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I haven’t tried this idea from MotiveWeight.

Tell yourself you are doing it from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Instead of telling yourself you CAN do it, tell yourself you ARE doing it.

I’ve gotten a lot of steam from “I think I can.” There were so many times when I was riding my bike, trying to get it up that huge hill near my house, and I just kept saying, “I think I can,” over and over. Sometimes I would go all Obama and say, “Yes I can,” over and over instead.

But I’ve never tried saying, “I am doing it.” It just feels wrong in my head. With “Yes I can,” I can say each word with each pump on the pedal, but “I am doing it,” is five syllables and just doesn’t feel as good to say. “Yes I am,” is the right cadence, but it doesn’t make any sense out of context like that.

I think I’ll stick with “Yes I can.” It has gotten me up many a hill and through many a sprint.


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