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Amaze RX

If you have been watching the Oxygen Network at the wrong time of the day, you might have seen the 30 minute informercial for Amaze RX. It’s a meal replacement shake that has about the same calories as a Slim Fast. Of course, it claims massive weight loss in short amounts of time.

Unfortunately, Quackwatch has revealed that their claims are deceptive.

The before and after pictures are of people who used Amaze Rx in conjunction with lapband surgery and the commercial isn’t very clear about that “minor” fact.

Most segments of the program do not make it clear that the testimonial-givers were lapband recipients, which means that people who begin watching after the first minute may not realize this. The infomercial contains occasional text messages that the participants used Amaze Rx to “maintain” or “accelerate” lapband results. Some of these messages lasted about 5 seconds and were large enough to read. But others lasted only 2 seconds and were too small to read without pausing the video. During the eighth minute of the infomercial, Carter says, “You have seen some of the amazing results results of lapband procedure recipients, and you have seen other men and women other men and women, just like you, losing weight and inches daily.” The phrase “just like you” suggests that the product alone will bring about the pictured results.

Forcing yourself to gag down protein shakes instead of eating real, healthy food isn’t the answer. If it was, Oprah would have stayed thin back in the 80’s when she was on the Optifast plan. The only way to lose weight is to eat less and move more. We all know that, but the solution is difficult at times. Don’t make it harder by putting yourself on a fast.

Bad form, Dr. Rick Carter, bad form…


14 Responses to “Quackwatch Report on Amaze Rx”

  1. iportion Says:

    Wou’d lap band and slim fast do the same thing abd be cheaper.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! If I’d not found this by doing a search I would have purchased AmazeRX not knowing the TRUE story. That really makes me angry how deceptive some so called DRs. can be just for the love of money, which I have very little of. I had a real funny feeling about this product, that’s why I searched moments before giving my credit card to join their club. They are very vague about everything, and I also noticed the ingrediants of this product does not have anything really extra to offer. I think I’ll try Andrew Lessman’s product on HSN. thanks again for providing this info. Hope more will read it.

  3. cyndi Says:

    thanks so much, my daughter and i were going to order to product and we happen on to your website

  4. Karen Says:

    I was on the verge of purchasing yet another, quick-fix miracle cure for my morbid obesity. However, I know after many years of trial and failure that the only sure way to lasting weight loss is lifestyle change. It’s like the old adage: If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. Thanks for posting this and saving me in a moment of weakness.

  5. Angel Says:

    Thank you I was going to order this very soon.

  6. Reenie Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this information. I unfortunatley ordered this product yesterday and of course also did not see the ‘spoiler’ RE lapband procedure. Guess the order taker I spoke with lied to me as I asked many questions before buying into this. I should have known…I also tried ‘Hypnosis’ and of course that was a big mistake too-the only thing I lost was money.

  7. Rodgerr Says:

    Maybe the marketing isn’t fact filled, but marketing NEVER is. If you look close at this product you fill find it is a good product (for what it is, a low-carb protein drink) at a fair market price. I am a lap-band patient and I use a similar meal replacement drink by EAS called AdvantEDGE Carb Control. These tow products are similar formulas and are the only two like this on the market. I buy the pre-made drinks at grocery stores or wal-mart and pay $5.50 to $7.00 4-pack. That is about $1.40 to 1.75 a serving. The nutritionalist and doctor at my Bariatric Center in Scottsdale said that a single meal replacement with the EAS product was fine; IT HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY and did all the same things, including improve my bloodwork that AMAZE RX claims. Now EAS tastes only OK, so I am going to try AMAZE RX.

  8. Bigdaddy Says:

    first of all I say this commercial and I agree I thought all of the “weight loss” was due to the lap band. But then i realized these patients each so much less now and the shakes help control the hunger so it makes perfect since that this could work. Plus I bought some of the product to try and ive done very well on it. ive compared it to boost and othe fast sliming products and all i know is it taste a hell of alot better than those plus it has more vitamins and to be honest it has more fiber than the two major brands combined and that helps too. Id say its a great deal just keep in mind if the doctor is referring it to his patients there is a reason it meets some health requirements to suppliment what they are not getting by eating so much. Oh and I have continued to loose and keep off an average of 10 pounds amonth for the past 6 months..



  10. Liv&Let Says:

    I love Amaze. It’s a protein shake and that’s all it is, but it tastes good! It also fills me up. Most women don’t get the required protein intake and so a protein shake as an addition to eating smart helps balance out the nutrion requirement. all I can say is it works for me!

  11. Lori Says:

    I want to know if their is anyone who DID NOT have lapband who is drinking this and is working.

  12. Steve Savage Says:

    Just load up on caffeine and you will lose weight. Its generally safe, legal and if you are willing to tolerate a constant sense of the jitters you will steadily lose pounds because it suppresses appetite. Just don’t drink your caffeine in the form of sugary drinks, stick to coffee and tea with 1 spoon of sugar maximum.

  13. Annette Says:

    I just bought this product yesterday. I have not had lapband surgery. I did not notice the disclaimers the folks featured had surgery but suspected this was the case anyway and it was further confirmed after going to the website. I bought it anyway based on the money back gaurentee. I bought enough to last for 2 meals a day for 3o days in order to loose at least 2o pounds in order to compy with the restricted return policy. Trust me if I don’t lose 20 pounds I will return it with all orginial contents, packaging and requested information as stated. However, if it works and tastes good as promised I will keep using it. I do understand you lose the most weight in the begining so I would not expect to maintain that level of weight loss although it would be nice.

  14. Mary M. Moore Says:

    I just purchased amaze-rx and I have not had lapband surgery. I did not know about the lapband patient as well, as I have now seen on the container after I purchased it. However I am going to follow the directions and see if I will lose up to a pound aday.


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