runs here:

His most inspiring entry is about The Blerch:

He wrote:

Marathon runners often describe a phenomenon known as “hitting the wall.” They refer to ‘the wall” as the point in a race when they feel physically and emotionally defeated.

I do not believe in the wall. I believe in The Blerch. The Blerch is a fat little cherub who follows me when I run. He is a wretched, lazy beast. He tells me to slow down, to walk, to quit. (more…)


Lazy and Dead Sooner

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Lazy and Dead Sooner from Starling FitnessI absolutely adore Something Positive and I have been reading the online comic since the beginning so many years ago. Every day, Randy writes some pithy remark in the tiny signature line at the bottom of the comic. Today’s comic is no exception, but it made me think hard about things:

It reads,

Nothing like a lot of exercise to make you realize that you’d rather be lazy and dead sooner.

Is that really the choice I make every time I blow off my workout? Why can’t I ever remember that when I am tempted to just skip my exercise for the day?

Our health is the accumulation of every decision we’ve made from birth until now (not counting genetics, which may account for a VAST amount of our health). I need to remember that every time I choose to sit out my workout, I choose to be lazy and die sooner.


No Lunks: Whatever That Means…

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I love this commercial for Planet Fitness.

Here is the guy version:

I don’t know what “No Lunks” means, but I’m pretty damn familiar with gymtimidation. I really have never recovered from the Bosu Ball Incident. It seems crazy to me that I am still shellshocked from something that happened nearly ten YEARS ago! I just feel like I should just get over it already. I’ve been to other gyms and I’ve even been to other exercise classes, but I have never recovered that LOVE for a gym that was destroyed that day.

And that makes me so very sad…

I don’t think Planet Fitness is really my thing, though… This video shows the top 8.3 reasons to join them.

Here are their reasons:

  • Free food: Free pizza, bagels and Tootsie Rolls. REALLY?! What are they thinking?!
  • Lots of Exercise Equipment
  • The Staff
  • PF Express: 30 minute Workout
  • Free Unlimited Fitness Training
  • Lunk Alarm: An alarm that goes off if you drop the weights loudly or grunt. Here’s a video of it:

  • Black Card Membership: Bring a friend or use tanning and massage chairs for free.
  • Judgment Free Zone: Regular people, no Barbies and Kens, feel comfortable (but apparently it’s okay to judge juice heads, grunters and gym bunnies, that seems wrong somehow)
  • No Commitment Membership: $10 a month

Lunk is a trademarked term coined by Planet Fitness that refers to those ‘roided up gym rats who go around taking about their pump or burn. Or maybe it refers to those bimbos who dress up in cutesy matching gym clothes and wear makeup at the gym. I don’t like those people, but I don’t really think making them the subject of ridicule is the answer.

I don’t really know WHAT the answer is, actually, so maybe these guys are onto something.

I think proper gym etiquette is handled MUCH better with this little video:

Don’t be THAT guy at the gym helps people to know when they’re being irritating to others, but they forgot the Sweater, who is the person who sweats all over the equipment and doesn’t clean up after him/herself.

Easier just to workout at home, but only if I workout at home…

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