Old Exercise Machines from the 1979 Argos Catalogue

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Retrospace had a post about Argos Catalogues from Great Britain which was pretty much just about looking at half-naked women, but one page really caught my eye. It was the page from the Health and Fitness section of the catalogue.

Argos 1979 Spring Catalogue Health and Fitness from Starling Fitness

There are some fairly typical things, like these weights and springs. The springs have been replaced by plastic stretchy cords in a variety of colors, but this equipment is still available today.

Argos 1979 Spring Catalogue Weights and Springs from Starling Fitness

Even these body weight machines are still available today. Companies have slapped the word “Pilates” on the label, but other than that, they’re still the same. I talked about that here:

Argos 1979 Spring Catalogue Body Weight Machine from Starling Fitness

Even the stationary bicycles are still around. They look different, but they are still something that is recommended for losing weight.

Argos 1979 Spring Catalogue Exercise Machines from Starling Fitness

The thing that bothers me is that we have been doing this for over fifty YEARS and we are just getting fatter. Don’t waste your money on the new versions of these products, they are just as silly as the old ones. Exercise can make you stronger. Exercise will help your heart, but I have never lost weight from exercising. In fact, it just made me hungrier. Don’t let them steal your money. Take a walk outside for twenty minutes a day and save yourself money and grief.


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