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Running Pile by Laura Moncur from Flickr

With as much running as Mike and I do, we go through a lot of shoes. Mike, obviously has more of a problem with this because of his feet. I only have two pair in the pile. My OLD Rykas that are beyond use and the Dr. Scholls that never really worked for me.

Who IS Dr. Scholl, anyway? Was he a real person or just a company mascot? Wikipedia says he was a real person:

The company was founded by William Mathias Scholl, who was born in 1882 and graduated from Illinois Medical School in 1904, thereby becoming a doctor (podiatrist). Scholl and his company invented a number of foot care products, which he marketed with his company after 1906. These include the Foot Eazer, the Zino Pad, rubberless stockings, Foot Wings arch supports, and Ball-O-Foot Cushions. The first company retail store was opened in 1928. William M. Scholl passed away in 1968 at the age of 86, leaving the company to his nephews, William H. Scholl (1920-2002) and Jack E. Scholl (1926-2006). The company had an initial public offering in 1971.

Well, his running shoes didn’t help me at all.

Right now, I’m wearing Nike+ Air Zooms. I like them because they work with my Nike+, but they have an added benefit of being LIGHT. They weigh half what my Rykas weigh. It’s a plus that they don’t hurt my feet, but mostly I like them because they log my miles without a funny thing on the top of my shoe.

This pile is going to GoodWill. They might not be good for running anymore, but someone might be able to use them to mow the lawn.


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