The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Diets

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When I think of silly diets, the Grapefruit Diet comes to mind. I never went on the grapefruit diet, but I watched my weight obsessed friend try it and the funny little pills that they sold for it so long ago. Brie Cadman has a list of her top ten most ridiculous diets.

The quick version is here:

  • Dr. Siegal’s® Cookie Dietâ„¢
  • The Subway Diet
  • The Cereal Diet
  • Cabbage Soup Diet
  • Slim Fast
  • Blood Type Diet
  • Russian Air Force Diet
  • The Three-Day Diet/Hot Dog Diet
  • The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet
  • The Writing Diet
  • The Atkins Diet

There are remnants of some of these diet fads that remain. For example, the cabbage soup diet lives on at Weight Watchers with their zero point soup that you can eat for zero points. If you are low on points, you can just make up some of their cabbage soup and fill up on that.

The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size at Amazon.comI had never heard of the Russian Air Force Diet or the Writing Diet. I love Julia Cameron, but I never heard of her book, The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size. Honestly, I’ve been writing about my emotions every day in my personal journal for years. I truly believe that writing does help me, so this might be a good book for me to try in the future.

For now, I think I’ll try the “Putting Less Food In My Mouth” Diet. It has worked for me for a while.

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2 Responses to “The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Diets”

  1. Megan Says:

    Sounds like a good plan, Laura. It’s so easy to jump into these diet fads.

    I have some serious concerns about another recent fad: the energy drink. Or the sodas with “max” caffeine. It really worries me, especially when I see my teenage siblings drinking that crap.

  2. iportion Says:

    What kimkins wasn’t mentioned or the bread and butter diet.

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