How Do You Comfort Yourself Without Food?

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Terry has been finding other ways to give herself comfort instead of food.

She has thought of some things that never occurred to me.

“I’m trying to find things that make me feel good but which don’t involve food. Strawberry-scented Glade candles, extended exercise for the endorphine rush and my rocking chair are my current favorites. I re-read beloved novels. I put lotion on my legs and arms.”

I love the thought of putting on lotion when I need comfort. So many times I need a hug, not food. What better way to give myself comfort than to take care of my skin?


4 Responses to “How Do You Comfort Yourself Without Food?”

  1. Vern Kirkman Says:

    The lotion sounds good, as does the rocking chair. But I wouldn’t dare have anything that smelled like food. A strwberry scented candle would send me looking for snacks! Still,I had not been looking for alternative comfort items, and that seems like an excellent idea. Recently, I’ve been under a great deal of stress, and have fallen back into seeking comfort through food. I need alternate methods that are not harmful to my health!

  2. www.iportion.com Says:

    Back and or foot massage Blogging Music and dance Surfing Amazon Exercise keeps me busy but depends how upset I am. Diet soda and gum. Yes it’s still food.

  3. Becky Says:

    I write about my thoughts in a journal and take naps when I’m having a stressful day.Excersize or house cleaning help sometimes as well.They keep me distracted when I’m angry.

  4. Cindy Says:

    We already know that food won’t fix that icky feeling that makes us want to eat everything in sight, although knowledge is often not power when it comes to comfort eating. What works for me, when I can get it together, is to go and sit down and purposely concentrate really hard on how AWFUL I feel. The feeling almost always fades away within a couple of minutes. Usually that’s the end of it (until next tiume), and I can just go about my day as though it never happened.

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