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Neurotica is a comic about a woman named Petunia and her grandfather. They moved to California a couple of years ago, but Petunia is just now learning how to surf.


That feeling of learning and mastering a new sport is hard to get any other way. The feeling of trying and failing is even fun. When you finally do it right one time for the entire day, you feel an ecstacy that is difficult to describe in words or drawings. Big Al (the author) does a pretty good job of showing the feeling of success when you finally get it right.

This is why we exercise, so we are strong enough to do fun things like surf, mountain bike, ski or kayak. This is why we lift weights. This is why we build our endurance.

If you have never felt the joy of learning a new sport, get out there. There are so many choices of sports to choose from, choose one. Get used equipment (or rent some) until you know whether it’s the right sport for you. If it’s not, move on and try another one. Keep trying until you find something that you like. You can do this!


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