Riding My Bike To Work

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Biking To WorkI’ve been riding my bike to work ever since the weather got sunny. It doubles the time for my daily commute, but it has made the time spent far more pleasureable. Instead of a chore, my commute has become a enjoyable journey. I even look forward to the ride home.

Of course my legs have been aching a bit from the activity. After all that running while I was training for the 5K, I would have thought that I was in great shape for a daily bike commute. The muscles that are asking for attention are ones that were barely used when I was running.

Soon, my legs will become accustomed to their daily use. That’s how muscles work. They adapt and become acclimated to the tasks that we give them regularly. They even grow more efficient and burn less fuel to do the same work. By then, it will be winter and I will be shocked at how much running inside on the treadmill hurts.


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