Can You Be Sexy And Fat?

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When I was watching this video, I was surprised at how sexy the main character of it is. She’s fat. She’s what the doctors would say morbidly obese, but she’s so cute.

Is it possible to be sexy and fat? What if you lose weight, does that make you even MORE beautiful?

I don’t know if you noticed, but the main character in this little animation is named Avant, which means “Before.” She was the before picture cut out of a weight loss advertisement. If you watch after the credits, she comes back and kicks the Apres (After) picture out of her spot and poses for the camera once again.

The fashion industry doesn’t care about me. The movie industry doesn’t care about me. All they want to do is sell clothing and DVDs. They are like the food industry, actually, trying to find the perfect mixture of flavor that will sell their products to as many people as possible.

So, I ask again, can you be sexy and fat? Hell ya! Remember that next time you’re getting ready for your day. You can be a red hot sexy machine and all you need to change is your attitude.

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  1. Barbara Ling Says:

    Great article!

    I think sexiness is all in one’s mind. If you have the confidence to view yourself as sexy, it naturally comes across – you don’t apologize for the way you look, instead your whole appearance shows a firm belief in your own desirability.

    I’ve always said I could be knock-kneed, cross-eyed and balding and still be one of the sexiest persons one can meet.

    At 43, I’ve written some articles about this topic at http://www.fabfitmom.com/journal/category/sexy-after-40/ .



  2. B. Says:

    That’s awesome! Yes, I think most women are damn sexy- I hope all ya’ll women know that. (Note to self: you’re damn sexy too.) It’s easy to be swayed by popular media. Let’s all stop watching.

    (PS: I think very thin women and women with small breasts and old women and… etc are all valuable which is what I think the quest for “sexy” is really about right now. I even think women who aren’t remotely interested in sex (and thus maybe not sexy?) are full on valuable too.)

  3. Helene Says:

    In my own fat woman experience, I have learned that sexy is in the mind and translates into the body easily. Most men will not introduce a fat woman to their friends, or their families but when a man wants a real wild “ride” and a good soft sensual cuddle afterwards, he’ll call his fatty-honey first every time…

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