Carson Daly Weight Loss

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Carson Daly Before and After Weight Loss

Another star in the red-hot spotlight right now is Carson Daly. He has lost a substantial amount of weight and the gossip rags are making fun of him using the word “Manorexia.” Not too long ago, they made fun of him saying that he was too fat and now they rail on him for being too thin.

This is how life is if you decide to lose weight to please others. There is no such thing as a happy medium when someone else is obsessed with your weight. If you are dealing with someone who says disparaging comments about your weight, remember what Carson Daly is dealing with. No matter what he does, the gossip mongers will say something bad about his body. There is no pleasing people like that.

Deciding to lose weight to stop the disrespectful comments from negative people around you is the WRONG reason to start eating healthy. Concentrate on surrounding yourself with positive people who make you feel good about your body. Trying to please the negative people will only end up in the “now you’re TOO skinny” backlash.

Via: A Socialite’s Life: Carson Daly and Carson Daly Gallery


3 Responses to “Carson Daly Weight Loss”

  1. Weight Loss Says:

    That is excellent advice as losing weight should be a person goal and satisfaction. Listening to other people comments towards weight can become focused on but should never be the reason for changing yourself to fit what they think you should look like.

  2. pauncho Says:

    man, i gotta start watching his show.

  3. Luther Lufeigh Says:

    So I took your advice and didn’t listen to anyone remarks on my weight – especially the remarks of that bastard nutritionist of mine. Now I’m huge and diabetic!

    Ok, point is, don’t NOT listen to someone just because it’s not what you want to hear.


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