Ali Vincent Wins Biggest Loser

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For the first time, a woman has won The Biggest Loser! Ali Vincent won The Biggest Loser, even after being sent home in week four.

Ali Vincent: The Biggest Loser

Here is a video interviewing her and Jillian, her trainer on the show.

Jillian is really proud of Ali

She’s sending a message to women out there that when you connect your mind, your body and your intention, anything is possible.

Since women typically don’t lose weight as quickly as men, it has been thought that a woman couldn’t win The Biggest Loser. Every season, women have said that they were going to be the first woman to win, but this time, Ali did it!


If you want to see Jillian and Bob talk about the finalist before they found out who won:

Via: First Woman, Ali Vincent, Wins Biggest Loser | TV Crunch


6 Responses to “Ali Vincent Wins Biggest Loser”

  1. Jana Says:

    I think this could have been great. She was on TV and they admitted that towards the end she was working out 10-12 hours a day. I was shocked and replayed it. For that I have no honest congratulations for her.

  2. vicky berg Says:

    I think it was wonderful she lost the weight no matter how many hours she had to work out !!!! It was alot of heart and soul to get rid of that much weight. She has convinced me I can do it too, I weigh 282 pounds; I joned Jenny Craig and Ballys I have got rid of 13 pounds. I am going to keep going!

  3. Carol Says:

    hi, congratulations Ali! I was just wondering, after loosing all that weight, will Ali of had excess skin, and had to get surgery to remove this. Or would all the exercise help prevent this?

  4. nicie Says:

    This video almost made me cry. i didnt see the whole episode straight thru; so to see her story is incredible!.No matter how many hours she worked out she wanted it and she got it!! that is how you succeed!!! Ali i am one of your biggest fans now!!!!

  5. Brad Says:

    @Jana Please refrain from glib comments. 10 hours a day resulted in 112lbs lost. If she would have worked out 1 hour a day and lost 112lbs it would have been a miracle maybe, but nothing respectable.

  6. Cat Says:

    @Brad “If she would have worked out 1 hour a day and lost 112 Ibs it would have been a miracle maybe, but nothing respectable.”

    Working out an hour a day and losing 112 Ibs isn’t respectable? Wow, what planet are you from?

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