Question of the Week: Halloween Costumes

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If you are planning on wearing a skimpy and sexy Halloween costume, you have less than a month to get to your goal weight.

With less than a month to wear a sexy Halloween costume, how is that going to affect your decision?

If your body was exactly how you wanted it to be, which Halloween costume would you wear?

What is stopping you from wearing that costume right now?

When you are trying to hide your weight, what costumes do you prefer? Are they self-deprecating?

Don’t let your current weight stop you from wearing the costume of your dreams at the Halloween party this year. You deserve to wear whatever costume you want, despite what commercial costume companies create. If you want to be super sexy this year, create your own costume. If you start now, there is still time.

The Question of the Week is meant to be an Inner Workout for you. Find some time during the week and allow yourself to write the answers to the questions posted. You can write them on paper, on a word processor or here in the comments section. Whatever works for you as long as you do it.

Keep writing until you find out something about yourself that you didn’t know before. I’ve also heard that it works to keep writing until you cry, but that doesn’t really work for me. Whatever works for you. Just keep writing until it feels right.


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