Dieting in Groups Better Than Dieting Alone

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The research says that dieting with friends in a group is better than dieting alone.

They found that a lot of people gain weight back a year after losing it:

“People in the Weight Watchers and Rosemary Conley “Eat Yourself Slim Diet and Fitness Plan” (a British low-fat diet and exercise program) programs — which both involved group meetings — were more likely to have stuck with their programs for a year.”

I have never really dieted with a friend except in high school and that was more of a bulimia club than a healthy diet support group. I have such a hard time talking about my weight issues with the people that I know that it’s hard for me to even imagine dieting with a group of friends. I don’t want anyone asking me what I put in mouth today.

Maybe that’s why I still struggle sometimes.

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  1. Eh... not so much Says:

    I went to WW meetings for a while, and I found the experience not useful. I felt like I was getting too much into a neurotic “loss on scale = good week, anything else = bad” mindset. As I lost a lot of weight, I even got some nasty looks and reactions from other WW members. “You’re pretty SKINNY,” a woman snotted at me once, “what are YOU doing here?” “I wasn’t skinny 65 lbs ago!” I snarked back. Stoopid woman.

    Anyway, I’m doing fine now on my own.

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