You Are Beautiful

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You Are Beautiful from Starling Fitness

What if your scale said this every day? What if you couldn’t measure how many pounds or kilos or stone you weighed? What if the only gauge of yourself is how you feel about yourself? How would you know if you are beautiful?

Guess what? That’s how life is. That number on the scale means NOTHING!!

Sexy is mostly attitude. Attitude and hygiene, actually. If you take care of yourself and you care about yourself, the sexy comes through no matter how heavy you are on the scale.

The scale is only a tool to measure progess. If you FEEL sexy, you will attract others. Work on your head as much as your body because when you get to goal weight, if you don’t feel sexy, you won’t look sexy, no matter how tight your butt is.


3 Responses to “You Are Beautiful”

  1. tish g Says:

    you’re right, Laura, about taking care of oneself no matter what the number on the scale says. Little things we do for ourselves–sometimes even wearing make-up just to go to the grocery store–can make a huge attitude difference 🙂

  2. Annie J Says:

    Thank you so much! We bigger people lose sight of the fact that our beauty comes from within. I’m 70, but don’t tell anyone because I’m still 35 in my head. And, this article made me feel beautiful again.

  3. Picture It: Says:

    I had to smile after reading this one because while I was jogging on an inside track today there were five other guys jogging as well. Three of them looked handsome, one sexy (thick muscles), and the fifth one was the fastest but jogged kinda dorky.

    When I finished jogging, the fast and dorky one stopped as well and walked with me on the track (cool down). He was very polite, made me laugh, and complimented me on my workout.

    With his great attitude, the ability to look me in the eye while talking, making me laugh, taking the time to stop and talk and with a smile that said “I feel good about life and myself”, HE became the most attractive male to me on the track.

    Smiling………..All that to say, you are right Annie and Laura, beauty comes from within and I will not be using the word “dorky” to describe Dave again.

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