Copenhageners Ride Bikes To Work

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Yesterday, I posted a detailed list on how to ride your bike to work. Today, I found this excellent video about just that subject:

Each and every day 550,000 thousand Copenhageners ride their bike to work or school. Here are some of them.

This video is brought to us by this weblog:

Go there to look for more inspiration about riding your bike instead of driving. You’ll be healthier and you’ll save money.


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  1. Braidwood Says:

    I used to live in Denmark and I rode my bike everyday. I loved it! I road my bike everywhere in all kinds of weather.

    I never ride my bike in the US though because I find it to be scary. In the town in Denmark, there were bike lanes on the side of the road with large hedges between the bike lane and the road. Plus there were bike racks everywhere.

    I need bicycle lanes with something between me and cars to feel safe biking with traffic. Probably the more people who bicycle, the better infrastructure we’ll get for bikes. So, thank you to all the current, intrepid bikers.

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