Fat Burning and Negative Calorie Foods

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Veggies I had no idea that little phrase would bring up so many advertisements on a Google search. I had no idea it would bring up so many books at Amazon. In fact, I have been so obsessed with nutrition and so isolated from the world of diets, that this phrase was completely new to me. I saw it in an advertisement and wondered about it.

I had no idea how little it was substantiated. After searching through pages and pages of advertisements pushing one diet or another with promise of fat burning foods or negative calorie foods, I finally found a voice of reason. I finally found an article that asks for the thing that we all should ask regarding every diet: Where’s the proof?

Diet Power – The Negative-Calorie Diet by Elena Serocki

If you think that celery contains fewer calories than it takes to digest it, then you need to read her article. There are a lot of companies out there trying to sell you their diet with their magic combinations of fat burning foods. Don’t fall prey to them.


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