A Virtual Race In The Real World

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Mana Energy Potion sponsored a treadmill modification to complete a race in World of Warcraft.

What they did was modify some inexpensive treadmills to simulate pressing the “W” button.

Treadmill Modifications

Then they had a virtual race across Azeroth, which is an area in the game, World of Warcraft. Do you think running in World of Warcraft with these treadmills will be easier or harder than running in a real forest? You can see how they did here:

In the end, they ran 1 mile in the game, but only ran 1/2 mile on the treadmills. The game had them running at 12.0 mph, but the treadmills logged only 6.0 mph. So, running in World of Warcraft is still easier than running in the real world, even with fancy treadmills.

The race was sponsored by Mana Energy Potion, which is a high calorie energy drink. This may seem like a good promotion for fitness, but in actuality, they are promoting a drink that isn’t very healthy, so be forewarned.

Via: Play Girlz: Exercise World of Warcraft Style


5 Responses to “A Virtual Race In The Real World”

  1. Just_Kelly Says:

    Wonder if this could get my WoW obsessed husband exercising… hmmmmm….

    Kelly Choosinglosing.blogspot.com

  2. Elijah Says:

    Since when is 25 calories “high calorie”? Maybe for Kate Moss, but she pukes after eating a Lifesaver.

  3. Fitness Surfer Says:

    I always someone should make a virtual machine for stationary bikes that let you go anywhere. Better yet the bike could automatically inclined on hills, and shake on rocky terrain.

  4. SLB Says:

    Too funny! There’s something there but it will take more than a bike wheel on a grocery store conveyor belt!

  5. Jim Says:

    The video was entertaining at the very least. Maybe you could setup some pads that activated when you step on them, for jogging in place to make the run, kinda like the wii.

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