What You Need To Know About Weight Watchers

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Everything online about Weight Watchers sounds like a commercial. Let me tell you the truth about it without all that sugar coating.

Why I Stay With Weight Watchers Even Though I Have The Points Program Memorized By Heart:

It’s not about the Points. If I could follow the program by myself, then calorie counting would have worked for me. Points is actually more complicated than keeping track of calories, yet it’s the first program where I was able to keep the weight off.

It’s not about the Core Food List. There is no magic food list that would have worked for me. I tried limiting my intake of food before. I did lose weight, but I gained it right back when I “fell off the wagon.”

It’s not even about the Tools For Living. They are very powerful and helpful parts of the system, but the first time I read them, they were useless to me. It wasn’t until I sat through several classes describing their use that I was able to use them.

The meetings and the accountability are the one thing that have kept me on track week after week. I suggest finding a leader that you love. Go to the same class every week. Get to know the people at the class. Be honest when you say how you’re doing. Participate in the class. You can’t replace the accountability that you will receive when you attend the same class at the same time with the same leader EVERY week.

The Flex Points Program:

There have been three patents registered to Weight Watchers concerning the Points Program. Here are the links to the publicly recorded information about the Points Program:

According to these documents, this is the formula used to calculate the Points value for a food:

Points = (Calories/50) + (Fat Grams/12) – (Fiber Grams/5)

How many Points you are allowed each day depends on your weight. Here is what is listed in the patents:

Less than 150 pounds = 18-25 Points
150 to 174 pounds = 20-27 Points
175 to 199 pounds = 22-29 Points
200 to 224 pounds = 24-31 Points
225 to 250 pounds = 26-33 Points
Over 250 pounds = 28-35 Points

This differs in the patent versus the amount that they give us in the class. There is an intricate Flex Point System that can be tailored to your needs with the help of your leader. The way it works in the class:

Less than 150 pounds = 20 Points
150 to 174 pounds = 22 Points
175 to 199 pounds = 24 Points
200 to 224 pounds = 26 Points
225 to 250 pounds = 28 Points
250 to 275 pounds = 30 Points
275 to 300 pounds = 31 Points
300 to 325 pounds = 32 Points
325 to 350 pounds = 33 Points
Over 350 pounds = 34 Points

You are allowed a total of 35 Flex Points that can be used in whatever quantity you desire each week. The two methods are essentially the same except that the new Flex Points program allows you 7 more Points a week. I personally preferred the previous system where you Bank Points to save for special occasions.

Update 09-06-06: Starling Fitness » Why I Don’t Trust Weight Watchers Points System

Activity Points:

These are harder to calculate. The calculation is based on perceived exertion. Light, Moderate and Heavy. They base the levels on sweating and breathing levels, which leaves asthmatics and heavy sweaters in a strange conundrum.

In January 2005, Weight Watchers released recommendations for Activity Levels based on Heart Rate:

They use the typical calculation for Maximum Heart Rate:

Maximum Heart Rate = 220 – Age

They state you can calculate your activity levels based on the following:

  • Light is about 40-54% Maximum Heart Rate.
  • Moderate is 55-69% Maximum Heart Rate.
  • Heavy is equal to or greater than 70% Maximum Heart Rate.

I used much more vigorous percentages in my estimations, so this bit of news made things much easier for me.

Once you’ve calculated how much time you’ve exercised at a certain activity level, here is the registered calculation for Activity Points:

Light Activity Points = Weight X Minutes X .000232
Moderate Activity Points = Weight X Minutes X .000327
Heavy Activity Points = Weight X Minutes X .0008077

You can add Activity Points into your total for the day. The Flex Points plan states that you need to use the Activity Points on the day that you use them. The older plan used to let you Bank a maximum of four Points and save them for up to a week.

The Core Plan:

You can choose to follow the Flex Plan or the Core Plan. The Core Plan does not require a food journal or recording the Points values of your food. It does require that you eat from a limited list of foods that have a low risk of abuse.

Core Plan Food List

You are supposed to eat these foods until you feel satisfied, not full. That’s a pretty fine line for me, so I have never followed the Core Plan. You are also allowed 35 Flex Points a week to fit in foods that are not on the Core Food list. Those items need to be tracked in your food journal.

The Eight Good Health Guidelines:

I have seen healthy suggestions similar to this in The No Fad Diet and the Prevention Magazine’s Eat More – Lose More Plan. They follow the old food pyramid pretty closely:

  • Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Choose whole-grain foods whenever possible.
  • Eat two servings of low fat dairy every day.
  • Eat two teaspoons of healthy oil every day. Healthy oils are: olive, flaxseed, canola, safflower and sunflower.
  • Eat two servings of protein a day.
  • Limit refined sugar and alcohol.
  • Drink at least six glasses of water every day.
  • Take a vitamin pill every day.


This is the best aspect of the program. There is a weekly meeting in addition to the weigh-ins. The leaders are instructed on the class that they will teach each week, so the meetings are very similar from one leader to the next. The most important thing, however, is finding a leader that you like and respect. Each leader adds their own personality to the classes that they teach and getting a leader who is a good fit will help you greatly.

The accountability of weighing each week in front of someone who isn’t there to judge you, but there to help you through this process is incredibly helpful. Sometimes the people who mark my weight feel like they are just trying to rush me along with the rest of the crowd. I make sure that I weigh in with my leader, not the other people, even if I have to wait. She is better able to see my progress and work with me when there is none.

Tools For Living:

There are a whole collection of Tools For Living that help you through uncomfortable situations during the weight loss process. I’ve seen similar tools in books like The Thin Commandments and The No Fad Diet, but having the teacher there to help you use them is much better than just reading about them.

There are classes throughout the year that focus on each of the Tools For Living. There isn’t a tool that I haven’t found myself using at some time or other during this long journey. They are even helpful for goals and situations other than weight loss.

The Cost:

There is an intial fee to start and then a weekly fee after that. It differs from state to state. In Utah, the fee is as follows:

Registration and First Week Fee = $35.00
Weekly Fee until week #9 = $10.00 a week
Weekly Fee week #9 and future = $ 8.00 a week

They give a $1 a week discount if you pay for 10 weeks at at time: 10 weeks = $70.00

I find this worth every penny. Seven dollars a week is nothing compared to what I earn in health and peace of mind. Considering how inexpensive healthy food is compared to processed food, I more than pay for my weekly membership by eating healthy.

Weight Watchers also has an online program:

It costs $16.95 a month unless you sign up for three months, where you get a savings for the longer program.


Weight Watchers is a healthy program that has helped me get the weight off and keep it off. Even when we were dead broke, we scraped together enough money so I could go to my meetings every week. It was that worth it to me.

Weight loss is your responsibility. Don’t think that you can just follow the Points and get the full benefit of Weight Watchers. Having this information isn’t the secret. The secret to being able to lose weight and keep it off is commitment. If you are willing to set aside just one hour and $7 a week, then you are on your way to getting to goal.

If you’re not willing to set aside the time and the money, then you’re not committed. You might as well not waste your time trying to lose weight. Just stay at the weight you’re at and let yourself be happy about it.

Update 11-17-05: Added the Weight Watchers article about Heart Rate and Activity Exertion Levels.

Update 11-27-05: Added the link to the Weight Watchers Online program.


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  1. Eh... not so much Says:

    Thanks for your viewpoint. For me, I found that when I went to meetings — and I’ve had some of the best leaders ever — I got caught up in the “lost weight = good week” and “stayed the same = bad week” mentality. I also was surrounded by people, mostly women, saying that they were “so good” this week or “so bad” this week. Also, when I was at my skinniest, I got dirty looks and actual snark from other members! One woman actually said to me, “You, you’re pretty skinny! What are YOU doing here?” I’m like, “Hey, I wasn’t skinny 65 pounds ago!” (Duh, woman, how do you think I got this way?) So now I do the program via the website, read tons of blogs and magazines about nutrition and exercise, and do my own thing. I think it’s better for me this way. LOVE the blog!

  2. Wendy B Says:

    Great summary! I’ll be linking to you in my blog on Saturday. I joined the WW at Work program 3 weeks ago. I really like it. We have a good counselor, but since I have a conflicting meeting I can only make it for the weigh-in, which is the way I like it. I already KNOW everything they want to tell me, I just need the focus and discipline. Our counselor says any week is a good week if you think it is – whether you lost, maintained, or gained less than you feared! You make your own success.

    I dropped over 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks, and a half pound the third week. No reason to stress over “only” half a pound, as the scales weren’t going in the right direction before I started the program, so any loss is a huge gain. Plus, I have stepped up my walking as I am in final marathon preparation and I can tell I have lots of muscle-building and fat-loss going on.

    In fact, I think we need to turn things around and not say we have lost weight, but that we’ve gained fitness or gained lean. Loss is negative, we need to focus on the positive.

  3. Andrew Marris Says:

    This is a great help. Is there a maximum of exercise points you can reduce your total by in a day? I exercise for 45 minutes everyday and get my heartrate up to 144 bpm which qualifies me for the heavy category, but 9 extra points sounds like it’s too many for me to get just for an intense 45 minute workout. I know there is a 4 point bank cap, but is there a cap if you eat the points that day? Thank you for your response.

    Andy Marris West Allis, WI, USA

  4. Ranae Says:

    WW has worked for me. I achieved my lifetime last June after a 45 pound loss. I find meetings not only make accountable but I needed the social factor. As a SAHM, it was my me time without children. It helped me unwind, feel better about myself and reduce stress. That would help other areas like better eating too.

    For Andrew, no there is no cap on eating the points. If you earn 7, 8 or 9, you can eat the points. However, you are just consuming the calories you worked so hard to burn if you do so.

    Thanks for the good read … very informative!

  5. Debbie Says:

    Really appreciated the information. I have been following the Weight Watchers Point System for almost two weeks now. Being a single Mom of three little ones I can’t get down to meetings but my friend at work that is a fabulous Weight Watchers success story has been helping me and offering support. Great freedom in the program and I love the way it is structured to lead you to a overall healthy lifestyle with the choice to indulge a little when called for!

  6. Kathie Says:

    I found the meetings to be helpful in the first 3 months. But then they became repetative and boring. Someone posted on this site that the meetings became about having a “good” week vs a “bad” week – and people (mostly women) talking about how “good” they were this week. I had the same experience and came to similar conclusions. I decided that the self-control and methods to achieve weight loss has to come from within. I still follow the weight watchers plan and do subscribe to the on-line weight watchers web site, but I will never go to another meeting. I have lost 35 pounds.

  7. Mandi Says:

    I just joined, and I think the meeting was really cheesy. I didn’t hate it but it was like a highschool health class. I thought it was a bunch of depressed older women mostly, and the ones who had “achieved their lifetime goals” had only lost 30 pounds or something like that. While that’s great and all, to be honest, I wanted to hear from someone who lost 100 pounds, or 200 pounds. That would have been truly inspiring. Anyway, I’m planning to keep going to the meetings in the short-term – I’ll give it 3 months or so before I decide whether I like them enough to pay $11/week.

  8. sara Says:

    so im currently doing flex plan and im so anxious to see when will the weight start coming off…?can anyone tell me how long it took them for the weight to start going away???very curious…

  9. Kyle Says:

    I started going to the meetings in February. I had lost 50 lbs on my own a year ago, but started to stray from my diet, and gained 15 of it back. I have now lost 30 lbs on weight watchers. My girl friend is who helped me join. She is like 4 lbs from her goal, having lost 57 lbs thus far.

  10. Diana Says:

    I joined Weight Watchers in March of 2004(I weighed 188 pounds on a 5’2″ frame). I made lifetime in November of 2004(136 pounds for a loss of 52 alltogether). It is now amost May of 2006 and I am still about 131 pounds. The program works if you work it!! You have to go into the program ready to make some lifetime changes. I did it on the flex points(they did not offer core until after I made lifetime). My MIL is on core and lost abot 50lbs on it.

  11. alanea Says:

    weight watchers is better thean all the diet plans out there i can have all the foods i love and it costs so little and it is so much fun i’ve gone from size 15 to size 10 just in 2 or 3 monthes and i’ve lost so much wheight.

  12. Tanya Says:

    I lost 100 pounds 11 years ago by restricting calories on my own and exercising but the hard part was maintaining it. I had “successfully” kept if off by adopting an eating disorder. Since August 2005, I have been in a program and have been free of bulimia. However, every person in my class, both male and female, had been on Weight Watchers and we all agreed that being in a room of people discussing weight, people reminding us of how good we looked as we lost weight, and weighing our self esteem on a scale, just made us all feel worse and act negatively in private. Since August I have not dieted but follow the Cdn. food guide and I am healthier than I have ever been. I say save your money and learn why you overeat and why it is so important for you to lose weight because knowledge and acceptance of self is the key – not how low the scale is. WW is a diet and diets don’t work – healthy eating and healthy esteem do.

  13. Dana Says:

    I’m new to the weight watchers program, I was wondering if someone could explain to me how the activity express works with the flex plan? It says on this flex plan sheet I have, aim for 28 each week. Roughly how much exercise is that? Thanks!

  14. Norm Says:

    Cool summary! I had never thought about figuring out formulas for the points. Interesting. I joined Weight Watchers in 1994 (during one of the earlier program evolutions) and, by sticking to the program religiously and exercising frequently, lost 115 pounds in 10 months, made Lifetime, and went to work for WW as a leader. I thought life couldn’t get any better and that I had it wrapped around my finger. Then, so that I could speak knowledgably on the total program, I tried Fat ‘n’ Fiber (a variation of the plan similar to the current CORE). By the time I realized that I was out of control it was “too late.” Repeated efforts to rein myself in failed and I just gave up, eventually gaining back all that I had lost plus about 20 pounds more. Ten years later, now middle aged and single to go with my XXXL, I had moved to a new town and started going to the gym (I promise I didn’t wear SPANDEX). One fateful day I fell off my bicycle going about 2 mph, landed on my knee, and sustained a compound fracture of my femur. I really felt bad for the poor EMTs and ambulance guys that had to lift my 330lbs into the ambulance. After I recovered I started back to WW. I have now lost 112 pounds in the last year (taking it slower) and have never felt better. I have another 28 or so to go, but I’m certain I’ll make it. By the way, I met my new wife at the meetings (she lost over 70) and the belt that barely went around just me now goes around both of us. True, sometimes meetings can get a little “cheesy” and it’s true that the topics can be repetitive, but try to find a leader that lets the group “run” the meetings and it can really get pretty entertaining. And don’t be afraid to speak up – you might just be the person that inspires someone else.

  15. Jennifer Says:

    I just read everyone’s messages and I am left feeling inspired. Congratulations to all who have lost weight on WW. My husband and I are starting it. I have 4 children and stay home with the 3 year old. IT is hard not to sit around and snack. I am walking 30 min a day and eating healthier. I hope I can report back with my own weight loss.

  16. Sandra Says:

    I joined WW just before Memorial Day, and was happy to have lost 4 lbs. I have gained 2 lbs back, but am determined to stick with it. I find that I can do the Flex Plan, but we traveled several weekends in a road where good food was not an option, and it has stalled my weight loss. Someone in another post said that WW is a diet and diets don’t work. I don’t believe that statement… I truly feel that WW is a way of modifying your eating behaviors by giving you the tools and guidelines to teach yourself the appropriate and healthy way to eat.

    My husband and I don’t have a lot of money since my husband is the only one that works, but my meetings are important to me… while I don’t want to sit around at my meetings talking about a “good” week or a “bad” week, I understand why its important to acknowledge it… it shows that you’re paying attention to what you are or are not doing. And openly acknowledging it at a meeting can be great motivation if you’re having a so-called bad week to get back on track! I’m hoping to get back on track myself and maybe I can post my success in the near future!

  17. Linda Says:

    I found the information on this website very helpful (as well as all the comments). I started WW a week and 1/2 ago and convinced my husband to do the same thing a day after I joined. We are doing it online as we don’t have schedules conducive to the meetings. We are motivated to make real life style changes for the good of us and our family. I think it is important to have support and since we are doing the program together even though we aren’t going to meetings we can keep each other on track. We decided to join because this is the one weight loss program that lets you eat real food and learn to control your portions, the food types you eat and encourages a more active life style. This is not a diet but our new way of eating & living. Good luck to everyone.

  18. Barbara F Says:

    I started WW 1 week ago. My first weigh in is tomorrow and I’m as excited as a child is for the first day of school. Since I’ve only been to one meeting can’t say they are boring yet – I consider it a face your actions type of meeting. If you’ve been a bad girl for the week, you’ll have to face it, no excuses. I’ve never found a diet I could stick with or worked for me – as I’ve always viewed it as doing without. If I feel like I can’t have an oreo, I’ll want the whole bag. But with weight watchers, knowing that I can have anything I want – or more of something good for me, I haven’t eaten one oreo this week 🙂 Though I don’t weigh in until tomorrow my scale shows 5 pounds and I’ve lost 1 inch in my waist – that is definitely a step in the right direction!!!!

  19. Natalia Says:

    I’ve been on the Weight Watchers program now for about 4 months. I’ve lost a total of 54 pounds, making my goal of getting back to pre-baby weight a reality. I’m on maintenance with a few weeks to go for Lifetime.

    Prior to having children I didn’t have a weight problem. But 4 kids in 3 years (twins in there) didn’t leave me much of an opportunity to get back into shape.

    I found the Weight Watchers program to be really not so difficult, and I rely heavily on information I get from the WW website, especially the recipes for snacks & finger foods (hey, if you were chasing around 4 kids under 5 years of age, all you’d have time for is snacks, too). Most have been really tasty, easily modified to include stuff I like without increasing points values. As an extra bonus, my hubby has lost about 20lbs just eating the food I’m preparing.

    I don’t look at what I eat in terms of “good” and “bad.” If I want something, I eat it, but I make sure I count it in my points tracker. It’s a tradeoff. When I want a treat, I just have to allow for it in the daily points budget and I can have it.

    I love the fact that the meetings I attend are really interactive. I’m not just sitting and listening to someone lecture on about what I’m supposed to do. Meeting attendees participate and I’ve gotten some great ideas from them.

    Bottom line is that Weight Watchers works, and it works well.

  20. Nikki Says:

    Great website! I am so glad some one has finally explained the activity points!!!

  21. Brenda Says:

    Hi there. Thank you for the great site. I am wondering about the “extra skin” issue when losing a large amount of weith on this program. Any feed back will be appreciated.

  22. Jenn Says:

    Congratulations to everyone who has lost weight and a “you can do it” to everyone who is just starting! I am just starting myself and your stories are very inspiring. My goal is to lose 50 pounds and become more of the athlete I once was. I’ve started out by walking/jogging two miles a day at a local park. The scenery helps me from becoming bored. Adjusting to creating meals to fit my daily points allowance has been somewhat of a struggle, but I know I’ll get used to it. A friend of mine has already lost 48 pounds on the program. Another friend started the same day I did. I know we’ll be a great support system for each other, which I think is essential.

    This is a great website! Thanks for the info!

    Good luck and God bless!

  23. Michelle Says:

    I started WW last May or June. I had lost about 18lbs by Oct. Hooray! That being said, I had already lost 50 some pounds on my own…I was loosing motivation and wanted to learn how to cook and eat healthier…WW has helped me do that… Anyway..November of ’05 I found out I was pregnant. No problem, I thought. I’ll just use the breast feeding guidelines because it it really all the extra calories you need…Then I found out I was preggy with TWINS!!! 🙂 Shot my theory out the window. Still, I was really careful during the pregnancy. I only gained 40.5 lbs total. 🙂 Hooray again! My girls were born June 28th… At 4 weeks post-partum I could fit into my size 18’s…I couldn’t do that before I got pregnant!!! LOL Went to my Dr on Monday and I’m at 208 (down from 240.5) so I still have 8lbs of baby fat to loose. Then it’s the other fat that was working on before I got pregnant. I am sooo excited to see my OB next week so that she can give me the go ahead to start exercising and working on the weight loss again! Soo, I’m 208 right now…my goal is 140..68lbs…I’m giving myself a year to get there… Wish me luck!!!

    Great site and I will be checking back in for more info 🙂

  24. Lisa Says:

    I have to say I am getting ready to do ww and I was unsure if I could stick to it I have done so many diets and failed at every one but after reading what everyone has said I think I am going to do weight watchers online and I am hoping it will work for me It has been recommended to me by several people including my doctor so thanks for all the help and input I love your site and have book marked it so I can come back 🙂

  25. Gina Says:

    I stated WW today. I had success the last time I followed WW but then I hit menopause… and some ugly heath issues popped up (high blood pressure and severe headaches…). Once we got things undercontrol and after I gained 28 more pounds… I’m back. I’m setting a goal to have four goals so I can have success as I reach for the overall goal by my 50th birthday (3 years, 10months)- my first goal is in six months before my baby gets married. So here we go, I really like this site and I too have it bookmarked. Good luck everybody!

  26. Laura Says:

    I was looking for the formula to figure out activity points and this was the first site that popped up on Google. Thanks for explaining how it works. I have just started to get back into biking again, and wanted to be able to accurately calculate my bike rides into activity points.

    I am a Lifetime member, having lost my weight 11 years ago. Sadly I decided I could maintain on my own and stopped going to meetings. BIG MISTAKE. I am now 33 pounds over goal and am committed to geting back there by my birthday the end of the year. This is a great program, and I know it works because I’ve already done it once. I’m totally committed now.

  27. Lisa Says:

    Hello & Thank You for all the information, especially about how to calculate activity points. I started WW back in Nov ’05, went to 2 meetings, lost 5 lbs & then somehow stopped going & gained 17 pounds. Right now I’m not able to restart the meetings but I wanted to follow the flex program on my own & include activity points. I have lost 25 lbs & I’d like to lose 60 more. One thing that I’d like to know is when I do reach my goal weight (positive thinking:)), how many points should I eat daily to maintain a weight of 146. Thank You in advance to anyone who can answer that question for me. Good Luck to everyone, YOU CAN DO IT!

  28. Mandiekinz Says:

    Hello! I just wanted to say this site is very insightful and a good read-through if you are interested in Weight Watchers.

    I was incredibly skeptical before joining and now, after 6 weeks, I have lost 14 pounds. While that is not very common (it’s more common to lose between 1-2 a week), I’m very excited that this will be a great year. I am 20 years old and weighed 267 before I started this. I had been that weight steadily for the past 6 years of my life. I was so excited to learn that I could lose it just by changing things slightly.

    I also would like to add it is a VERY good idea to clean out almost everything in your fridge/freezer/cabinets before starting this, that way, there is nothing there to tempt you into eating the bad stuff. Just the good, new things.

    Another Tip: Birds Eye makes these great “Steam Fresh Vegetables” in a bag that make great dinners when eating the whole bag, it is free, and there’s cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. 🙂

    GOOD LUCK! And you can do it, too!

  29. IRENE Says:


  30. Carla Says:

    In 2000, I was 48, menopausal 177 lbs and I felt really, really old. I have 2 kids and a great husband who never gave me a hard time or really even noticed my weight. I was the one that beat myself up about it. I joined WW in Jan. 2001 and made lifetime in Sept. of 2001, after losing 42 pounds. In over 5 1/2 years I have never missed a monthly weight-in and have always been under my goal weight of 145 lbs.

    I love the changes that I have made in eating more healthfully and I have become an kickboxing instructor and a brown belt in Tae kwon do. I really feel like a new person and am so thankful to WW. I have been hovering around 140+ for the past year so I have to start being more vigilant about drinking enough water, and keeping track of my points. I plan on going to weekly meetings until I get things headed in the downward direction.

    I will never be able to wear a 2 piece swimsuit, but I feel fantastic and I must say that I love working out. I eat a lot of activity points so I know that you are able to eat more food,the more active that you are. It really is a great program and I love the meetings because of the tips that come from other members. I have seen people lose over 100+ lbs and they are an inspiration.

    So you new people to WW – don’t look at us skinny ones and wonder why we are there, just say to your self that you will be joining us some day soon when you reach your goal. Good luck to all.

  31. Minna Says:

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I have just started WW and needed inspiration. Just a quick piece of “advice” for you others who are new at this: keep trigger foods, even if they’re made BY Weight Watchers, out of your house! I got really excited about Weight Watcher’s chocolate mousse until I realized that I was completely unable to eat just one! So from now on, those will never again be in my refrigerator.

  32. Matt Says:

    You provided a great summary on the program. I thought I would share my own feedback with the program. I have been a “Weight Watcher” for almost 4 years now. All together, I have lost 150 lbs on this program. I would like to stress the need to go to meetings. I thought I could “do it alone” and since then I have put 25 lbs back on. I know a lot of people question the weekly cost of the program, but I can assure everyone it is well worth it. You need the meetings or at least I do to make this work. It is also very important to find a leader that you like. Unfortunately mine left and that caused me to stop going. I am getting back on track now (actually doing the program) and in the process of finding a new meeting group. I hope everyone reaches your goals. Weight Watchers can’t reach them for you, but I have tried all other “diet” plans and this lifestyle change is what I needed to get to healthy.

  33. Bridget Says:

    I was just wondering about ‘serving sizes.’ I eat whole wheat tortillas, and one is zero points, but two are two points. So if I eat one now, and one later, is that two points, or zero each time? Things like that are confusing for me!! Thanks for all of the information though, great site!

  34. Samantha Says:

    I have just started weight watchers today. 2 years ago I was in weight watchers and i lost 20 pounds in a month, i felt so good about myself. I am not going to the meetings but i have all of the books and im going to try it out for a month and see what happens if i do it by myself. Do you think this is a good idea?

  35. Sue P Says:

    I signed up for WW today on line and attend my first face to face tomorrow night. I too have had success with WW and tried on my own after I lost a considerable amount of weight. Early this summer I hurt my knee really bad and am not able to enjoy the activites Ihave in previous summers. As a result I have gain about 20 pounds over the last 4 months. I know the longer it is on the harder it is to get off. So my surgery to correct the problem is next week so I thought what a better time to start! I will combine my pyshio(sp) with my points tracking and I know I will come up with a winning combination. This has been a very helpful site. By the way where does all that excess skin go?

  36. Steph Says:

    Great article! For all of you with specific questions I highly recommend going to the message boards at weightwatchers.com – it’s free to join the discussion. Some of the boards can be a bit “clique-y” but I always got good information (and company!) from the 50+ Pounds to Lose board.

    I used WW Online to lose almost 60 lbs, with the message board as my support group, but 2 years later I’m starting to backslide a bit. My husband just joined meetings (he needs to lose at least 60 as well) and we’re both getting back on track. I agree, the points system is very useful, but it’s not flawless and you do have to pay attention to the healthy habits and be responsible enough to make sure you’re “spending” your points on foods that are both nutritious and filling. For example, I learned to always include a little protein with every meal, because it kept me from feeling hungry later, and that whole grains really are more satisfying (filling) than overly-refined grains.

    Like any diet plan, there’s no cookie-cutter solution that works for everyone. You have to learn to pay attention to your own body and what it really needs… the big-picture stuff is way more important than the tiny details. Are you eating enough healthy foods and meeting your nutritional needs? If you feel like you’re starving all the time then something’s probably wrong with your food choices. Are there foods you really can’t control yourself around? When are you eating because you’re hungry and when is it just a habit or something to do? Are you getting enough exercise/activity? These are things that apply universally, but if having a structured system to force a reality check on what you’re doing is what you need (like I did) then this seems to be one of the most flexible and well-balanced ones out there.

    PS.. if you lose at the recommended gradual rate, get plenty of water, and a reasonable amt of excercise, your skin should have time to shrink along with the rest of you! Losing too much weight too fast is usually what causes sagging skin…

  37. Judy Says:

    So if you start out with WW, you buy the food right–is it part of the program fees? How do you buy the food–just in stores and not online?

    Do you eventually stop eating the WW food or do you continue eating it?


    Im excited!

  38. Lisa T Says:

    I’m just starting weightwatchers after every diet has failed, i’m only 168lbs on a 5’9″ frame but i’m not happy with the extra weight, i was a bit worried about starting WW as i didn’t think i could stick to it, but so many women have been successful that it has boosted my confidence and i am now determined to stick to it, thanx everyone u have shown me it can be done x

  39. Libby Says:

    I joined WW in Feb 2004 and by April 2004 had lost 20 odd pounds and reached my goal weight. Unfortunately, after maintaining for a year and a half I split up with my partner and went crazy – going out drinking and eating garbage. Much to my disgust I have managed to put pretty much all the weight back on again. I have taken control however and in the last month have managed to lose 5 pounds and am happy that the scales are going the right way for a change. Weight Watchers really does work. My mum, and four of my closest friends have been on it and all have lost weight! They, unlike me have been disciplined and have kept it off!! I cant wait to get back into all my clothes that I purchased in my ‘weight watchers thin’ days. Thanks for this website and the calculations. I have always wondered how to calculate the exercise component accurately. Good luck to everyone on WW. It works!

  40. Hope Says:

    This is a great site! I just started out WW online 2.5 weeks ago, and hearing success stories that aren’t sponsored by the company selling the program is very uplifting.

    I just wanted to respond to Judy–What you are thinking of is Jenny Craig, not WW. True there are WW foods (frozen dinners, breads, special low-calorie candies and other snacks)but none of these are necessary for the program. On the POINTS program, you can eat any type of food you want (although obviously healthy food is better to eat than three chocolate bars a day) so long as you don’t eat more points than you are aloted, based on your current weight.

  41. Maureen Mintzer Says:

    It looks like Elle has put ALL of this info together and I cant thank you enough…..I have done WW a million times and every time i get back on track i wonder why i haven’t stuck with it, it’s so easy 🙂 So I’m wiping the slate clean and today I start….baby steps! I cant wait to not only fit into my clothes and feel better about myself but, #1 is to get healthy once and for all!

    thanks for all the posts and info……..have a fabulous and “skinny” day!


  42. Treeling Says:

    Speaking to what Ranae said way back there in the second or third comment about not eating your exercise points because you’re re-consuming all the calories you just burned…

    That’s actually a bit of a common fallacy. Here’s why.

    1) A food point is about 50 cals, give or take. An exercise point is about 100 cals, give or take. So if you “eat” an exercise point, you’re still ahead by 50 calories.

    2) Exercise also leads to a brief period of increased metabolism each time you get a good work out–meaning you’ll burn a few extra calories above what you burned during the workout over the next couple of hours. If you don’t feed that metabolism, you’re going to slow it down and it’s almost impossible to imagine that after a workout which burns 900 calories, you won’t have a bit of an increased appetite.

    EAT YOUR POINTS! Or rather, eat as many as it takes to comfortably satisfy your hunger. Everytime you sit around with your stomach gurgling and your head aching, you’re sending a message to your metabolism that fuel is scarce and it had better turn the furnace way down.

  43. Alexis Says:

    Thanks so much for the info. I’m trying to lose weight before I get married in June. Hopefully WW will work for me. A friend of mine has lost almost 30 lbs. in 6 months! She’s really looking great. So now I’ve decided to follow her lead, but combine it w/ those Power 90 videos. The workouts are short but make you sweat! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  44. Meryl Says:

    Looking up weight watcher points vs. calories and found this great site. Puts in writing some of my thoughts. I think calories might be easier to calculate. I’m trying to lose weight before my granddaughter’s wedding and seeing the ex.

  45. Patrick Says:

    I have only been in the program for 2 weeks. I’ve dropped 11 pounds out of a target of 115.

    I participate in the online program only – no meetings. I don’t feel that I need the motivation of a group – the desire to maintain my health is enough to keep me counting points.

    I found it difficult to stop my eating habits… but once I actually forced myself to eat slower and get up and walk away from the table once I hit my points total for that meal, I discovered that I actually ended up full. No need for a third helping of mashed potatoes.

    The points system forces me to make choices. Do I want ice cream after dinner? Sure, but I might have to sacrifice slices of cheese on my sloppy joe to give myself the points. We had chili tonight and I literally measured out my 1/3 cup of shredded cheese and cup of oyster crackers. I was still full at the end of the meal. But I saved myself a cup of crackers and at least 2/3 of a cup of cheese. That’s about 10 extra points that I would have ordinarily eaten. Do I want that Kit Kat bar? Hell yeah, but it’s not worth having to eat a plate of steamed vegetables for dinner. So I snack on some baby carrots and save my points for mealtime.

    The exercise-for-food-points system makes me want to exercise. I really don’t like exercise and don’t want to bother with it. Maybe it’s not great that I’m motivated to exercise by the desire to eat what I want, but it does work for me. I can use exercise to buy myself an extra treat or two during the week, then I can save my flex points for Saturday night Chinese food or deep dish pizza.

    I had something strange happen to me last weekend, my second weekend on the plan. I discovered that I didn’t want to eat much past my second slice of deep dish pizza. I could have probably put down 4-5 slices before the diet. But now that I’m controlling my portions, I’m getting full.

  46. Donna Says:

    I joined WW on Oct 4th, 2006. I have exercised every day since, usually walking 30 minutes a day or bike riding. I have a lot of weight to lose, like 80 more pounds. As of 11-22 I had lost 30 pounds, in which I am very pleased, but in the past week I have gained 5 pounds back and have done nothing different but exercised more, like an hour a day. Has anyone had a problem like this one. I am really discouraged this morning after the scale. I can see 1 or 2 pound increase but 5 is really a bit much to me. Another thing is that I have just turned 49 so I am not sure if the close to menopause age is effecting my weight loss.

  47. Aly Says:

    This is for Donna: Congratulations on your 30 lb loss. You may be experiencing a “plateau” which is normal and just a hump you need to get through. It could also be water weight. Don’t allow it to discourage you. You also just experienced Thanksgiving and you may have eaten more points than you’ve been eating or more sodium which can retain water. I bet that you will lose weight if you stick to your plan.

    WW has been the only plan that has ever worked for me. It is not really a diet…it’s not a fad. It teaches you how to eat healthy so that you can control your own habits for the rest of your life. Your family also benefits because they are now eating healthier due to the changes you’ve made in the home.

    My sister, mom and aunt have all lost weight on WW. My sister lost 70 lbs after her first baby, kept it off until the next baby, then took 50 off and has kept it off. She is in amazing shape, too because she and her husband go to the gym every evening after work with the kids (there is a kids club there).

  48. sally Says:

    Hi all.

    I’m heading into week 4 of the WW plan with the girls from work. So far it’s going well, but I’m finding it hard with the holiday approaching. I’m getting sick of smart pop popcorn, and find myself craving things I never did before. Does anyone know some good snack ideas that are low points for the holidays?

  49. Joelle Says:

    I have been in the WW program since March 2004 and have taken off 53 pounds so far — with 18 more to go to goal. It’s been a slow process to retrain myself — I’ve been overweight as long as I can remember. Every aspect of the program makes sense, but there’s no question that at different times different behavioral changes have made the difference. I agree that it’s important to go to meetings, and especially important to find a leader and a group that “fits” who you are and what you need. I tried several in my area before I found a good match.

    I just moved to Mexico at the end of October to live with my daughter before I go to Eastern Europe with the Peace Corps in March 2007. Being healthy enough to pass the medical exam was part of my motivation. I miss my group meetings but have found WW Online to be an okay substitute.

    For the person who asked about buying WW products, I would answer that I’ve purchased none. I do lots of label reading, weighing and measuring, and calculating. I enjoy eating a variety of foods, including ethnic foods, and am primarily vegetarian. My choice has been to limit portion sizes and frequency, rather than to eliminate favorite foods, and for me this means no feelings of deprivation.

    BTW, this is a great article. I found it because walking, hiking and yoga have been my usual activities, and I found that figuring out out to calculate activity points for time spent rebounding was impossible until I found this site! Jumping on the mini-trampoline is fun, and my granchildren think it’s fun that Grandma can do it, too. I will say that it’s challenging to lose weight and change longterm habits when you are over 60 (I’m 66), but it’s definitely worth it. And yes, if you lose slowly enough, even older skin has enough elasticity to tighten up. 🙂

  50. David Says:

    I first did WW in 2001 (17 women and me) – I lost about 30 lbs. I’m a 5’10 male, now 43 years old. In the last 6 years, I put the 30 lbs. back on – and after several vein attempts to lose the weight on my own, I’m back ‘on the plan.’ It was my fault that I slipped back into old eating habits. But I am not joining WW’s officially this time. I know the program, have a gym membership, and just need to be committed. To me, the WW plan is simply a well-designed way to monitor caloric intake, plain and simple. The weigh-ins were the best part of the program for me (it’s motivating!). And I suggest the meetings for any first-timers, if only for the weigh-ins. Headed for 170 – knowing that nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

  51. Mandy Says:

    I am so glad I found this website! I really needed to hear all the success stories. I am planning on joingin WW soon and wanted to see if it really worked. I lost 45 lbs on my own about a year ago and I am finding it hard to get the last 30lbs off. I also wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to beat cravings in the evening. I do so well during the day, but the minute I get home I want to pig out on whatever I can grab. Please help! Thanks again for the great success stories!

  52. Alexandra Says:

    I joined WW many times before but realized I never was committed past the first day-embarassing to admit! But! I finally turned an enourmous corner and rejoined- this is my 9th day and I lost 3.2 pounds my first week with 42 more to go! What is helping me is planning my meal plan the night before and eating every 2-3 hours, esp a PROMAX bar during my danger period between 2 and 5 which always sabotaged me in the past. Each time I eat I make sure it has protein. The Promax bar tastes exactly like a candybar but it has 20 G of protein- it is 6 points though so I have to plan ahead to make sure it fits in my plan- it works though because I have egg whites and veggies- zero points- so I have those points to use for later.

  53. marcia Says:

    Just joined two days ago. Weigh 151 pounds – Female – I am five foot three. Need to get to 125.

    I AM STARVING! Will this feeling go away? It’s very depressing right now. I am just so hungry.

  54. Kat Says:

    Hello everyone 🙂 I started WW on January 10th and I have been cruising the internet looking for information on points and snacks etc…I was really excited after I read Diana’s notes because I am the same weight and height as her when she started. I am 188lbs and 5″2 frame. I was very encouraged to read that she had lost all of her weight in just 7 months. I have been tracking all of my points in my log so that I don’t forget and I plan to start exercising tomorrow. My question is for whoever will answer is, is it ok to use all of the extra 35 flex points that you are given for the week? Will using them in any way affect or hinder the weight loss? Also, does anyone belong to the WW website where you pay each month? Is it worth the money to join? I am interested in finding low point snack ideas that aren’t all veggies and I was wondering if they have them listed on there or if there is another website with this info. Good luck to you all and I hope you all reach your goals. I am going to give it about a month to see if it works and post my opinion. I will be in touch. Kat

  55. Kat Says:

    For Marcia. Don’t forget about the weight watchers 0 point soup! I could not survive on this diet without it. I eat about two bowls a day. The recipe is in your book, or you can get it off the web. All I can say is thank God for that soup. You can eat it whenever you get hungry and don’t want to use points and you don’t have to count them. That soup is definitely going to be the source of my success on this diet. Good Luck! 🙂

  56. Rommel Says:

    You name it, I’ve tried it. Personally I found that most of the diets I tried worked. Umm that is until I went off of them.. I lost 135 pounds on herbalife in 9 months in 2002. I kept it off for about 2 years until I started to go through an early menapause. Well what can I say, between the drugs for the hotflashes and moods I not only gained every pound back but then some. I’m not at my heaviest weight in my life.. To go from a size 12 to over 300 lbs in less then 2 years has been to say the least depressing. Last Wed my friend said you’re comming to weight watchers with me and I’m buying you a pass. How could I turn it down ;o).. I’ve been on the diet just one week and have yet to feel hungry. At first I thought I’d try the core plan but have decided I think the flex plan is the one I’m going to go with. I’m not a huge Dr. Phil fan but even he says “YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE, YOU NEED THE SUPPORT”. I can’t wait to get back to my old healthy happy self. Best wishes and luck to all of us who find ourselves for whatever reason wanting to tip the scales backward ;O).. May we all extend a supportive hand to one another..


  57. Heather Says:

    Wow, what an inspiration you all are. I started WW today!! About 6 years ago I lost 63 pounds and kept it off for several years…until about 2 years ago when I became pregnant with my second child…and it all went downhill from there. I gained 90lbs during my pregnancy. Since having my son in September 2005…I have lost about 40 of it. But…I lost that 40 right away and have been the same since. Last time I lost the weight I didn’t do a diet, I just ate right and exercised. I can’t figure out why that is so hard for me to do again. I am hoping that WW will help keep me accountable and get me back on track. My thought is that once I get back in a lifestyle of eating right, it will be easier and I’ll get right back in to shape. Thank you all for your thoughts and experiences and I wish you all of the luck!


  58. jackie Says:

    hi. i have been a member 4x now… i went in december and at that time the points values were the same that they have been- i came back- after my uncontrolled holidays- and found that the points system has changed?? when did they do that- does anyone know what thats about- my daily points went up 4 and not because of my weight. wouldn’t people who were on the old plan switching over gain weight??? thanks, jackie

  59. Kris Says:

    This is for Jackie. As of 2007, WW changed how the points are calculated. The daily points are now calculated based on factors that include sex, age, whether you are mostly active or sedentary on your job and two other factors I can’t remember now. Prior to 2007, the daily points didn’t include any of these factors. Lucky you – your points went up! Mine went down from 20 to 18 mostly because I’m an old woman.

    and for Kat….you can use all of the 35 points but you don’t have to and if you don’t use them all, you’ll lose quicker. Personally, I use them because they allow me to enjoy Friday night champagne and other occasional treats.

    I’ve been on WW since June 2006 and have lost 42 pounds. I’m currently about 13 pounds from my goal. I treated myself over the holidays when I absolutely couldn’t wear my big clothes anymore and spent a lot of time at Goodwill buying great (new and smaller!) clothers at bargain prices. I figure I’ll have to buy some more after I lose the other 13 pounds.

    I also just quite smoking 1 week ago – I was waiting until I lost most of the weight because I didn’t want to take on dieting and quitting smoking at the same time. I was concerned that I might gain weight (I’ve read that smoking cessation causes metabolism to slow down). I picked up my activity and have incorporated 2 days of high intensity workout (spinning) and 2 days of moderate-high intensity workout (step). This is in addition to the hour – hour and a half I spend 6 days a week walking – I have two dogs so we’re all motivated to go on the walks. I didn’t gain after the first week of quitting smoking and actually dropped .2 pound.

    about the working out, I certainly don’t consider myself obsessed, but I have found that working out makes you want to work out more (even if it is hard to drag yourself to class or out for a walk). as a matter of fact, every day when I go home, I think “rats, I gotta take those dogs out” but inevitably, once I’m out on the walk, I usually walk longer than planned and actually enjoy it.

    You gotta be honest with yourself on this diet – you need to write down everything – especially those bites here and there. You’d be surprised (or not) at how they add up, and quickly.

    good luck everyone

  60. Buffygirl Says:

    I’ve started WW in the last while and I’ve found it’s great. I’ve lost 7lbs in 9 days. I can’t believe it. I’m getting married in November and I hope to lose a total of about 60lbs. We’ll just have to keep those fingers crossed!

    Great site!

  61. Clint Says:

    7 lbs in 9 days, seems like too much. Maybe mostly water. More than 2.5 lbs in 7 days is unhealthy.

    Any ways, I don’t get WW. According to them, I’m allowed 25-30 points per day. But according to my records, I average about 40 points per day. Yet I lost 12 lbs last month. I do 30min of excersize daily, maybe that’s the difference. Most people in WW don’t even excersize.

    My plan is simple. Excersize, lift weights, and 50% carbs, 25% fat, 25% protein diet. About 2,000 cal per day for me. WW seems like bull to me.

  62. Lori Says:

    I am excited to have found this page. I am going to rejoin ww. I had great success when I did it befor and I am ready to get back on the plan. I didn’t know they had changed the points.

    In response to Clint, if someone finds a plan that works for them, and they are trying to improve their health and life it’s a good thing, even if it isn’t what works for someone else. Also, WW not only encourages exercise and gives “bonus” points when you do, they hand out lots of info regarding exercise and weight-loss.

  63. Bridget Says:

    Hi All, I joined WW on January 1, 2007. I lost 7lbs the first three weeks and now (my 4th week) I only lost 1lb. (weighed in today) I am so discouraged! I do a brisk 2 mile walk 5 days a week and stay within my point range. So, why the 1 lb loss?

  64. I lost it Says:

    Weight Watchers is a big con. I lost two and a half stone within eight months by walking, exercise and replacing lunch with a high fibre cereal. I am male and my start weight was 15.11 and now I way just over 13 stone.

    Weight-watchers is a waste of money, you can do it by yourself.

  65. Rae Says:

    Marcia (#53): That hungry feeling does eventually go away. I think it has to do with a combination of your body and MIND adjusting. For me, (lost 45 lbs. and still going), I was active and maintained my weight but I was an overeater. My portion sizes were CRAZY! I had to get my body used to the healthy sized portions, and after about 2 weeks I started feeling fuller each day. More importantly, I had to change my thinking. I “thought” I was neglecting my hunger by going on a diet. I started thinking about it as a life change (and how good I was going to look in my swimsuit). Some weeks, I don’t lose anything. Some weeks 1 or 2 lbs. But I know that I’m not gaining, I know that I’m making good choices, and I know that I’m building muscle (which may not result in weight but body shape change) and making myself stronger which in turn makes me look and feel good.

  66. Amanda Says:

    I joined Weight Watchers on January 21, 2007. I have lost 15 pounds in two weeks. I find myself struggling to eat all of my points every day. I am extremely full but I force myself to stay focused on the plan. I do not use my activity points and I am never hungry enough to use the flex points either.

    I made a commitment to myself to not look back but to move forward. Upon joining I have been dedicated to drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, walking 2 miles a day, jogging a mile every other day, changing my negative attitude, no more pop, & 50 sit-ups daily too.

    Two years ago my father died at the young age of 51 of a sudden, massive heart attack at home. His father and his dad’s mother died the same exact way before the age of 55. After my dad died I fell into a silent deppresion while trying to cope with the loss of my dad and trying to keep my mother from giving up on life.

    Six months after my dad’s death I had heart surgery. Still to this day the extreme rapid heart beat is still there, which could take my life. This is making me more determined than ever to beat the “family genes.” Getting myself in shape and eating healthier is a must. I will beat the odds of this disease from taking my life before I am 50.

    I am determined more than ever to be at my goal weight by Christmas. I have 100 pounds more to loose but accomplishing this will mean that I get my life back!

  67. Lori Says:

    As my weight watcher leader says, You lost the honeymoon weight and now you are into the “HARD LARD”.

    What I would do is take a good look at what your doing, follow the healthy living guidelines, and tweak it all. Change your exercise routine, make sure your eating all your veggies and fruits, maybe reduce your salt intake. Things like that. But a pound is a pound and I am thrilled when I lose anything. Once I only lost a quarter of a pound and I was dissappointed until my leader said ” well that is a stick of butter” and I thought “Oh Wow! That’s alot of fat off my body.” You lost 4 sticks!!

    Keep up the good work.

  68. Gloria Says:

    I am an on-line WW member. My husband is interested in joining the program, but I don’t want to pay double. I am not sure if his points are calculated the same as mine, or if there is a different scale for males. He is 170 pounds. He would like to use the Flex Plan. How many points would he be allowed per day, not including the 35 Flex Points?

  69. WWRookie Says:


    I just started a few days ago. I calculated my points with the manual. I can tell you the points but i need his age, activity level (ie office job, construction, etc.) and height.

    Respond back and I can tell you..

  70. Jean Says:

    I just found this sight hoping to gain info to see if it really works. Like many others, I have lost and gained the same 50 pounds over the last 15 years after 6 kids. I am going to try this on my own and hope for some help. I am 47 years old, 5’5″ tall and 195. My gosl id 145 for everything health reason there is out there. It seems I start at 24 points, but am unsure about the Flex Points, and the points gained by exercise. Can anyone help me?

  71. Kat Says:

    Hi all 🙂 I wanted to let you all know that I lost 7 lbs, but it took me three weeks to do it. I also did not lose anything last week, I stayed exactly the same. So for Bridget, you are not the only one. I think though that it had a lot to do with the batch of zero point soup that I made. I did not like it that much because I made it with the cabbage and so I did not eat it as much…thus I filled up on other stuff. This week I made it with chopped spinach instead and I like it much better. I also started riding the exercise bike while I am watching tv. For Gloria, your husband can have 22 points a day not counting the 35 flex points. Once he gets down to 150 though, it goes down to 20. Good luck all and I will be in touch.

  72. Kat Says:

    For Gloria again, I am using the old chart for points verses the new one. I think that people lose weight faster with the old one anyway. Hope this helps 🙂

  73. Valorie Says:

    I just started losing weight on my own approximately 1 1/2 weeks ago when I started eating Weight Watchers meals for lunch. So far I’ve lost 4 lbs, which has motivated me to lose more. I have read every posting on this page, and I’m going to try to do it on my own first. I think from what I’ve read, that I’m allowed 24 points. I’m 5’1″, 186 lbs, and I’m at a desk all day at work. So based on this information, are the 24 point correct? Thank you two ladies that are 5’2″ and were 180+ lbs, you both have REALLY inspired me.

  74. Jo Says:

    I joined WW 1 week ago. Last night was my 1st weigh-in. I lost 4.8 pounds. I am so excited. I can’t wait for next week.

  75. Kayla Says:

    hey everybody! I’m 21 years old and in college. Living away from home has definately put a few pounds on me. i feel healthy, but i look horrible. i weight about 215 pounds and im only 5’5. Since my parents dont help me pay for college, money is really tight. I was wondering if anyone could be so kind as emailing me the point system, advise, and/or guide me in the right direction. I don’t have time to go to meetings because I go to school and work, and in my spare time i go to the community center. If anyone could spare the time to inform me on what I need to be doing I would greatly appreciate it! thank you to all that care.

  76. Kathy Says:

    This all great info, have found all I need to continue on….except the formula for excercise bonus points suggested for my weight/height… HElP there please! I was shocked to realize that my 3 harmless cups of coffee a day, with 2 tablespoons of whipping cream,half and half, and a tbl of hazlenut syrup was using up 21 points a day!!!!!!! Tasty drink friends, but it sure tells me where these 5 lbs came from!!!!…All about the black coffee now. maybe regular coffeemate for 1 cup. I am great everywhere else with fruit, vegies, fish..and no junk food. Just need how many excercise points to do a week, and what constitutes a point? or what is suggested, or how it even works. thanks!

  77. Michelle Says:

    I am 22 and not “over-overweight” (or at least by WW standards) but I joined WW with my mother to help her lose the extra 45 points she cares around. They say that if you have a partner, you lose the weight much faster. My mom needed to lose the weight and I was her support beam. The first night we both got remarks about why I was there and that “skinny” people (I was 148pounds and 5 foot 3 inches) tend to bring the group down. I was so upset. I never said that I was “fat” or made rude comments about the members. However, they found it in themselves to make uncalled for remakes to me. First off, they didn’t know me from Adam and second off WW supports positive feedback and remarks, not negative ones.

    My mom and I both went home that night feeling more defeated than we ever had. So we decided that we would have the most support from each other. The next week, at weigh in, my mom and I showed them all up. She lost 7 pounds and I have lost 5 pounds. The second week she lost another 4 pounds and I lost 3 pounds. The third week she lost 4 pounds and I maintained the current weight. Losing all of that weight (for my mother) was like slapping them in the face and telling them, see you shouldn’t have judged.

    Overall, the WW program is a godsend. It helped my mother lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For anyone who is trying to lose weight, WW is a great way to start.

  78. Jaded Says:

    I think you are all nuts. It’s really very simple. I’ve looked at the weight watchers foods, points, etc. They are loaded with Carbs (which is mainly sugar-based) and those will turn to FAT if not burned off. If you reduce your sugar intake (aka CARBS) and you exercise and drink water, you WILL lose weight.


  79. Laura Moncur Says:


    It’s not appropriate to call people who comment here “nuts.” I’ve found that there are many way to improve your health, but berating people isn’t one of them.

    I agree that the WW food is just as overly processed as other frozen meals, but the WW plan is a very sensible and healthy place to start.

    You’re right, if you reduce your calories, exercise and keep yourself hydrated, you WILL lose weight. There are many ways to achieve those goals, so be respectful.

    Thanks for commenting, Laura Moncur Starling Fitness

  80. DOsgirl Says:

    Well, I definately think this site was helpful. First of all, I am not technically overweight, but for my frame and build, I am carrying some extra weight. My fear is that I will follow in a family history of hitting about age 25 to 30 and gaining quite a bit. With WW, I am hoping this change in eating habit will start a new healthy lifestyle. I only want to lose about 10 lbs with excersize also. After you reach your target weight are you suppossed to change over to the Core Plan?

  81. maueen atkinson Says:

    i just read jaded’s comments about everyone on here being nuts but i totally disagree, surely the very fact that people are trying to lose weight and become healthier is the point, like so many other people, for one reason or another, i am a food addict so an eating plan has to be able to incorporate foods that i enjoy eating or else i would never stick to it, so at least this way i can enjoy what i am eating and just point the stuff i have as treats and still lose weight now surely thats much better than not following any structured plan and eating anything i want and putting on weight

  82. jenna measroch Says:

    im just wondering, i just joined weight watchers yesterday and im 15-and they said 15 year olds should have 31 points and it seems like A LOT of food. I am scared i wont lose weight. is this true or do they know what they are talking about?

  83. maueen atkinson Says:

    in reply to jenna, yes i am sure they know what they are talking about, and the consultant is trained to know what a person of your weight and size needs to sustain their body, good luck with it

  84. Kat Says:

    Hi all, back again. 🙂 I have now lost 13lbs. I have now 40 more to go. It is coming off slowly, BUT IT IS coming off. This is a miracle for me because I never ever could lose weight in the past without exercise. I’ll write again soon. Don’t get discouraged all, just keep at it!!!

  85. Kat Says:

    P.S. I am also eating chocolate every day. Just one dove chocolate square is only 1 point. Enjoy!!!

  86. Jeanna Says:

    Hello, I just recieved my WW material in the mail Saturday. I am going to do the At-home program. I have a six month old daughter and have the pregnancy weight to shed. I am very excited about this program and I have recieved a lot of inspiration from the blogs so Thank you everyone! I look forward to reporting back with my weight loss!

  87. Jeanna Says:

    I have a question, if I bank points..how long are they good for and is there a max of points I can bank in a given time period?

  88. Laura Moncur Says:


    Banking points is the old way of keeping track of points. I don’t believe WW does that anymore. If you want to bank points, they only last a week.

    Good luck, Laura Moncur Starling Fitness

  89. Jeanna Says:

    Thank you for your help Laura, It is greatly appreciated!

  90. cuckoo Says:

    i just wanted to say that i have gained and lost the same 20 pounds on and off of ww over the past 5 years. I have lost the 20 pounds 3 times but have always managed to gain it back after falling of the system. I am back on and plan to lose those 20 plus 20 more and keep them off for good! I am exercising alot more from the start this time and am making it a complete lifestyle change which you all need to realize this is – good luck!

  91. Kim Scanland Says:

    I have been on the Core Plan for about 3 weeks and haven’t lost any weight, is there a limit on some of the core foods? I have been exercising also, but haven’t seen any changes on the scale. Please help!! I am getting discouraged.

  92. cuckoo Says:

    I have been back on plan and am spreading my flex pts thoughtout my wk since i seem to be starving if i dont and have been exercising at high intensisty but have not lost any weight or seen any difference – any other time i have done the plan i didnt start to incorporated exercise until after the first few months. the lst 3 time i lost at least 4 pound this first wk but there has been no change on the scale this time around what gives?

  93. Samantha Says:

    I joined two weeks ago, and I feel incredible. I’ve already lost nearly seven pounds, and I feel so good. I gained twenty pounds when I switched from waiting tables to being a teller at a bank last year. I’m doing it with my mom, who’s going to the meetings, I’m keeping points on my own. I find it works best to set good, reasonable goals for myself. I’d like to lose four more pounds before our formal in a few weeks. I bought a dress not too long ago that was just a little too snug, and used it as an incentive to keep my points! I love this!

  94. Deborah Says:

    Great info on WW. I lost over 40 lbs and have kept it off for over 5 years. First did via kit in the mail with little success, then online then went to meetings where I took off the last 10 pounds. I had the most success and was less likely to go over my points if I knew I was going to weigh in that week. It usually made me “behave” on weekends as the meeting was on Monday. Good Luck to All who try it!

  95. Jeanna Says:

    So far, so good for me. I have been on the at home program for 5 days. I have lost 7 pounds. I know it does sound like a lot and I am very happy. I am doing the points program. I would just like to say too that when starting other diets I would have to go through my fridge and throw out all the bad food and go shopping and spend too much money buying more, with this program I have not gone to the grocery store yet because there is so much I already have in my home that is practical for my diet. Good luck everyone!

  96. Gina Says:

    For me, WW has changed my entire perspective on life. After I got married and fit into my size 14 Womens wedding dress (I lost 40 pounds to accomplish that), the honeymoon and the diet were out the window. I gained about 35 pounds in 8 months. WOW! So, I joined WW 3 times. I would go to a meeting or two and then I wouldn’t go back for a month or so. Finally I asked, or rather begged, my mother to join WW with me. I knew that I needed a support system. She, like me, needed to lose about 50 pounds. Well, it is one year later and my mother and I both have lost 53 pounds (each!). We are both lifetime members!! Here are a few of my “secrets”: brand new snack..Hostess 100 calorie packs. The chocolate cupcakes are only 1 point for 3 cupcakes. Also, my favotite meal is 1 egg with two whites. Lite bread, toasted and a baked potato that I cut up and sautee in some pam…so much like homefries!!! Also, one good thing about joining WW so many times is that I have a few sliders. One for in my purse, one for in my desk at work and one in the kitchen drawer. I make sure that I always pull it out at the grocery store. One more thing, if you have a friend that will join with you, I really recommend it. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my best friend, my MOM!

  97. connie Says:

    I joined WW 4 weeks ago (starting my 5th week) and I am in love! I have lost 7.5 lbs. I was on Adkins before, not losing any weight and missing my veggies and fruits too much. I like the flexibility of the point-system because nothing is forbidden, therefore I don’t crave anything too much to the point that I have to cheat on the diet. I simply have it if I want it, and account for it. We’re all adults here so let’s be accountable. Plus, those nice little WW cakes and Hostess 100-cal snacks are helping curb the sweet-cravings. Also, for those of you scared off of meetings, I haven’t stepped one foot in one yet and I don’t miss it. I weight myself in every Monday morning at home, track it on the WW web site and that’s that. WW is definitely for me.. I can totally see me doing this for the rest of my life. Good luck to all of you.

  98. Lora Says:

    Thanks so much for all of this information! I have been looking for this for a while.

  99. Barbara Says:

    I was on Weight Watchers 2 years ago and lost 25lbs……I stopped counting my points and gained 25+lbs back ! I am 5’1″ and weigh 186 now. I had gotten down to 160lbs counting my points. Now I am back counting points. I love Weight Watchers. I never went to a meeting(my mom did and she lost 30lbs also) but purchased the books, points slider etc . I love the program because I can eat what I want (as long as I count the points) and eat out. In other words I can feel human and not have to just eat carrot sticks and lettuce. I know WW works, as it did for me before. You just have to stick with it……a great snack tip for those with a sweet tooth. Buy VITAMUFFINS, they are advertised in WW magazine (which I find a wonderful source!!) They are loaded with fiber and vitamins…..only ONE POINT each. I buy the chocolate choc. chip variety, I put a squirt of FAT FREE whip cream on top(only 5 cals) and a squirt of SUGAR FREE Hershey syrup (only 15 cals and 0 fat in that per decent amount)….so for less then 2 points I have a wonderful high fiber treat !!! Barbara

  100. Geisha Says:

    i have been reading your site and find it very resourceful,im currently researching ww and almost convinced to join, Im currently 200 pounds and need to get this under control asap.My question is how much does it cost to get a points calculator,or do you recieve 1 when you attend a meeting? How much does a ww started kit cost?

  101. Barbara Says:

    Geisha, Did you visit Weightwatchers.com yet? It gives you all the information you need, cost etc. It is the only diet that works for me. Since I wrote my last post I have lost 4 lbs ! I really think you should try it. Good luck, Barbara

  102. Felicia Says:

    I stumbled across your blog as I did a google search for “activity points for yoga.” I just wanted to add that I absolutely love WW and will sing the praises of the franchise each and every moment I get. I lost close to 35 lbs. a few years ago and have kept the weight off by consistently counting points and remaining mindful of what I put into my body. I’ve been a lifetime member since 2004. To everyone who may have their doubts, believe me, the program works!

  103. stephanie Says:

    Is WW appropriate if you only have about 15 lbs to lose?

  104. Brian Says:

    Here’s some insight from a “nonbeliever”…

    A few years back, my folks and my sister joined WW. After about 3 weeks of fuming at how much work it was to weigh & measure everything when I went over to my folks’ for a meal, I noticed I was the only person not losing weight despite my repeated mantra of, “I’m keeping an eye on it.”

    Eventually I agreed to at least try using one of the point calculators. We figured out how many points I’d be held to if I joined WW and I went on happily fudging numbers…

    …until I realized that even though I was VERY loosely following the basic guidelines, my weight was dropping! In the meantime, after a couple of months my sister (the most disciplined of the family) literally had to buy a completely new wardrobe, and my father dropped fat so fast that one of my friends took me aside and asked if he was OK.

    At the “zenith” of my involvement (I’d actually begun to follow the guidelines), I had an experience that proved the popularity of the WW program. At a post-funeral reception, while eyeing a table loaded with cookies, cakes and various finger foods I mused out loud, “I wonder how many points that is” and the dark mood broke when all 20+ people in the room actually burst out laughing — EVERYBODY (ages 65+ down to 20-something) had been silently thinking the same thing!

    Fast-forward a couple of years, and we’ve all fallen off the wagon — but my sister still follows the basic guidelines she learned in WW and still looks great (and is still wearing her “new” size clothing). My folks are talking about rejoining WW and I’ve gone back to at least paying attention to point values of foods. I also found public domain freeware for my PDA (I’m a geek, my Palm goes with me everywhere) to figure points and I use it extensively when grocery shopping.

    The moral of the story is that WW works even if you apply only the barest minimum of self-discipline; I never actually followed the program fully (and rarely kept to my estimated daily point allocation) and still managed to drop almost 15 pounds in 5 months. I still don’t want to get back into putting a ruler and postal scale on the table at mealtime, so I’ve got to figure out a way around that — but the program does work.

  105. Lori Says:

    I am in my second week of weight watchers. Initial wt. was 206#, and 5 days later at my first weigh in, I was down 6.5# totaling a loss of 6.5lbs. in the first 5 days! I don’t like the meetings at all, but I need the accountability every week at the weigh in. I am 30 years old, and most of the women in the meetings were 50+, and it appeared they had no social life. The instructor was handing out “BRAVO” stickers, and inducing applause if someone said they were “GOOD” and didn’t go over their points! Like I said, the meetings are velveeta cheesy, but the diet itself is a great one, and it works obviously. I plan on keeping this up until I reach my goal weight of 155-160# by doing the weigh in only! (skip the meeting altogether).

  106. Cheryl Says:

    Hello All! I am 23, 5’8 and 155.4 lbs. I joined WW today with my mother as support and to assist myself in losing some of this post college weight and resetting my mind set of how to eat healthy for life. I am very inspired by everyone’s entry and congratulations to all who are trying… with or without great success. My question is about the activity points, can anyone reccommend a way of knowing what % heart rate one is working at? Is there something you can buy to indicate for you without having to stop and check your pulse? Any assistance would be appreciated as WW doesnt seem to be real clear on this. Anybody have some basics, like biking for 30 minutes = x amount of activity points? Well, love this blog and think it is great… I will definately tell everyone at next weeks meeting to check it out. Thanks! Cheryl

  107. S Says:

    You know, there is so much nutrition information available to us and I feel like I am pretty well up on the latest and the best nutrition options, but my problem is putting it all together!

    How do you put it all together to come up with menus, daily eating plans and grocery lists?

    I know some of you out there have got to ideas that would help me sort out all this information and put together a plan.

    Please help!

  108. Jeanna Says:

    Hello Cheryl, I have an activity booster from WW which tells you if you have a certain length of activity how many points you earn..of you give me an example of what you would like to know I can look it up for you and then post it here.


  109. martha Says:

    well i am 36 have 3 kids seperated 2 yrs and 75 pounds heavier i am very skeptical about ww or anything else for that matter i had tried hoodia certified and that does not work after about a month it was hard for me to swallow the 6 pills a day then i tried flush-away,on the contrary it does not do what the name promises,and i have tried the famouse slim-fast to no success.,so i am thinking ww i joined the y.m.c.a and hopefully with that and ww i will be able to actually do great.wish me luck.do you suggest that i go to the meatings or just try it on my own through web site????? thanks

  110. Cheryl Says:

    Hello Jeanna, I walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes at varying speeds (equivalent to around 200 calories burned). A side thought, anybody have any good drink recipes that are lower, points wise? It has been hard to give up my evening beer and was wondering if anyone has been able to conquer this problem! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks, Cheryl

  111. Barbara Says:

    Hi Martha, I think you should give WW a try. I don’t go to meetings, but some people feel the need to. I love counting points. It’s easy, and you have a lot of freedom as far as what you can eat, which is important to me. On April 12th I was 186 lbs, and today I am 178 lbs. It’s slow and steady…….but something do-able for me. The fad diets do not work for me, nor do pills etc. Barbara

  112. Barbara Says:

    Question: Does anyone know if the 35 flex points that are “extra” for the week, have to be eaten in one day? Thanks. Barbara

  113. Dina Says:


    the flex points can be divided anyway you see fit over the course of the week. If you use them, great … if not, then they are gone and replaced with 35 new flex points the next week. You can’t bank them.

    I am recently back on WW. I lost almost 60 pounds my first go-round, but then I got engaged and put back on 20 of that. Now, I’d like to lose those 20 and maybe 10-15 more.

  114. Barbara Says:

    Thanks for the information Dina. Good luck on your weight loss ! Barbara

  115. Stacy Says:

    I’ll add my own in here..

    I joined WW back when I first got engaged and piddled around a bit.. lost about 10 pounds and gained most of it back, mostly because I wasn’t doing the program.

    About 6 months in, I talked my fiance into joining with me. He was skeptical, but was getting annoyed at his own weight, so he went along. He turned into a total convert… and because we did it together, I was finally losing weight too!

    From September to January (when I had to make an effort to hold steady for the sake of my wedding dress) I lost 27 or 28 pounds. My husband lost over 40, and just recently passed the 50 pound mark (and I’m still holding steady at 29.)

    The program definitely works — we’ve both lost a ton of inches, and I’m quite frankly happy to be a size 14 again, which is ok for me, at 5’7″, but I’d be better off as a size 10 with my build. I think I have another 30-40 pounds to go; my husband is 6’4″ and weighs around 225 now, and only needs to lose another 10 pounds tops for his build.

    Interesting things we’ve learned from our meetings, according to our absolutely fantastic leader: eat ALL your daily points. If you don’t, then your weight loss will slow down. Also eat all of your flex points, or most of them. Same thing. It’s better for your sanity, I’ve found, to save the flex points up and go out to dinner once a week. With activity points, we were told this: if you earn up to four, you don’t need to eat them. If you earn more than that, then eat the difference. So if you earn 6, eat 2 points.

    The new point system makes so much more sense than the old version, since it takes more into account. My husband gained 10 points when we changed, and he continued to lose weight steadily.

    I’m also rather horrified at some of the reactions some people got about people being slim. I know our leader would probably lay into anybody he heard talking like that. Our regular meeting has a load of lifetime members.

  116. mrs notblobbynomore Says:

    hi, My third day and feeling positive, just wondered if anyone knows how to measure rebounding. I read that 10mins is the equivalent of 30mins cardio. is this true and do you measure it as moderate or light excercise.

    Thanks for all the inspiring messages.

  117. Deb Says:

    Hi, I’m in desperate need for help losing weight. 3 years ago I lost about 30lbs carb counting. Needless to say I fell off that wagon and gained it all back. I really want to lose the weight but have little will power and low self esteem. I feel if I had an outside intervention it would greatly help. Where some people smoke or drink, I eat. It’s like my hobby/vice. I don’t want to have to buy special food or ‘energy bars’ and such. I want to be able to eat normal food fixed in a healthy way.

    Will the WW meetings help in teaching me the right way to cook and the healthy foods to use? Will they encourage me without brow beating me?

    WW sounds like what I’m looking for. I just want to be sure.


  118. Beth Says:

    There seems to be a big jump in points between moderate activity and heavy activity. For me, it went from approx 1.9 points for light, to 2.6 points for moderate, to 6.3 points for heavy. I attempt to keep my HR between 65-75% through-out the hour. I use interval training, so it’s somewhat inconsistent. Is there a formula that is between the moderate and heavy? Also, how did you come up with the info. Thanks so much, this is an awesome sight!

  119. Barbara Says:

    HI Deb, I really think you should try Weight Watchers. It’s the only diet that works for me. I don’t consider it a diet actually but a new way of life. You can eat most of the food you love. It’s all about portion control and making the right choices. Barbara

  120. Sherry Says:

    I was in WW in 2002 and attended meetings and was an online subscriber. My husband was also unofficialy doing WW with me. I lost my goal and then some totalling 38lbs. I kept it off for 3 years. During that time I moved to Texas from California in 2004 and bought a convenience store. Needless to say, I put on weight. There’s nothing worse than getting a craving for a chocolate bar and having the ability to walk 10 steps away from the counter and have my choice of candy bars. I gained back 30lbs. My husband also gained weight during this time. We are both back on WW without meetings this time mainly because the closest meeting is in San Antonio (about 35 miles from home).

    Our 8 year old son is also on WW with us. Actually he’s the reason that we’re loosing weight. He developed a kidney disease when he was 2 years old and had to take steroids. Even though he’s been off of the steroids for 3 years, he has not been able to lose the weight mainly due to his change in eating habits (always hungry). We wanted him to start back to school in September at least 15lbs lighter. He’s 4’11 and currently 111 lbs. His goal is to be 90 lbs. I don’t know how to figure out what his points should be. I know if you’re younger, you get more points. We’re using the flex points system. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions??????

  121. D Says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful information all of you have provided. I am a woman in my mid twenties and am finding that I have allowed my weight to slide in the not so favorable direction. I am a constant snacker and when I finally find the time and energy to make a meal I try to eat what is considered “healthy” and afterwards am left feeling completely unsatisfied and still discovering cravings for something else to eat.

    I am looking for a program that allows me to eat food taht does not taste like cardboard. So far I am excited about the WW Points program because off all the options it provides. I am not able to attend meetings so this blog is incredibly helpful and motivating.

    I am hoping that I will finally commit to the life change I am looking for. It is not simply about the weight but rather finding a way to be happy with the body I am in.

  122. Michele Says:

    Hi….I am very interested in joining WW. I lost 50lbs on Stacker about 6 years ago and I have eventually gained it ALL back. My question is that my husband and I are trying to have a baby and I seem to use that as my excuse everytime I say I am going to lose weight I tell myself “I’ll Lose it after I have a baby” but I am ready to start losing and stop waiting, but would WW be unhealthy while I am pregnant????

  123. Tracy Says:

    I think that this website has some great information, and if nothing else, it is motivational. I have just recently started weight watchers on my own, mainly because I can’t commit to a meeting time. Anyways, I found this website that makes calculating points very easy!


    It has been very helpful for me. I am amazed at all of the success that people have had on here. Keep up the good work!

  124. bana smith Says:

    I have such a hard time with motivation. I think about a diet-everyday-all day but can’t commit. I hope this site will help me.

  125. Shelly Says:

    Hi All,

    I started WW 6/23/07, start weight 279, current weight 266, goal weight 160 (6/23/08). I thought it was extreme loosing so much weight within 7 days, but its not when you change your lifestyle immediately. My meals consisted of rice, pasta, breads (Panera), cakes, pies, ice cream, cinnabon, most candy bars on a every day basis. Juices and soda and maybe an occasional glass of water. I use anywhere between 24-29 points a day, I drink 100+ ounces of water everyday, I use the gazelle for 30 minutes every other day and either walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes or walk outside 45 minutes (3.5 miles). This is the best lifestyle change for me because it allows me to eat healthier (I can even use my own food), by buying smart ones (you can get them for about $1.76 at Walmart) and getting the 2 point deserts. I know I am not going to loose 9 points every week and there may be some days I will not loose, but gain, but that will only make me try harder.

    I joined this WW forum http://www.healthdiscovery.net/, and they have various groups. One team member started a mini challenge just to get you back on track or help you stay on track and I set my goal at loosing 20lbs by 9/22/07 (I am hoping to loose more like 30lbs).

    I also take 2 multi vitamins (low iron) pills a day, along with 2 Weight Control Chewable Strawberry Fiber pills.

    This is my mini story.

    I wish every as much loss to keep them motivated and getting healthier!

    I wish everyone

  126. Shannon Says:

    Hello everyone. What a great site. I am ending my 4th week on WW – this is my 2nd attempt. Back in 2005 I lost 9 lbs in 6 weeks. Needless to say I allowed myself to come up with reasons that kept me from getting back to meetings. I put back on that 9 lbs plus 5 more. I’ve decided enough is enough. I’m attending meetings at work – it is so nice to have that support structure. As of 6/29/07 I’ve lost 8 1/2 lbs. I am getting myself into the gym at least 3 nights a week. I’m eating better and cooking with fresh foods and making smart choices when I eat out. I don’t deny myself anything…I just keep in mind portion sizes and POINTS values. I’m realistic – if I have to give up my favorite foods this won’t work. I’ve gained much more than I ever considered. It was great last week when my doctor asked – What’s up?? You’ve lost weight and your blood pressure hasn’t been this good in 2 years. In the last month I’ve had more energy and less pain as a result of my back injury and arthritis. I have the strength to play with my 2 year old daughter. My husband and I have found a new couple’s activity in visiting the gym together. I know I can do this…10 years ago I lost 37 lbs by counting fat grams. POINTS is so much easier – and you still have the ability to monitor sugars, carbs and fat. To anyone who is struggling – find your motivation and keep it close to home. Remember – a step forward is still forward, no matter how small. Best wishes to everyone!

  127. Joe Says:

    I just stumbled upon this site as I was poking around the net. I did WW 4 years ago and lost about 26 lbs. Over the 4 years, I slowly gained it all back when our first kid arrived, I finished grad school and took a new job, and other excuses.

    Anyway, I recently started the program again when my company started WW @ Work. I didn’t like the meetings 4 years ago when I was among the “general population.” I found that they were mostly old ladies obsessed with losing (or gaining) 0.4 lbs in a week, etc. The @ Work meetings are with people I know, and I feel more strongly that friendly competetive spirit and sense of not wanting to let the others down. The other thing that really works for me is that there are other men in the program with me. I always felt a little awkward in the open meetings that were nearly all women.

    The main problem I’ve always had on any program is that I was always taught to “clean my plate.” Especially at a restaurant. So I’m having to retrain myself to leave food on the plate and/or eat smaller portions to begin with.

    The one thing I have going for me is that I love to cook. And in doing so, I like to experiment. So I try a lot of new recipes and try to come up with tasty creations that are low in points.

    All in all, the program worked well for me in the past, and it’s working well again. Being able to read other people’s stories on a site like this is a big help, too. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

  128. Kim Says:

    This has been a fabuous program. It gave me the structure I needed to be sucessful. I don’t go to meetings I only use the online tools. It is a reasonable $17/mo and I’ve lost 25 lbs and kept it off. The tools remind me to weigh and measure my food and to keep track of what I’m eating. As long as I do this, I am golden! I am at a point where my body tells me when I am eating too much and I can just stop. However, it is a nice security to have these tools there to keep me on track. I get so many compliments on how good I look and I feel great too. I highly recommend this program. It was worth the struggles in the beginning to get to where I am today.

  129. Laura Says:

    I have a question. On the point system, is lifting weights considered a moderate level form of exercise?

  130. Kari Says:

    What a great site!! I too have been a WW follower on and off for 5yrs, the program does work when FOLLOWED properly!! Over the past five years I have lost and gained the same 70lbs-80lbs (gaining starts as soon as I fall off the program). I know that WW is a lifestyle change, NOT A DIET but I seem to keep allowing my old lifestyle habits to creep back in.

    I am now on my 6th attempt to lose the 70+lbs I have regained (Since Jan 07 I have successfully lost 40.5lbs) though for the last 2months I have been at a stand still (losing 1-3lbs and then putting it back on). I now reconginze that this is the point that I start to get back into my old lifestyle habits (which you would think it would motivate me to try harder, but unfortunately it works the opposite). I am trying to work through this issue and eating cycle of which I have never acknowledge before!

    I am making a new commitment to myself as of today to jump back on the program, excercise and not to beat myself up over the scale, cause it will eventually start to go down!!

  131. Vicki Says:

    I am reading thru your comments trying to gain some strength to join. What program will work for me.. medi fast nutri system weight watchers….?? i tried the points program in curves and was so aggrivated trying to look it up and figure out recipes… I was always the skinny one weighing 92 lbs when i graduated.. 120 when i got pregnant and after.. but then…..My thyroid hit an all time low…and I had to take shots for Birth control Plus i began having siezures when i was pregnant which got worse… So i am on several meds but no shots or Birth control and still cant lose weight.. I am up to 160 lbs.. and have emotional break downs alot due to my weight.. it is not the food as much as i love my Pepsi..most get down and grab a beer or chocolate.. me it is my pepsi.. and getting transferrd alot is killing me socially.. I joined curves but not enough help getting me there and keeping me going.. I need more support. My husband loves to bake! and is over weight also now. We are not as active and both over 40 . Will this help ? Money is an issue whether it is worth it..

  132. sandy Says:

    this is my 2nd time around. lost 80lbs in 10 months. gained back. stoped ww. tried to get it back off without meetings. did good 3 weeks then 4th week all back on. now i am back at meetings. i can do this. or may i say we can do this

  133. AMB Says:

    I just started WW about 4 weeks ago and have found it relatively easy to stick with. The biggest thing for me has been learning proper portion sizes, and just how over-sized they normally are. Another big shock has been just how much fat is in most commercially-produced food.

    What makes WW easy to follow is that nothing is really forbidden, so long as you know the calorie, fat, and fiber content. You can have beer, chocolate, soda – just in moderate amounts.

    It really helps knowing how to cook, too. Restaurant dining is tough, since most places don’t publish nutrition info.

  134. Jen Says:

    Thanks! I have been considering joining WW because I know people that it has worked for. However in a few months I am planning on getting pregnant so I don’t want to join just yet. Maybe I can do it on my own for now then join after I have a baby.

  135. Beverly Says:

    I went from 145 to 175 on Prednisone and could not get it off by myself. I started WW one week ago and have lost 4 1/2 pounds. I think one of the things that has helped motivate me is buying the pedometer and having the goal of 10,000 steps per day. While I have reached 12,000 steps a few days, I feel really guiity if I don’t make the 10K.

  136. Annie Says:

    I joined WW in 2001 and for the 3rd time got to goal losing nearly 100 pounds each time. If you go in to this don’t even THINK of going into it without first realizing that this is for LIFE. You cannot ever go back to the way you were eating before cuz with WW as well as with every other diet plan…you will gain it back if you do.

    I need to lose 125 pounds now. But this time, I know it will be for LIFE.

  137. H Dee Says:

    I am a 5ft tall woman who started Weight Watchers in mid February 2000 and lost over 50 pounds (169-119) in 6 months when I stopped attending the program. WW gave me the ability to UNDERSTAND the value of what I was eating? I constantly found myself asking, ” Is this worth eating?” If the answer was, “no”, I would find something that was worth it. I ate the best, most creative dishes because I also belived in eating foods that were satisfying to me. Instead of hot dogs I would eat salmon with brown rice and asparagus which would take less time to make than boiling the hot dogs. One thing that I immediately incorportated into my routine was exercise which I believed helped me to achieve my results. I felt great and knew that if I ever gained weight, I would not kid myself into “not understanding why.” I kept it off for 3 years and gradually put it back on over the subsequent 4 years.

    WW is an excellent, healthy program if you follow it, along with the recommendations for healthy eating. IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK, YOU MUST WORK THE PROGRAM. I have recently decided to go back on the program, and in a week and a half, I have lost 3 pounds. I make it a point to stay active by exercising and communicating with anyone else who is attempting to live a healthy lifestyle.

  138. Suzy Says:

    I joined last week and actually have 2 questions if someone could answer for me please.

    Do you HAVE to work out for the point system to work?

    Also I am allowed 28pts a day (which actually seems a lil high), can I use all 28pts in junk food, or all 28pts drinking soda? What if I use all 28pts on candy? Will this plan still work, I don’t understand?


  139. Laura Moncur Says:

    When I first joined, I spent most of my points on junk food and still lost. It’s not healthy, but it does work. The longer you follow the plan, the more you want to eat healthy food.

  140. barb Says:

    I love this site. ww works if you want it to. if you always eat what ever you want than your weight and health show it. when i am not on the program i gain. i am not going to meetings now but am doing it at home, with my ww tools. its been about six weeks and i have lost 4lbs. only because at first i wasnt folling the points exactly. now i am and walking 2 miles 3-4 times a week and bike riding with the family on the other days. I used to have 3 sets of clothes. set one for what i wear now, set two for incase i gain, set three is for when i loose the weight. well since i had my daughter 2 1/5 years ago i only have the last two. i refuse to have the fat clothes anymore. i believe in myself and know i can do it. so can anyone else who gives 100%. my mother in law has been doing ww for about 3 years using my first set of books, and never setting a foot in a meeting. she looks great and has only gain a few pounds when not folling it. good luck to everyone. this is a great life style.

  141. Nanette Says:

    Is this an actual weight watchers plan? the cost is less than weight watchers, so I’m a little confussed and wondering what to do.

  142. Christine Says:

    This is a great site! I started weight watchers after my 2nd miscarriage and my husband leaving to serve in Iraq. I weighed 222 lbs on a 5’6″ frame and was very unhappy. I figured it was time to take control so I joined weight watchers on March 26, 2007 and as of today I am down to 175.5 (a total of 46.5 lbs) I am down to a size 14 from a 20 and even my 14’s are starting to get a little big. I have 25 lbs to go to make goal and I know I will get there. Weight watchers has been a wonderful new way of living for me and I am so thankful there is a program like this out there. I am an online member so I don’t attend meetings but blogs like these really help keep me motivated. Good luck to all of you on your weight loss journey and congrats to those of you who have made it!

  143. Alicia Says:

    I lost 17 pounds in two months doing Weight Watchers and then I found out I was pregnant. The meetings at my closest WW were a total joke – social hour for 60+ aged women who would talk about their husbands and about their favorite TV programs — and gossip. All the new people sat in the back two rows because they would save seats for their friends up front. Also, they would talk to the meeting leader about her kids, etc. during the meeting instead of focusing on weight loss tips, strategies, etc.

    I am sure not all meetings are like this but with gas at almost $3 a gallon, I can’t afford to drive all over town to find a better WW where I feel like I’m getting something out the meetings and not wasting my money. Also, I can’t justify paying $7 just to weigh in when I have an excellent digital scale. So…I’m doing points at home with the slide and points book I got when I joined.

    Good luck everyone!

  144. Liz Stewart Says:

    I have never been to a WW meeting, but joined WW online over three and a half years ago and lost 45lbs in about six months. I gave away all my fat clothes and have kept the weight off since then. I keep my online subscription and use it enough to keep me honest. The monthly charge is nothing compared to the price I would pay without it. Truly, keeping it off is where the commitment comes in. But over time you retrain yourself, get used to it, and it is not hard to serve yourself smaller portions, remember to drink your water & keep active. I feel so very much healthier making better food choices, getting exercise (which you want to do because you can eat more, though it also cuts the appetite for some reason) and being properly hydrated. Now, sometimes a few months go by without me going online & weighing in — though I weigh myself daily on my own scale. Recently I noticed a slight trend upward & when I signed in, I found I’d gained 3lbs in 3 months. They are back off now & once again I am glad to be a Weight Watcher. Shopping for clothes gives me so much pleasure when formerly it was a nightmare. I used to think I had arthritis when all it was was carrying too much weight. I hated that my feet were too fat for cute shoes. I have so much more energy and zest for life. Also, the flex plan allows you to eat anything your little heart desires, which is, I think, the main reason I have been able to stick with it. So good luck to all “Befores”, you really can be an “After”!

  145. Pat Novak Says:

    Hello, Iwould LOVE to join weight watchers as I was in there before and lost only 10 lbs and my blood presser went down and the Dr. was pleased but then my 6 months was up and so I quit and that was that and now I’m exerising and drinking more water as I get thirsty and so I would love to join again but my husband saids NO as he saids I can do it by myself, what do you think?? Thank You Pat Novak

  146. Liz Stewart Says:

    Pat – Congratulations on losing 10lbs & trying to keep on yourself. However, I would do whatever you can to come up with the money and keep going to the meetings. It seems like your health is at stake and somebody with high blood pressure needs to keep the stress down. Maybe your husband has not thought about it that way.

  147. Tonia Says:

    What a great site! I have had a VERY positive experience with WW. I went on WW the first time November 2002 weighing 183 on a 5’1 frame, not good. By Feb/Mar 2003, I was down to 150 lbs. I stayed right there until Jan 2004 when I puton 15lbs in 19 weeks of pregnancy, then lost the baby. So, I did WW again and lost the 15 lbs.

    In August 2005, I decided that I wanted to lose more, so I went on WW Core plan. By October, I went from 155 to 129. I looked great! Unfortunately, the holidays hit and I gained back 10 lbs. My weight stayed steady at 140. Then my husband and I moved to Maui for several months, and I gained another 10 lbs, bringing me back to 150. I managed to get to 147, and then got pregnant last year.

    I put on a whopping 55 lbs being pregnant, with my weight topping off at 202 o the day I gave birth. YUCK! My daughter is 11 weeks old now. I started back on WW about 4 weeks ago. I was 185 lbs. As of this morning, I am down to 177.5. I am doing the core plan, and I LOVE it! My older daughter is losing a few lbs, and so is my husband! It’s great! Oh, I have NEVER been to a single meeting. I have always just done WW on-line. I have 2 8X10’s on my fridge. One of me at 185 (YUCK) and one of me at 129 (YAY!). That keeps me motivated!

  148. Patty Says:

    Thank you for the points formula! I want to lose about 40 lbs and started last week and have already lost 3 pounds! My daughter and her finace are on WW’s and plan on a May wedding. I’m very motivated to lose this weight before the wedding. Any suggestions or inspirations?

    Thanks, Patty

  149. joanne Says:

    I have been doing the WW plan on my own for a month now and have lost 12 1/2 pounds so far. WW is the only plan that has ever worked for me and it is so easy to do it at home. I have eaten at Applebees a few times and it is so easy when their menu tells you the points for your food. I have downloaded the point calculator onto my computer and check points each morning for foods I will eat for the day.

  150. Remy Says:

    Hi, this site is great! I have recently joined WW and tried very hard not to be turned off by the commercial aspect of the meetings. It drives me batty. I have a tendency of going for the weigh-ins and the info and not staying for the meetings. Thanks for all your posts, I have a question : My daughter, out of sympathy for me is counting her points etc… but she is 14, and has a beautiful little body. I don’t want to discourage her from helping me and I believe that WW has a good educational value that I sure could have used, but I have no clue as to how many points a 14 year old girl that just needs to maintain should have… any clues? Thanks Remy

  151. Rich Says:

    Risky… How about have her write down her points with the understanding that she eats whatever and whenever she wants with no limits. She will need an increasing amount of points as she grows to adulthood likely more than you require, again something she needs to understand. The benefit to her would be the education on food choices. Later in life if she ever needs to manage her weight she will know the how to make it happen.

  152. rikki Says:

    I am sorry, you DO NOT have a 14 year old follow ANY diet plan. WW might be a great weight loss program, but it IS a weight loss program.

  153. Joe Forth Says:

    I joined WW Jan 3 07, and I have lost 75 lbs. I still have to lose another 75, but I have no doubt I’ll do it. I feel the meetings are the best thing about the program. WW’s should do a better job reaching men. There’s no way a man won’t lose weight on this program, because a man gets such a large amount of points. I’m usually the only man at the meeting. Great website.

  154. Melanie Says:

    I have been on weight watchers now for about 5 months now, and I am down 36lbs. I recently hit a plateau, so I switched from flexpoints to the coreplan, and that has helped a little, but have only done that for about 2 weeks now. I dont go to the meetings, my husband provides a huge amount of support, and I weigh myself once a week, and happy if I dont gain anything. This is the best diet plan I have been on, and I know that it is ok if I indulge a little bit. I workout about 6 or 7 days a week. I would recommend weight watchers to anyone.

  155. Brenda Says:

    I just wanted to say I love this site. It is so inspirational.My son and I did the Medifast diet 2 years ago and I loved how quick my weight came off but I was soo hungry all the time. After gaining 10 of my 30 pounds I had lost back, I attempted to go back on it and I can’t do it. I AM STARVING!! My sister has been doing weight watchers for a few months, She has been very overweight for years, at least 10. When I saw her this summer…she is a new person she has lost 45 pounds and she is so happy. She has been calling me every week to tell me her loss or even a gain once in a while. What an inspiration!! I have decided I want some of this, I know I can do it because I will be able to eat. I only eat low fat food since the other diet I was on so I feel I have a head start. I am still debating whether I will join a group or just call my sister. this web site has been an inspiration also. everyone is so honest. Thank you and I will ler you all know how it goes for me .

  156. Nancy Moore Says:

    Why does the Weight Watchers dining out guide list a Chick Fil A reg. sandwich as 6 points but if you go to Chick Fil A website and compute with the points finder it comes out to 8. Which is right and are any other foods listed wrong in the book?

  157. mitci Says:

    Wish me luck. I am about to start back on WW. Just cannot go the points route, just too busy to “count” right now. I am happy to see that WW reinstated the Core Plan. I have fond memories of the “Core Plan” pamphlets from years gone by and fonder memories of the lbs that melted from my body as a result. From the old WW pamphlets this old cow learned how to romp and graze properly for a long time. However, as stress lead to stress so did bad eating habits lead to bad eating habits. Many lbs later, I longed to return to the romping and grazing my body so loved. I was a Lifetime Member ready for a comeback. WW introduced me to the new Points Plan at the meeting. Interesting…so I tried it. Oops! Too many steps for me…add this, calculate that, total those…uh-uh. I wanted to see it from a list, go get it and eat it. “Please,” I cried,” does anyone have or does anyone know where I can find the old WW pamphlets?” No one at the meetings knew where could find them. I found nothing online, either. It seemed WW PP or the highway. The Core Plan-like way of losing that once fit me like a glove was indeed dead and buried, archived, or ran away with the spoon, I thought. I tried other weight loss avenues and lost 23 lbs but the weight came marching back. I present with a 4’10”,140 lb. frame. And tonight, many,many,many years later, hoping for a small miracle I surfed in search of the WW old pamphlets once again. Lo and behold…I found WW had added the Core Plan! Hallalujah, romp and graze, HERE I COME.

  158. Christine Says:

    Hey everyone! I am also very inspried. I started following WW today, but I feel like I may be eating to many points. I am doing the program online, since I am a full time student and mom. I was told to eat 30 a day…can I cut this down a little?

  159. Ana Says:

    Hi everyone first thing I want to say that weight watchers actually works for all those people that say it dosen’t ! i lost 40 pounds in the past I became really depress because of personal problems and i gained it back 🙁 but yesturday was my first day back in weight watchers I am really exired!!!!

  160. Molly Says:

    Hello everybody! I started the online WW 10 days ago. I was assigned 25 points but have tried every day to stay under 20 and in the past 10 days only twice have exceeded that with 1-3 points. Still I am not loosing any weight whatsoever. I am confused and unsure how shall I proceed :(. Any insight is welcomed!

  161. Margo Says:

    Hi Everyone I just signed up for WW today and Im very excited based on everything that I have read here… I signed up online because I am not interested in the meetings and I am far too busy to attend them. Will I be receiving any material such as books and stuff related to tracking points and weight or is that only offered to persons that attend the meetings. I weigh 245 and I would like to get to 150. But my 1st goal is to be under 200lbs by Christmas. I hate exercising so lets see how it goes. Ive committed to walking at least 30mins 4 times a week. LORD HELP ME! LOL I will keep you all posted on my progress!

  162. Rachel Says:

    Hiiii! I started weightwatchers 5 weeks ago and have lost 8.6 pounds already. I wish that I could say I’ve lost more but they say that the slower it comes off the longer it will stay off. I don’t really feel like im on a diet either. I make decisions about what I feel is “worth” eating. A large piece of cake for no reason doesn’t sound appealing to me. But a sliver at a birthday party is SOOO worth it. If you can work this plan and still go to Mcdonalds anyone can do it if they really want the weight off!! I’ll keep checking in…my goal weight is 145 and I am currently 163. Hope I can do it!!

  163. Lisa Says:

    Hello everyone.I was interested in joining ww but I’m still not sure everyone I know that joined quit.I guess I will just have to think about it I’m not the type of person that gives up easy so my be it will be different for me.Has anyone wanted to just quit?

  164. bonnie Says:


  165. Margaret Says:

    Hi all!!! I joined WW online 5 weeks ago and lost 9 lbs. Slow and steady wins the race they say! Where can I find out about how many activity points I should aim for in a week?

  166. Bridget Says:


    No one should be eating less than 20 points. It has to do with how the points are calculated with calories and such. If you are eating less than 20 points you are actually starving your body and it goes into what they call starvation mode and it slows your metabolism which in turn slows if not stops weight loss. I did WW 3 years ago and lost 45 pounds, however, when my fiance and I moved in together and I was making meals for 4 kids, I lost track of what I really ate in the day. Stick to it, it will work!!! Good luck to everyone!

  167. Bonny Says:

    Weight Watchers Works!!! I joined 2 years ago for 6 months pre-paid and lost 53 lbs. (I was to lose 75 to goal) This past year I have yo-yoed the same 5 lbs. and now the 5 has stayed. Today I have joined the on-line version. I “feel” different already. The minute you count points and regulate your food intake you lose weight. In my opinion to keep it off you need to journal for life. To me it is worth it. I am on a major mission to get off the last 25 lbs. this year. Who is with me?

  168. Kathy Says:

    I started WW 3 weeks ago with a support group at work. No meetings, just point watching, friend support and I have lost 6 pounds so far. Today I was up 1/2 pound. Goal weight is 120 from current weight of 138. I am 48 yrs old and 5 ft. My goal is by Christmas.

  169. Christy Says:

    I am preparing to join WW on thurs with friends who joined 2 weeks ago, one lost 8 lbs in her first week and another lost 7 lbs, that really motivated me to join! I am excited and need to regain a healthy lifestyle – we have been walking 1.5-3 miles a day and it makes me feel so good! I took the formula for calculating points and made a spreadsheet that calculates it for me as I add amounts of each food I eat each day of the week – They have given me their tools to help me get on board before I join since I missed signing up last due to a meeting at work! I went to the DR last week and weighed 303 lbs (my highest weight EVER – and it made me want to get on board with WW even more) I have a large frame thanks to my paternal grandparents 🙂 so skinny is not for me, but I want to be be healthy- feel and look good! Wish me Luck! 🙂

  170. Molly Says:


    thank you so much for the answer. I am indeed sticking to the program and also started doing pilates last week. I lost a few lbs but not as quickly as 10 years ago when I could loose 25 lbs in 1 month. Now (I am turning 30 this Sunday) it seems much harder to get rid of that weight :(((. Ah well, slow and steady they say, so I am trying to be patient. It is hard not to go into a starving mode and force myself to eat healthy and enough. But this whole process is about changing bad eating habits so I am really trying hard to do that. Good luck to all of you out there who have taken this road. It isn’t easy but surely fulfilling at the end!

  171. Laurence Crews Says:

    61 year old male. 279.8 when I started 10/01/07. 273.2 on 10/08/07. 6.6lb loss. I use the flex system and track my points online. So far, works for me. This week, I include walking.

  172. Lynn Says:

    I’m going to join WW again. I stoped smoking three years ago and have gained 20 pounds. I was on WW a long time ago and lost 75 pounds. Wow the plans have really changed and it looks like the points plan is going to be the best plan for me.

  173. Lisa Says:

    Just started going to ww. Went to one (boring) meeting and skipped two weeks due to out of town guests. The TRACKING is helping me a lot. I am 50, 5’5” (way too fat) and weighed 203 at the initial a,m, weigh-in at ww.

    I feel thiner, though this week’s weigh in will tell.

    Loved reading all your posts and plan to BE COMMITTED to the program INCLUDING meetings. I recognize my “aloof” attitude is not helping me and I need a meeting to stay accountable.

    Thanks for the site.


  174. Liz M. Says:

    I have been reading all of the posts here and I am definately interested in starting WW. I was on the LA weightloss program for about 2 months or so and I lost 18lbs. We moved and I didn’t continue the plan or my weekly weigh-ins. I have gained all but 7lbs of that back. I feel very defeated and I need to get that sucess feeling back. I didn’t realize how great I would feel having lost 18lbs… till I gained it back. So I wanna do this. What site (besides WW) is a good resource for calculating points? For eating out and what not. Any and all comments wouuld be great.

    Thanks, LIZ

  175. Liz M. Says:

    I also wanted to add that I gained it back in 4 months so it was slow to come back. I learned many great health tips that I still follow. I need a more diverse plan to keep losing. I think WW will be that plan. I will be a success story..I hope.

    I am 24yrs old, 5’5 and 158lbs now. (scary)

    🙂 LIZ

  176. Margo Says:

    Well as I stated on Oct 4, 2007 I joined WW and to date I have lost 5lbs in less than 2 weeks. I am loving it. It is great i am doing really well with my points and my activity. i hope this continues!!

  177. Laurie Says:

    I am super excited I just purchased the deluxe kit with all of the stuff including the nifty little calculator. My friend told me she lost 35 lbs and I am getting discouraged gaining weight just turned 31, had back surgery 2 years ago cuz of a work related incident and the frontperson (singer) of a rock band, I need to look hot and I can only see myself disquising behind baby doll tops for 10 more lbs. I need to be at 145 I am 210 5’7, my friend in florida is going to go back on it and she is also purchasing the deluxe kit. We won’t be going to meetings but we will support each other, wish us luck!!

  178. Laurie Says:

    just a little update i also quit smoking in may and its so much harder to lose weight..ugh

  179. Leigh Ann Says:

    Laurie, I would really encourage you to start attending meetings. I have friends who did WW on their own (either online or with the kit) and have struggled more than I have. I lost 35 lbs 2 years ago and have kept most of it off. I’m going back to meetings again as the weight has crept on and now the scales are going back down.

    I read someone else’s post who says ‘I know all this already.’ I agree – American women know all of this – it’s in every woman’s magazine every month. The thing is we don’t follow the rules, for whatever reason. So going to meetings, finding a community that supports you and a level of accountability from the weigh-ins has been the trick for me.

    Sounds like you might be an extrovert given your singing – so am I. And meetings really worked for me.

    …food for thought (if for nothing else 🙂

  180. brianne Says:


    Try http://dwlz.com/restaurants.html for points at restaurants.

  181. Liz Says:

    Hi, I started weight watchers 7 weeks ago (I live in UK) and I have lost 11 lb in 6 weeks by counting points. I have been following the core plan since Friday and seem to have lost another 3-4 lbs this week. I am very pleased with this as I have been trying to lose weight for 2 years on my own with no success. I do weight watchers online so do not have the support of a class or a leader. Sometimes I think it would help with the motovation, but at class you couldn’t weigh naked!!

  182. gina Says:

    I like weight watchers. I am a lifetime member who has not kept up with meetings and has put back on my weight.

    Can you tell me how the online program works for people? I am finding it hard to find time to go to meetings.

  183. Sara Says:

    How do you maintain after you hit your goal weight on WW?

  184. Laura Moncur Says:


    To maintain, you add a couple points to your total and check your weight weekly. If you’re still losing, add more points. If you gain, take one away.


  185. Sara Says:

    Thank you Laura. I sure appreciate you answering. I reached my goal and felt lost. I bought the at home kit and couldn’t find any answer in the booklets that said how to maintain. I called WW customer service and they told me I had to join for more tools and info. kinda why I bought “home kit” i didn’t want to join a club. I just wanted to eat right. so thank you for being kind and letting me know.

  186. Des Says:

    Just started (again,it’s been 3 yrs) WW Tuesday November 20th. Yep, right before the holidays. Had too or the scale will look worse by the first of the year. GOAL: weight loss and lower cholesterol. My doctor is determine to put me on cholesterol medicine. I cannot see myself taking something that is going to damage my liver in order to lower my cholesterol???!!! Happy Holidays everyone. Let’s eat smart.

  187. Kitty Pentecost Says:

    I just found this site roaming the internet looking for Weight Watchers info. I joined a meeting 11 weeks ago. I have lost 26 pounds. I just follow the flex points. I have a plantar fascia injury and can’t exercise for the time being.

    I tried WW before online, at home. You are so right about the meetings. I stumbled on an excellent meeting with a great leaders. I also joined with a friend and it’s working for her also. We think maybe a kind of “readiness” also helped us.

    Our meetings have several members who are at goal. This is so inspiring to us. Who wants to follow a diet that doesn’t work? It’s wonderful to see it work and to know that could be me on day.

    I eat and enjoy all my points. It was also a help to find some of my favorite foods on the low points list. I keep them handy.

    Thanks for your review and for so much detail.

  188. mindy Says:

    I was wondering if there was somewhere online that I could find the points for each food and such. I looked at the books online and stuff and was hoping to find the points list online somwhere for free, I work full time and go to college full time and don’t have the extra time or money to do the weekly meetings. My mom has done weightwatchers in the past and has had wonderful results. I went through a divorce about two years ago and lost over 60lbs what felt like overnight. I didn’t really change my eating or exercise more, was mostly stress I think. But now I’m having problems because i’m trying to loose the weight again and am not seeing results.

  189. MJ Says:

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find a copy of the “journal” form so I can print it out off line. Got one left from when I originally joined WW back in 2000 and decided to begin the program again.

    Thanks MJ

  190. Laura Moncur Says:


    Weight Watchers doesn’t have an online form. I made a form on Excel that is similar:

    Also, if you would like to order a yearly journal from Starling Fitness you can do that here:

    I strongly recommend the classes that Weight Watchers has to offer. I wouldn’t have been able to lose weight without them, and believe me, I tried.


  191. Rosalind Says:

    This is the first time I’ve every submitted a comment online, but I must say this is the most informative site ever. I am a person who enjoys exercise, however I have a hard time controlling my eating–which I think is purely emotional. Thank you so much for the information.I am going to try this system on my own. I really don’t have the extra money to attend meetings or register online. Again, thank you so much and I definitely will visit this site on the regular.

    BTW: Mindy- I found this site that appears to be pretty helpful with the counts http://quiddity.cc/rachel/diet/wwfoods.htm#D

  192. Robyn Carter Says:

    I’m in New Zealand – and on weight watchers. I’m also doing training for a half marathon and the 100km Oxfam challenge walk in april. However I can’t do it on weight watchers. There’s not enough food to keep my energy levels up…. – until I read this website. It seems there is in addition to my 22 points per day, I can have another 35 points per week, and another 12 on top of that for exercise??? Is this correct? If it is – we are not told of this down here in New Zealand. I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!! That is we were told about the 12 points per week for exercise, but not about the extra 35.

    Can someone email me on the above email and set the record straight for me please? It would be much appreciated.

    Cheers Robyn

  193. Laura Moncur Says:


    Talk to your Weight Watcher leader and tell him/her that you are training for a half marathon.

    Here in the States, we are allowed to eat our exercise points. Sometimes if you exercise a lot, you might eat too many of them and slow you’re weight loss, but most of the time, they recommend that you eat them.

    I bet the same is true for New Zealand and you just didn’t get the whole story. We’re all human, after all.

    As far as the 35 Flex Points, I don’t know your weight and height, so I don’t know if they have added them into your daily total or if the program is different somehow.

    Talk to your WW leader and tell them that you’re hungry all the time. They should be able to give you tips to feel fuller and maybe mix up your points a little bit.

    Best, Laura Moncur

  194. Vivian Says:

    Is WW compatible with a diabetic diet?

  195. Laura Moncur Says:


    If you have diabetes, you MUST talk to your diet about the proper diet and how to work it in with your medical care.

    Best wishes, Laura Moncur

  196. erin Says:

    I’ve seen this question asked before but it was never answered…

    I have 15lbs that I’ve had a terrible time losing and my mom has lost 40lbs on Weight Watchers and looks fantastic!!! Technically my BMI is within the normal range but I am on an upward scale of gaining. I want to nip this in the bud (so to speak) Is WW appropriate for someone that only has 15 lbs to lose or would I be “judged” for joining.

    The way I look at it is if I don’t join now than 3 years from now I’ll have to join to lose a lot more than 15! 🙂

    Thanks for your time! Erin

  197. Jean Says:

    Erin, I just rejoined last week. According to the newest Intro Booklet, a healthy weight is between BMI 20-25, for example, at 5’5″ 120-150 lbs. The minimum amount a new member may lose is 5 lbs, so at 5’5″ 125 lbs is the minimum joining weight. The final goal may not be below BMI 20. It is acceptable for your doctor to recommend a weight for you outside of this range. (You could also cheat & wear shoes & drink a glass of water before weighing in, to add 5 lbs instantly.) The first goal most members have is 10% of their weight, which is also about when a plateau hits, so it may be helpful for them to see you reach your final goal. During your 6 weeks of maintenance, others would be hitting their 10%. Since you wouldn’t be on the program too long before attaining your goal, it is important to keep going for the extra 6 weeks to stabilize your body & eating habits. All successes are applauded! Jean

  198. Laura Moncur Says:


    WW is perfect for losing those last 15 pounds. If you join now, there are so many people attending that no one will really notice you and how much you have to lose.

    Plus, people who have reached goal still attend regularly, so many members might just assume that you are at Lifetime already.

    Don’t worry about being judged, you’ll be fine.

    Best, Laura

  199. terri Says:

    I am a lifetime member of ww but have gained alot of weight since I first joined in 1972.. I think I understand the point system but as you lose the weight do you drop the number of points you use? For instance if I start at 30 points and lose 30 pounds do I decrease the amount of points as the weight comes off?

  200. Sarah Says:

    I am 5’2″ 135 lbs. My normal weight is around 110/115. My goal is to lose 25 lbs by June. Is that possible? I know it’s suggested to lose 2 pounds a week, but I also know that there will be some weeks that there is no loss and possibly some weeks that I gain. Does this goal of losing 25 lbs seem reachable in about 19 weeks? Thanks! With my schedule, putting a lot of time into exercising is tough. If I can put in 1 hour of walking on my lunch brake, can I do this?

  201. MONIQUE Says:

    This has been a very informative website. It has helped me make my decision to join WW AGAIN. I have a question, I have just joined a gym. I was wondering if I just use my daily points and not incorporate my activity points with my daily points, will I still lose weight. In other words, if my daily points allowance is 27 but I work out, will I still lose weight with just using 27 points and not using any additional points for my activity?

  202. Gail Says:

    Hi, I’m on WW and doing really well. My 15YO daughter wants to start WW. She is 15, 5’1 and 128 pounds. She’s going to her doctor for note to approve her for the WW program. In the meantime, she attended her first meeting last week and was told by the leader that she would start at 31 points. Eek! That seemed a little high to her. She’s not convinced. The person that advised 31 points didn’t go into any detail as to the reasoning behind the 31 pts. Just curious. Does anyone know where that number comes from?

  203. Jean Says:

    Hi Gail, As her parent, you’re certainly entitled to know what is being recommended for your daughter. It is likely that the receptionists have a hand-out of some sort. If you ask for it at weigh-in, to pick up at the end of the meeting when it’s less frantic, they should be able to find it for you. As I recall, it involved more milk & protein. I would think that rather than losing weight, the emphasis should be on learning good lifetime eating habits.

  204. Victoria Says:

    Has anyone else had trouble getting onto the WW website today? When I try to go to it, nothing happens! Maybe so many people are trying to get their new year’s resolutions going that the site crashed!

  205. Jene'ia Says:

    Hello All!

    I was just looking around for websites that showed how many points you can have for your weight and this one happened to have them listed!! Yeah! I was previously with an at work WW and did VERY well, I lost almost 70lbs and looked FABULOUS for my wedding. I became pregnant 2 years later and gained alot back. My child is 2 now and I want the weight off and I’m joining another at work WW next month. I’m trying to get a feel for WW again so I’m kind of giving myself a crash course for this month.

    My Question is: Are there any low point snacky food suggestions that any of you have?

    To Answer MONIQUE’s question, if you do NOT use your activity points it is ok – you’ll just loose more!

  206. Sondra Says:

    I have began to get a little confused about points. I am only 5′ and weigh 162 lbs. Should my daily points be between 20 – 27 ? I was on WW back in 1992 and the points were 20-25. Could someone please help with this?


  207. Aimee Says:

    I have the same question as Monique (#201). Do I have to eat the points I lose from exercising? For example, I did 45 minutes of cardio today and ate my 20 points. 20pts – 2pts (exercise)= 18 points. Do I HAVE to eat the 2 pts?

    Also, do I have to eat 2 servings of healthy oil a day or is that just reccomended?

    I get confused about the points on the flex plan. If I eat a lot of veggies in one day (all zeros), then I get full. I may be full and 4 pts. short. Will my body really go into starvation mode if I have had protein, 5-6 servings of fruit/veggies, whole wheat carbs, soy yogurt, coffee…I am eating a lot (3 meals + snacks)???????

  208. Janie Says:

    I used to teach WW, and let me be the first to say it works. Although I have not teached it in almost 6 years I still follow the program. I lost a total of 67 pounds and was at 136pds. I got a bit stressed and due to my full time job couldn’t committ to WW anymore and fell off track for a bit, put a bit of it back on and within no time I got myself back on track and glad to say I am back down again. You need to be patient!!! Losing weight especially a large amount is like a part time job, if you want to keep it off you need to show up whether that is online or at a meeting. Hey I looooooooooove to eat and I so wish I could eat whatever I wanted, but unfortunately I even look at a head or lettuce or a glass of water and I can feel my hips begin to swell, but I am 43 and I have kept almost all of it off for years now. Stick to it, its worth it!!!! You all can do it.

  209. Pat Says:

    Hi Just sent away for my kit. A friend has been doing WW for 5 months now and I just needed to get started. I read this whole site and I have a message for Kitty Pentecost: Earth shoes with a Kelso sole will help with the Plantar fascia I got rid of mine (PF) Good luck with the weight loss. Thanks for this site I am encouraged!

  210. Diana Says:


    I just happened upon this website, and will give a quick opinion. (I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a self-proclaimed foodaholic, and a Lifetime Weight Watcher; having lost 40 lbs. and kept it off by continuing to attend meetings, and counting points a reasonable share of the time.) I have a VERY STRONG OPINION that people should ALWAYS eat their activity points, trying to use them for healthy foods rather than junk. I always use my activity points, and enjoy a good metabolism. I’ve seen people stop losing as much weight because they didn’t use their activity points. I believe that the body NEEDS to be fueled proportionately to the activity level, to keep a good metabolism. That has been my experience anyway. Perhaps yours would be different! My best wishes to you!

    With loving support,


  211. Kimberley Says:

    Happy New Year ! Oh and it will be ! I joined WW in September 2007 and just love it . I joined it for health reasons as heart disease is hereditary in my family, I lost my loving Mother during her heart transplant in 2004 and miss her dearly every minute of my day since then. So I had that inspiration to lose weight and get into shape for Mom, myself, and for my family. Knowing how much I miss Mom I dont want my family to go thru the loss of myself way too soon in life. Well….not huge atheletic person either…I lost 40 pounds since Sept. with the WW flex plan and went from 162 to 122 and now jog on my tread mill approx 2 miles a day! That is a huuuuge accomplishment for me. I found that the WW wasnt as hard to follow as I tght it would be.. My grocery bill did double and sometimes triples though… Very sad that healthy, fresh food is so much more than processed high fatty food. Fat free pudding cost about $2.89 and those packaged high fat brownies are only 99 cents !!! in the past we would load up on those 99 cent deals….! not any more ! The flex plan I found very easy to follow and easy to track…except when we went out to dinner …then it was like either eat salad or just say the hell with it and eat sensibly and hope I didnt gain ! I have to say a off track day didnt make a huge difference and I feel that if you dont splurge once in a while you will just go off the WWW program completely. So I indulge once or twice a week with a candy bar or a dessert. I used to eat two or three candy bars for dinner followed by a diet Pepsi !!! Those days are gone. At 45 weight doesnt come off like it used to. I have relatives that are on diets and lose 20-40 pounds and gain it right back within months. They say they tried it but it didnt work….Well…I am thinking they didnt give it enough time or didnt track correctly. I am a huge advocate of WW as it really isnt a diet its a way of eating sensibly for the rest of your life. You dont need 3 candy bars for dinner ! You need fiber, protein and you will lose ! I just want to shout from the rooftop WW works and I am full proof of it….. However….I go every week to my meetings. I may be at my goal weight but…I need the meetings to inspire me. I need them and learn so much from each and every meeting. And my leader is the greatest, funniest and caring person I have ever met. That to makes such a difference. I actaully look forward to my WW meetings ! I cant say enough about how WW changed my life in such a short amount of time and say if you are thinking about it please try it and change your life for the better in 2008 !! My husband also 30 pounds and looks great.(he just using my WW books and does track..he finds that the points system also if pretty easy to follow) ..we are all most at our high school weights which was 27 years ago ! Tracking is very very important.. You really gotta track to lose and maintain. I hope I inspire you to keep going! I went froma ladies size 12 to a juniors 3 ! I was never a 3 ! I went from girls size 18 to a ladies 10 and stayed there for many years…and then went to a 12/14 .. but now at a 3 the only problem I have is that I have nothing to wear anymore !!!

    I LOVE WW !!!!

  212. Connie Says:

    My husband and I started weight watchers about two weeks ago [we bought the books at a yard sale a couple months back and we are going to follow the plan on our own].

    We were just wondering if an item has a point value listed as ‘0’ is it okay to eat more than the indicated size? For example, a cup of broccoli is listed as ‘0’ points but we don’t measure out 1 cup. Also, ketchup is listed as ‘0’ points but he uses way more than the indicated size. Is it okay to exceed the indicated amount or are we sabotaging our weight loss goals?

    Thanks for any input!!! We have truly been inspired by all the successful weight loss stories on this page and hope to have successful stories of our own in the not so distant future!!!

  213. barb Says:

    Hello all! I believe that you must stick with WW, even after you loose the weight. It will come back. I Have been on the program 3 times and when ever I stop counting the points of the things I eat….I am back a square one. So it is an everyday thing. I keep my WW books, counter, jounal, etc.. in the kitchen. I also take them with me when I go out. My family is used to me telling them how healthy dinner is while we are eating. My son (11 years) checks the labels of foods just for kicks. He knows that I am not on a diet, that it is a way of life. I hope watching me trying to find the best foods, he will as an adult know how to take care of himself. My husband is trying to quit smoking and we as a family will be his support group. Just as they are for me and my WW. I wish everyone great success. You can do it. Just keep with it. Barb

  214. Diana Says:

    To Aimee & Monique

    Did you see my post a few days ago on using your activity points? I hope it helps. Also Aimee, I’m not a doctor, but I believe that not getting your 2 servings of healthy oil can slow weight loss because the body needs the oil to produce the hormones that help metabolize the fat. With that believe in my mind, I get my daily 2 svgs. of oil 99% of the time. Honestly, I’d be afraid not to.



  215. Diana Says:

    (Oops, that should have said “belief”.)

  216. Diana Says:

    Dear Kimberley,

    I LOVED your posting!! I feel inspired by your enthusiasm. I just shared with my husband what you said about you and your husband. YOU BOTH ROCK!!!!



  217. Diana Says:

    Dear Connie,

    Here’s my opinion on the “0 point” foods. Please take it as just that, my opinion. (I’m a Lifetimer, so this is what has worked for me.)

    On “0 point” vegetables I eat as much as I want and don’t worry about quantities. Ketchup…I could go overboard on because of the sweet corn syrup in it…so I guess I would suggest looking on the label and measuring the actual quantity your husband is taking. I would think there could sure be a possibility of sabotaging one’s efforts with ketchup.



  218. Kandiace Says:

    I am just starting the WW program and was hoping that someone could tell me about activity points. I bought a journal to keep up with my daily points and it says something about activity points.. I personally have no idea how you tell how many walking, running, etc. count. If someone could help me that would be great! Thanks! Congrats to eveyone that has lost weight and good luck to those still on the diet!

  219. Diana Says:

    Hi Kandiace,

    Yay that you’re doing Weight Watchers!

    I’d love to help you if I can. Do you have the “points booster” that Weight Watchers puts out? That is what I use to calculate my activity points. I believe that you get them in one of the first weeks of Weight Watchers meetings.

    Wishing you much success!


  220. Anna Says:

    i’ve been gaining weight in a short period of time i knew a few people on thye points plan and it worked for them now i dont have the money to join i just wanna know what the appropriate point are for me if someone could email me and tell me how to calculate that id appreciate it PLEASE thank you

  221. Diana Says:

    Dear Anna,

    I wish I felt comfortable speaking on that topic, but I don’t. I do, however, want to wish you the very best with all of my heart; and to mention that Weight Watchers has a “scholarship” program that helps some of the people who are financially strapped be able to afford to do Weight Watchers.

    If there is anything you’d like my personal opinion on, I’d be glad to share what has worked for me!

    I sure hope that this helps!!!

    With loving friendship,


  222. Amanda Says:

    I started WW 2 weeks ago. I am doing the flex points plan, but am not attending meetings. So far, I have lost 8lbs. My mother is also on the flex program, and is attending meetings. She has been doing this for 3 months, but has only lost 14 lbs. I am wondering if my weight loss is more because I am 22 and have a higher metabolism than her, at 46? She says I am loosing too quickly, but I am exercising at a heavy intensity 4-5 times a week, lead a much more active lifestlye than her, and am faithfully sticking to my points values, using as few of my flex points as possible. I currently weigh 175lbs and am 5′ 5″. My goal is 125lbs. That is 50 lbs more to go! I am also on the birth control shot, Depo Provera(Which is why I feel I have gained so much weight in the past 2 years), and am wondering if anyone else find that getting the shot every 3 months makes them gain a significant amount of weight? Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

  223. Jamie Says:

    I first have to say that this site helped me to find that Weight Watchers is right for me. Thanks.

    I joined Weight Watchers on January 2nd. Week one I lost 1.6lbs, while everyone one around me lost 5,6, even 8lbs. Week two I had my period an I thought I wouldn’t lose because I didn’t exercise as much as I usally do but I lost 2.6lbs! Week three, I thought I’d lose more because I didn’t eat all of my points, none of my flex points, and earned 28 activity points. Lost only 1lb. I am eating all my daily points this week, am not exercising as much and going to eat some of my flex points. I weigh in-in 2 days, so I’ll see what happens. I am now under the impression that you have to eat all your points to lose more weight.

    I’m 19, and I have 50+ pounds to lose, but I just never got that huge, immediate weight loss that most people get their first 3 weeks. I have PCOS and a low thyroid, which I take medications for both, but I can’t help but wonder if that has anything to do with small weight loss.

    I did lose 5.2lbs total, which is great, and everyday I do notice a difference in my body and the way clothes fit. I also ran a mile this week in under 10mins! I used to run a mile in 12mins.

    I love the meetings, I really think they are an important part of the process. I too, was going to go once, get the info and do it on my own. But I don’t think I would be down 5lbs if I didn’t go to the meetings!

    Wish me luck and Good Luck to all of you!

  224. Diana Says:

    Dear Amanda,

    I wish I knew something about the Depo Provera shot, but I don’t, dang it!!! Congrats on your weight loss! WOO HOO!!!

    Dear Jamie,

    Thanks for the good luck wish! Yay in running a mile in under 10 mins!!! I love the meetings too, and also feel that they are an integral part of my WW success!!! Good luck back atcha sista!!!

    With loving friendship to you both!


  225. Heidi Says:

    I’ve been reading through the comments and I’ve seen eating out mentioned once or twice. May I recommend going to Applebees. They have weight watchers point values and especially on your flex days, an eight point meal isn’t so bad (I’m one of those 20 point people with the flex 35-grr.) Also, a bit of minor advice- I’ve made it a point to save my points for the evenings so that when I come home, I can eat close to what my fiancee’s eating. (I know that you’re not technically sopposed to do this) My main problem had been coming home and watching him eat doughnuts and such. So now I come home, and allow myself one of those ww muffins, or a few light chips, so I don’t feel so left out of the snacking. Hope this helps- Heidi

  226. Diana Says:

    Awesome Heidi!!

    Thanks so much!!!

    With loving friendship,


  227. Rochelle Says:

    Hello all….

    I have been reading through the years of blog post here. This site is awesome… Thanks for the great read.

    I am going to start WW at work program next week… I am just wondering what will I eat???? From reading here I will most likely do the point system incorporating the Flex points in… I used the formula to figure out how I have been eating the past few days… and I must say I am in trouble… I started to think about what I would eat for lunch…. And I will have to be careful not to consume all of my points during breakfast and lunch…

    I must say from reading this site I am excited to get started… and hope to have much success.


  228. Diana Says:

    Hi Rochelle,

    Just a couple of lunch ideas:

    If you have a microwave, Weight Watchers has a great 2 point meal that’s high in protein & fiber: Chicken Santa Fe. With that I measure and take (in a ziplock bag) 20 gms. of “Baked Tostitos Scoops” and I count it as one point. I scoop some of the Chicken Santa Fe into those, and I find it really yummy and filling.

    Another idea is to make a sandwich with fat free mayo, a few slices of light turkey or light chicken, and Sara Lee Deliteful bread (1/2 pt. per slice).

    I’m so excited for you!! Best wishes Rochelle!

    With loving friendship,


  229. Diana Says:

    P.S. I personally eat 5 1/2 of my points at breakfast to keep my metabollism revved. I just make sure it’s high in fiber and protein!

  230. Amanda Says:

    I am a big fan of soups for lunch. They are usually 2-3 points, some are even 0! They are very filling, and there are a million varieties. Sometimes I pair them with a high fiber multi/grain or whole grain cracker (I LOVE Kashi Crackers) and hummus. 18 crackers and 1 tbs. of hummus is 4 points. You can even be “bad” and have 6 pizza rolls for 5 pts. I also eat lots of carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and celery before lunch, or as a mid afternoon snack. Drizzle a bit of balsamic vinegar or sprinkle with a pinch of salt. ZERO points, and it fills you up. For dessert, Sugar Free Jello is my best friend. I make a box every 2 days and keep 4 servings in the fridge for a snack or dessert that is also ZERO points. Cheers!

  231. Colette Says:

    Hi everyone I found this site this morning and found lots of helpfully info. I have been working out 6 weeks now and my weight goes up 3 pounds and down 3 pounds. So I decided to try weight watchers to get this 50 pounds off me! I am getting married in september and need to start trying harder. I definitly binge eat.. ( I have never said that out loud before) I lost 40 pounds on weight watchers in 2000 but have had 2 children since then so I am done having kids and I am done being fat!I will definitly be back on the site to read up!

  232. Mary Says:

    Amanda, I was on Depo a few years back and I gained nearly 20 lbs in one month on it. I quit it immediately. (Of course, I got pregnant too!) You can lose it though on WW. But with Depo, you can gain weight.

  233. Amanda Says:

    Mary, Thanks for the encouragement. I have gained 60lbs in 2 years on Depo… I am changing it for the Mirena implant next month. I only have 1 shot left, and I am hoping that it does not ruin my progress so far. 🙁

  234. Diana Says:

    Thanks Amanda! I thought those were great ideas!!!

    Welcome Colette!! Wishing you MUCH success. Yay that you’re here!

    With loving friendship,


  235. Pam Says:

    I Love this site. thank you all so much. both me and my mom are looking in to join and with the cost i’ve been scared to join but with all the positive words and support i think i’ll do it. Im going to remember this site and make sure I write back when i reach my goal!

  236. Diana Says:

    Awesome Pam!!!

    I feel very excited for you!

    With loving friendship,


  237. amy Says:

    HI, I jointed the online site for the one week trial. My problem is, no matter what I do I can’t stay within my 18-25 points. How does everyone do it? I am about ready to give up bothering. How does everyone do it?

  238. Amanda Says:

    Amy, I also struggled with staying with the points the first week. I found it very helpful to plan out my day before I eat anything. Measure out foods, and write everything down in a food journal. If you still feel hungry, try filling up on foods with very low, or no point values before you eat a meal. For example, I will munch on carrots, celery, and cucumbers throughout the morning before lunch. Try replacing some of your current favorites with healthier and lower point value choices. Try lighter salad dressings, eat fresh fruit instead of cookies, eat sugar free jello or low-fat pudding for desserts, chew gum. Drink 8 oz of water when you feel hungry and wait 10 minutes before you eat anything. We often mistake thirst for hunger. Try broth based soups instead of cream based (Progressive has some great 0 pt. soups!). Replace white pasta with whole wheat. Replace ground beef and pork with ground chicken or turkey (when used in chili, tacos, or italian dishes, you can hardly tell the difference). Resist office temptations by carrying around bags of pre-portioned crackers, veggies, and other healthy snacks. Replace fried snacks like potato chips with baked chips. I find that Crystal Light single servings are great when I need a sugar fix, and prevent running to the vending machine for a candy bar. If you can afford it, the WW meals are pretty good. I cook them in the package, then transfer them to a salad size plate, and add veggies. You have to make your food look as good as it tates because we eat with our eyes first. Remember, you get activity points that can be eaten w/in 24 hours after you have worked out. Hope this helps! –Amanda

  239. DJ wilbanks Says:

    I just started WW about three weeks ago my first time here in this program I have lost weight in the past over a 100 lbs. each time only to gain it back the most I can keep it off is 3 yrs.I am a 62 yr. old female in the past I was able to exercise but I have had knee surgery and achilles tendonitis any suggestions as to what I can do,and I have lost about 6 lbs. since starting.

  240. Diana Says:

    Dear Amy,

    Yay that you joined for a week!

    Please don’t give up!!! This is such a WONDERFUL program and there is so much help available!!! Amanda gave such wonderful ideas! Thank you Amanda! I would be interested to hear what you are eating in a day, Amy.

    My best to you!

    Dear DJ,

    Have you considered water aerobics, or chair aerobics? (Look on the internet for chair aerobics.) Also, WAY TO GO on the 6 pounds lost!!!

    When you gained the weight back, did you quit going to WW meetings? Did you quit weighin in each week? Personally, I know that I am a “foodaholic” and I will have to do Weight Watchers for the rest of my life. However, I am lifetime now, so I’m thrilled that I go for free!!! I also fight the same battle as always, but at the BOTTOM of my weight range, instead of at the top. It’s so much nicer for me!

    My best to you!


  241. DJ wilbanks Says:

    Diana,the previous times I lost weight I did it with low carb on my own,I did not think I could lose any other way and was very skeptical about WW.The con side of low carb eating is it is monotnous sure plenty of protein and vegetables, really it is kin to the core plan minus the starches.What I like about weight watchers is the variety I was really surprised to have lost at all with the food I’ve been eating I too am a sweet acholic,but there is allowances for that as long as I stay in the point range the WW cake with 2 points is delicious.I think this plan is going to work but the weight loss is slower than I have been use to but I want something I can live with it’s great to lose the weight but a real challenge to keep it off.I am tired of the weight roller coaster I am in this for the duration.Thanks for the chair aerobic tip I’ll check it out.I know from experience that exercise is a key factor before I did toning tables and treadmill for a total of 1 1/2 hrs a day.This time I can’t so I need some alternatives.I love forums you get support and good ideas thanks for the encouragement. DJ

  242. Diana Says:

    Dear DJ,

    It was awesome to hear from you! Yay that you’ve been successful losing some weight with Weight Watchers, however slow it might be. The fact that it is a healthy and flexible program is, to me, SO WORTH the time it takes!

    As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, exercise is really important to me; so I’d love to hear how chair aerobics goes for you! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

    With loving friendship,


  243. DJ wilbanks Says:

    wow! Diana you are a personal trainer that’s terriffic! wish i could afford one yesterday i took a first step and used a floor model cycle for 25 minutes got my heart rate up good,just hope I can motivate myself to do it everyday.I checked out the chair aerobics ran across some exercises I can do with stretch bands think I would like that better than weights.Have you had much experience with them?are they advantageous?The way I look at it right now if I move any it is better than doing nothing. one more question I also weigh in the mornings and there is a 5 lb. difference between the morning and evening weighing everytime.My meetings are in the evening so they are recording the higher weight.Is this normal?Appreciate the input

  244. Diana Says:

    Hi DJ,

    It was nice to read your posting!

    My body also weighs about 5 lbs. heavy at night! Interesting, huh???

    WAY TO GO on the 25 minutes of cycling!!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Personally, I really like bands! I work with a lady with MS, and her entire exercise routine is with bands. When developing her workout, we hooked them around her wheelchair in various ways. Her “band” exercises have really made a difference for her!

    You’re awesome to be focusing on your health and well-being! Yay! May I share something that worked for me regarding being consistent in exercise? I found a buddy I could exercise with and be accountable to. If that’s not a possibility, I hope that you can at least find someone you can report to each day that you exercise. I am much more consistent in my exercise if I have someone to be accountable to…and I sure don’t think that it necessarily has to be a $50.00 per hour Personal Trainer!

    I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

    With loving friendship,


    P.S. Next Wednesday I hope to start my training to be an A.C.E. “Lifestyle and Weight Management” Coach. WISH ME LUCK!! I have a feeling I’m gonna need it! My best to you~~Diana

  245. DJ wilbanks Says:

    good luck diana!I am sure you will do well.I weighed in last night at WW lost 4.8 lbs. for the last two weeks.This thing is working!

  246. Diana Says:

    WOO HOO DJ!! WAY TO GO ON THE 4.8 LBS. LOST!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the good wishes!

    With loving friendship,


  247. tami Says:

    hi i am really concidering joining ww. I went to the docters and my cholesterol is 250 and trigliserides are 285 both very high. My mother died at the age of 44 from a heart attack. i was only 11. it really scares me. im 32 and morbley obese at 240 lbs well thats what my BMI says that i am. i eat all sorts of junk. my biggest addiction is choclate this ww sounds like it will work. a coligue from work is doing it and she has dropped pant sizes from 22 to a 16 in 6-7 monthes thats alot. thanks for all the advice

  248. Laura Says:

    I have a question. Recently I injured my back and found out I have 7 bulging disks. I can’t walk right because of it. I suffer from fatigue and am in alot of pain most of the time. I went to see my doctor and he said well you can lose weight. What an idea!! The problem is I can’t excercize with the way my back is. I figure I can try for now to loose weight by changing what I eat. I started the diet by wait watchers today. Will I lose weight by simply changing my diet?

  249. Laura Moncur Says:


    Yes, you can lose weight on WW even if you don’t exercise at all. Talk to your leader and make sure they check your journal every week. You might have some problems with plateaus and they have tricks in their bag to help you get past them without injuring your back.

    Also, ask your doctor if there is any type of exercise that you can do. Swimming and the stationary bike are two types of exercise that I know some people with back problems are able to handle. Check with your doctor for clearance and ideas.

    Laura Moncur
    Starling Fitness

  250. Jennifer Starr Says:

    I am interested in joining WW meetings but I have to go to school and work. My classmate gave me the Complete Food Companion book and I am wondering if I could just follow that and count my points each day without going to the meetings or is the meeting really so magical? Thanks!


  251. Sara Says:

    I’m 20 years old, 5’5, and not more than two weeks ago, I weighed 154 pounds. That may not sound like a whole lot to SoMe people, but it was eye-opening to me. It seems to me that my whole life – every time I’ve stepped on a scale – it’s increased. I have a friend that’s 115 and everyone calls her tiny. She looks tiny… I can remember being that size about 4 years ago, but not feeling like the same way.

    So, I’ve tried “dieting” before and just couldn’t stick with it. It was always too restrictive. I’ve never been one to go out and be active because I don’t have the time with school and work.

    A few months ago, my mom and my aunt joined the program. My mother’s already lost over 35 pounds, and my aunt 25 (she’s a tiny thing too!). They reguarly go to Curves for women and participate in the WW meetings. I haven’t been to a meeting myself, but I’ve learned about the program from them. I started the points system about a week and a half ago and have already lost 4 pounds. I’ve also started walking with my mom and our two dogs during the week. I feel so encouraged with all of your advice. I’m so grateful and determined… More than ever.

    I’ve recently quit smoking as well. I really think this can be a great start to a happier, healthier life. Thank you all for support and encouragement! 🙂

  252. Sara Says:

    And having a friend by your side definately makes a world of difference!

  253. nomes07 Says:

    G’day and thank u sooooo much for this website!,

    i have been looking into WW for a while but can;t afford it, i just got the books – points book and eating out guide – and have the task of shopping tomorrow to start my new (and definitely improved) eating plans. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the recommended distribution of points i.e. fruit/veg, protein, carbs etc… i know that technically on the points program u can eat anything (i have done it in the past but i know there are some slight variations) but i’m sure there is a recomendation on WHAT foods u should eat and HOW much.

    i am only 25 but have been overweight from the time i started school. i have done every diet but thats exactly what its been – a “diet” – which implicitly means ‘once i lose the weight i won’t be on a ‘diet’ anymore’ and SURPRISE SURPRISE, i put the weight back on.

    in 2002, i had started to lose weight – 10 kg (22pds) when i had a hip injury and within 6 months had gone from 80kg (176pds) to 115kg (253pds) after which time i stopped weighing myself! 2 years later i was able to return to regular exercise but i went back on the round-about. in 2005 at 110kg/ 220pds)i finished my uni course and decided i had accomplished there, and that 2006 was the time to focus on me. so i quit smoking and lost 15kg (33pounds), i then went to a low-carb/shake diet and managed to get down to 72kg/158pounds (only 7kg/15.5pds) from my goal. I was so happy and for 18 months my life was going so well – i bought a house, i changed jobs, and then had difficulty coping with the positive (albeit stressful and financially draining) changes in my life.

    GUESS WHAT!!! i now weigh 88kg/194pds!!!!!!!!!!! and have 23kg/50pds to get to my goal weight!!!!!!

    SO…… my friend handed me the weight watchers book. I am so financially tight at the moment i can’t afford to join – the at-home program is about AU$300!!! and i work in a travelling job with irregular hours so routine is difficult now (again… a massive change i need to learn to cope with).

    So i after reading everyone’s stories, i thought i would share mine and use this space for my support (along with my family and friends).

    If anyone can give me any good pointers re: which food groups and how much i should try and distribute my points over, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I have done so many different ways of losing weight that i have so many conflicting views in my head. I think WW is the go though. my mum and sister are also going to start – and my partner inadvertently will too 🙂

    Looking forward to any help u can give me, i am excited and decided that i will BE GREAT IN ’08’.

    My current specs are: 5’7″ and 194 pds (AHHHH!!)BMI 29.4 1 goal:85kg (187pds) 2 goal (10%) : 79.2kg (174pds) ultimate goal: 65kg (143pds)

    wish me luck! Cheers,


  254. Ed Jackson Says:

    I find it interesting, but disappointing, that the vast majority of WW veterans are women. I gained too much weight several years ago and the only way I was able to follow a diet was the WW plan. I lost the weight and kept it off until I retired from law enforcement 6 1/2 years ago. I then “got fluffy”, making it near impossible to maintain my “image as a sex symbol” when carrying around 220 lbs. on my 6 foot body.

    I became the only male member of the local WW group. I got lots of stares and numerous comments from the ladies but that was ok. Although their “recommended weight” for me was 175, I didn’t want to get there and my own goal was between 180 & 185. I began losing weight the first week and every subsequent week. Although my acceptence into the group was fine, some of the comments became slightly tart, like, “well men always can loose weight. It’s harder for women.” My resonse was always that it isn’t easier, I just work harder.

    I lost my weight and, in the process, developed the habit of daily exercise. I purchased a good treadmill and, for the first few weeks, was able to break a sweat just looking at it. Finally my endurance improved to the point that I was able to jog 5K every day. When I put on a couple of pounds I would just go back on the points system (don’t even have to look them up any more) I’m on it now as I spent some time in Costa Rica recently where almost every thing that grows is edible and, of course, I ate it.

    I love that I, 3 1/2 years ago, gave ALL my clothes to charity and bought new clothes. It’s nice to wear a medium shirt and 34″ pants versus the XL and 38 inchers I was wearing.

    My wife loves it. I’m a cowboy and rancher and my horse loves it. My grandkids love it because I can do anything with them that they want. I love it because I’m vain; I have to be 65 years old, I don’t have to look or act like it.

    If a person will follow the WW plan and move their body (I now do 10K per day at least 5 days per week) they will be successful. The only secret is that if you have to lie to someone, don’t lie to the person you see in the mirror.

    The only thing that would make WW better is if they would actively recruit some male team leaders and develop a marketing program to get more guys into the program.

    Hang in there, Ed

  255. Ashley Says:

    Hello !

    First of all, a GREAT AND YUMMY sweet tooth snack to try is Snackaway’s Chocolate Cupcakes. They taste EXACTLY like the Hostess cupcakes, but contains no sugar and has added fiber. Each cupcake(and its the same size as the hostess) equals 2 points!!!!! I get them at my wal-mart and its $2.50 for 6, pretty good deal and great for helping you stay away from danger foods! Try it guys… Snackaways also make the version in twinkies, peanut butter wafers, and the little Debbie Oatmeal cookie creme pies(these are amazing too).

    I am joining weight watchers today and have been looking forward to it all week. Since starting college and turning 21, I have gained well over my freshmen 15 pounds. I am 5’6 and weigh 158. I want to lose 25 pounds, Im not overweight but I am at a BMI of 25!! I dont feel good about myself anymore, I dont even like to wear heels or try to dress up. It’s sad, im 21 and should be happy about myself and should love to get dressed up. I cannot wait to make this lifestyle change and get back on eating right while living on my own. I know tons of people who have lost weight and kept it off.

    Wish me luck!!!

    ps… Free registration til Saturday so join!!!

  256. Monique Says:

    I just joined Weight Watchers last night with my mom. I’m 25, 5’3, and 209.8 pounds, 37 BMI. I know the weight gain didn’t happen over night, so I don’t expect the weight loss to happen over night either. But I am very excited about the possibilities. Eating has always been a comfort for me. If I’m depressed, bored, happy, angry, sad-I eat. I grew up being a 3 sport athlete all through high school and college, so the constant eating never really had consequences because I was always working out. Now that I am out of school, and sitting on my butt at work 60 hours a week, the food makes a difference. I don’t have the time to exercise that I used too, but I need to make the time. My goal weight is 135 pounds with my body fat at or below 25%.

    I’ve decided to try to accomplish this goal on the Flex Plan and I am committed to making a difference in my life.

    Good luck to me and everyone else out there!

  257. Joy Says:

    I decided to start on WW just over 1 week ago because friends of mine have lost a lot of weight on it and around 10 years ago I managed to lose over 1 stone doing it. I have struggled with my weight since I was 18 years old (I am now 33) and at my heaviest weighed 80kg (175 lbs) which is a lot considering I am only 5’4″.

    I met my boyfriend 6 years ago when I had lost around 4kg and he was a fitness fanatic and motivated me to lose most of my excess weight and get down (almost) to my goal weight in just 6 months. At my lightest I was 122lb (55kg) and I was over the moon.

    But the problem is it didn’t last! Over the years my weight has hovered between 126 and 147lb and I have tried every diet under the sun to get it down again. The only thing that seemed to work was the maple syrup diet which meant not eating for 2 weeks and I lost the weight I wanted but of course when I started eating again it crept right back on! I currenty weigh 144lbs and that is after 1 week doing Weight Watchers, I have lost 3lbs already.

    I know this is not a fast weight loss method and my BMI is under 25 but I don’t feel comfortable the way I am so I am gonna stick with it until I reach my goal weight of 119lbs. I also exercise in our home gym so I am hoping that will help but so far even though I have not joined a group I find it really easy to follow and I think that restricting my food intake by counting points is a good thing for me otherwise I find I eat pretty much what I want in completely the wrong quantities and it does me no favours.

    Maybe compared to others I am not that heavy but I am still overweight and when I have a wardrobe full of clothes I can’t wear that is enough of a reason to get back into shape!

  258. sarah Says:

    hello. i have a question since this site seems to be very informative. i utilize the smart ones meals all the time, and one i ate yesterday was marked as 4 points. i just could not believe it was 4 points so i manually did the calculation and i got 6 points. does anyone know why this would be?? i would be very aggravated to think that i trust the points on the box if they are not accurate.

  259. Jen Says:

    Im only 17 years old, 5 foot 7 inches and i weigh 160 pounds. If I can do it, you can do it. I started weight watchers a week ago, and I’ve already lost 6 pounds. I’ve been staying right on track with my points, and running a mile every other day.

    My only question I need answered, is when I get down to my goal weight, 140, (which isnt that far away) How many points should I consume to maintain my weight?

  260. Marina Says:

    I have tried ALMOST every diet I have come across, and have only stayed on them for 2 / 3 weeks at the most. After reaching nearly 12 stone, I feel that I really need to do something. I found this site very informative as I needed to know about the points system on weight watchers before i joined, mainly because I didnt want to only last 2 / 3 weeks. I have decided to join next week. Sometimes you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired of ones weight.

  261. RT Says:

    i am planning on join WW again, since 2004 when i reached my goal. i moved to another country, started to gain back the weight by going home and gorging myself. it got to the point where i was afraid to go home. anyway started to lose some of the weight i gained back, but i still need help with how to eat properly in another country where the labelling is different.

    and to answer sarah, my ex-leader said to always calculate the points based on the calories, etc. she sent in the meals to WW to show them that they are not calculated correctly.

  262. Patty Says:

    I would like to start WW but can’t get to meetings. Can you purchase the books anytwhere to get started? Also, is anyone on the core plan. I tried WW years ago with the counting points. I ate all of my points and still felt hungry. Though the core plan might be easier.

  263. liz Says:

    I was thinking about joining ww but i guess i am afraid of failing I diet mup and down goes my weight, a few pounds here and a few pounds there. my weight seems to come back to me, i am going to a class on sunday to observe, i hope things go well for me

  264. amanda Says:

    Hello, All!

    First of all, thanks to all of the posts. I think it is really helpful to read what others have experienced on the WW diet. on Tuesday, I will be on the WW flex plan for 3 weeks. So far, I have lost around 10 lbs. My problem is that I feel as though I’ve stalled a bit. Over the past 5 days to a week, I’ve not lost much. (I lost 6.5 lbs the first week, and another 3 lbs the second week) I am sticking to my points everyday, usually not even using my bonus points. Has anyone else experienced this? I am hoping it is just my body adjusting, and I am determined to stick with this diet, since I have gotten results without feeling like I have starved myself. Many of my friends are also doing this plan, and many are having success. Thanks to anyone who can help, and good luck to everyone trying to lose weight!

  265. Mario Says:

    I have been doing weight watchers for a month, and I have lost 10 lbs. This is by far the EASIEST way to lose weight. All it takes is some sort of will power. I have never been to a meeting. I am a male, and my wife says it is easier for men to lose weight. But I don’t get it….WILL POWER is all it takes. The meetings come in handy for my wife, so I support her when she wants to go to them. But, I don’t need to sit in a room and have somebody tell me I’m fat to lose weight.

  266. Jene'ia Says:


    I’ve been on the plan since the beginning of February and have lost 16 pounds. I’m really happy about the loss. I was on WW’s previously and had lost about 65 – 70 pounds. I gained quite a bit back with being pregnant and eating all wrong. So I’m back!! I totally believe in this plan and encourage anyone to join and/or keep it up! I work out every other day and it totally helps!

    Don’t get me wrong, I have had my ups and downs but if you keep with it, you will succeed. As mentioned above on someone elses comment, the only person you cheat when doing this plan is yourself. So if you think about cheating, just think about what you want to look like during summer or in the future. The leaders are there for you, but you are in this for yourself!! Stick with it and you’ll do GREAT!!


  267. Greg Says:

    I started the flex plan with some WW books my mom gave me. Started in September and am currenty down 48 pounds. I have not attended any meetings because I dont have the time but this plan is pretty simple, stay under your alloted points do some kind of physical activity and it will come off, give it some time!

  268. judi Says:

    if i weigh 160lbs and want to loss 20 lbs how many points do i need to consume each day ?.I really do not have time to do the meetings. i was thinking of joining the online w/watchers, what do you think ??any reply is appreciated.

  269. amanda Says:

    Judi: Here is a formula I found online that I have been using:

    Female – 2 points Male – 8 points

    17-26 years old – 4 points 27-37 years old – 3 points 38-47 years old – 2 points 48-58 years old – 1 point over 58 – 0 points

    First 2 digits of your weight (For You, 16 pts.)

    Height – 1 point

    How do you spend most of your day: Sitting down – 0 points occasionally sitting, mostly standing – 2 points walking most of the time – 4 points physically hard work most of the time – 6 points

    Add up these points and it gives you total points per day, plus you’re allowed 32-35 extra points per week.

    I hope this is helpful…. Good Luck!

  270. DJ wilbanks Says:

    Hi, everybody I have been doing WW since Jan,17th. I have lost 28 lbs. thus far which by the 17th of this month if I lose 2 more will be a total of 30 which is an average 10 lb. a month.I want to give this advice if I may to the chronic dieters out there those who have yo-yoed up and down when I first went on WW I thought no way can I lose on this and at first it was very slow and I became very discouraged but in all my years of sliding up and down the scale(I have lost 80 to 100 lbs. 4 times)I have learned a secret (which really it isn’t )VITALLY IMPORTANT!WATER! I drank diet cokes a lot they sound harmless but they’re not I used them for water if you want to succeed stop them and believe me it is easier said than done they are addictive.Even though they have no calories they can make you gain weight or keep you from losing weight.The majority of overweight individuals are hyper insulemic meaning too much insulin in the blood stream(a hormone that produces hunger cut it’s production you lose weight.)Beleive it or not just the sweet taste from a diet coke or artificially sweetened item can trigger insulin production.To get back to the water without enough of it in your system your liver which metabolizes fat(or is suppose to)takes on the work of the kidneys if there is not enough water so therefore your fat cells stay intact.If you want to lose weight and lots of it drink lots and lots of water.Yo yo dieting can cause a metabolic slow down if you stay on WW eat ALL the points allowed it will take about close to 3 months to correct your metabloism and you do it with guess what?FOOD! I eat frequently during the day and the bulk of my points in the day steer away from night time eating if possible.And eat lots of calorie dense foods, oranges, fruit,low in points and filling.I hope I have made some helpful comments to help somebody I have wrestled with this problem for years and I hope this time is the last time.Good luck

  271. DJ wilbanks Says:

    to Amanda.Yes I did the same thing but hang in there and read my prior post the water did it for me WW stressed its’ impotance but many people may not just realize how important it is do not give up just be patient it will come.

  272. amanda Says:

    That you very much for the post… this is very helpful to me. I have been drinking diet sodas, thinking that they are ok since most all of them are 0 pts… no calories, no fat, no fiber. I will def. cut them out of my diet and drink only water. I enjoy drinking water, too, so hopefully this will not be TOO hard for me. Thanks again so much for the post.

  273. Jo-Dee-Will-Succeed Says:

    I’d love to know what happened to each of the posters on here from back in 2006. I wonder how many of them are success stories?

    I’m on my way to being a success story. I started this journey in February of 2007. I was 5’2″ and 208 pounds. Can you say butterball? Today I am 155 pounds, and counting. I want to lose another 25 or so, depending on how my body feels.

    Weight Watchers has saved my life by giving me the education I needed about portion size, and healthy eating. I’ve moved from Flex to Core, and am now doing it on my own, and still losing by following the WW concepts.

    The plan works if you work it, versus manipulating it. Learn how to eat clean. Don’t waste your points on cupcakes that are “close to the real Hostess”. You got fat eating cupcakes, so maybe switch to apples.

    Your taste buds WILL change. You may start out eating the 100 calorie crap, but as time goes by, they won’t be as tasty to you. Or worth the points. But give it time. It’s a journey.

    Thank you. (steps down from soapbox)

  274. DJ wilbanks Says:

    Jo-Dee thanks for the post congratulations on your success.I agree with you WW is about good nutritious eating,If people would leave junk eating alone we would not see the epidemic of obesity we are seeing in this country now marketing is geared to satisy people’s palates fast food chains greasy, high sodium meals and rich gooey desserts that are killing people by the millions.When I count points I make them count I have abandoned junk eating altogether and as you say “eat clean”.I just recently had lab work done cholesterol levels, glucose levels were all normal and I am losing weight I will remain on this from now on and adjust for maintenance when I reach that level which I will, my body has no choice but to comply for the first time it is burning fuel efficiently.Keep up your good work. DJ

  275. amanda Says:

    Hello, Again! I just love reading the posts from others on WW. I wanted to update from my last post. I have been drinking almost exclusively water, and I have to say I def. see a huge difference in my success on this plan. (Thank you for the help) I have passed the “stubborn spot” and now, in the middle of my 5th Week on WW, I have lost a total of 15-17 lbs. I feel great! My clothes are looser, and I have much more energy. I have quite a ways to go to reach my goal, but I am well on my way. I will continue to post updates, too. Good luck to everyone, and keep posting your stories.

  276. DJ wilbanks Says:

    Hi everybody,I love to come here and read the different posts,glean new ideas I started weight watchers JAn.17th so far I have lost 30.5 pounds I have been on plans where I lost faster but this is something that I can live with,I eat several times a day small things so as to keep my metabolism up and the bulk of what I eat is during the day hours since the weight loss I have gradually incorporated exercise I have a bad knee so I do not push myself,I can really tell the difference since the weight loss on my feet and legs.It will be awhile to reach my goal but I have confidence I will reach it hopefully by the end of the year.Hope everybody here will have success.good luck to all DJ

  277. Hans Says:


    I have been following the plan for a about 4 weeks now. Not sure about my weight loss as have yet to go near a scales in that time – however, I know I have lost weight as people have commented and my clothes feel looser.

    I follow the diet quite strictly and “save” 4 points a day to bank them up – but then never use them. There are some comments about the fact that this may slow metabolism. I just want to know if other people have done this and what their experience was. I did do ww a couple of years ago and did the same thing and consistently lost weight. However, maybe I would have lost the same weight/at the same speed without “saving” all those extras points???

  278. Mary F Says:

    I joined WW when I was 16 yrs old (in 1971) and got within a few pounds of my goal weight. I did not stay with it. I feel that I have struggled with my weight for years, losing and gaining, but not maintaining.

    I am now 52, 5’6″, and 162 lbs. I am starting menopause and think that my metabolism has slowed down somewhat. I also has osteopenia and some arthritis. For about the last 4 years I have been working out more, yoga and some weight training, and have tried to be moderate in my food intake. I have a couple of friends who are WW success stories and I have started utilizing some of the principles they have shared with me about the points system. I have a few questions….. How should I set a target goal for weight loss? I don’t necessarily want to be skinny, but I want to be healthy and do the proper things to offset my health conditions. I have a juice extracter, and in the past , I have lost weight juicing fresh vegetables. If I do ths, does it count as points? If I drink a protein drink, how do I calculate the points? Any response would be appreciated. Mary F

  279. Sara Says:

    I have been on WW off and on since 1996. I never could get myself to stick with it. I started WW again 4/14/08 as well as going to Liberty Fitness three times a week. I was at 195.5 and am down to 189.5. This time I am going to stick with it and get down to my goal weight. All of those conditions that have extra weight as a risk factor run in my family and I don’t have any of them yet. That (along with my bad knees…my knees would appreciate less weight to carry around) is what is motivating me to actually stick to it this time. I attended meetings the first time I started WW ages ago. They don’t do much for me so I ordered the at home kit and am doing it on my own.

  280. DJ wilbanks Says:

    Mary F. I am 63 and too like you have gained lost, gained, lost this is my first time on WW I never thought I would be able to lose with it and it is slower than most plans I have used in the past but as of today I started on Jan. 17,and have lost 31 lbs.I am also 5’6″ everyones’s body frame is different but I am shooting for 155 which if I make it it will put me in about size 8 my husband thinks I am terribly thin at that weight.I too have arthritic knee and achilles tendonitis in my heel that is one of the main reasons I am trying to lose down regardless of how thin they make think I am I am not doing this for looks but for my health.In the line of vegetables non starchy vegetables are free such as spinach cucumbers tomatoes, greens ,salads etc.Starches such as potatoes ,lima beans, and things like that do count points like one cup of lentils would be 4pts.I use whey prtein some time in water sometime in skim milk the whey protein one scoop counts as two points with skim milk 3 pts.If you have a points calculator you take the nutrition information off the package enter the calories,the fiber and the fat and the calculator will give you the points. Weight watchers has a calculator type point counter and one made as a slide,you can probably order one from their web site.As for setting your goal if you have been up and down you probably know at what weight you were happier with.I have been down and I know how much better it is for my feet and legs,you can live with WW it does not forbid anything but you become aware of how much and some food is better than others, junk is out.I use low sodium V8 juice 1 pt.per serving higly nutritious.I am coming to terms with myself and the way i have eaten in the past that keeps me fat and unhappy.WW is about good nutrition and mood management.I feel very positive about this plan it works with patience and perseverance.hope I have helped DJ

  281. joan Says:

    I NEED HELP!!!!!! Im a memeber of WW for 6yrs. Started 20002. I did wonderful the firstt 9 month lost 100lbs the then 6month later another 21pounds the Flex came along and it been up and down since. I ve gain back about 12. Can’t seem to get past 178 now back to 196. Ive tried to get past this point but can’t Yes I have tried Core!! I have a crazy work schdule I have 3 to 4 11am lunch at 3pm/ get off at 8pm . then 2 days that are 7am to 4pm then 2 days off. Hungry in the eveing !!I never could lose that hunger feeling that hit around 8/9pm about bed time.

  282. Martha Says:


    I think I’ve hit a plateau, and I really need help to overcome this!

    I have been on Weight Watchers for several months (Flex Plan) and am so near my goal weight, I can almost touch it! I have only four lbs left to lose, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to shake those last 4.

    I work out 5 days a week (alternating weights, eliptical machine, long walks, and distance running 4-6 miles at a time.) I drink lots of water, I stay within my points, yet in the last three weeks, I haven’t dropped any weight at all.

    I am feeling so discouraged. Does anyone have any advice on how to overcome this?

    Thank you in advance!

  283. DJ wilbanks Says:

    To Joann you have reaaly done great!Be careful however it is so easy to slide back to where you were.I don’t envy your schedule,that’s rough at the meetings I have attended they have stressed that you should do the bulk of your eating during the day when you eat at night then you go to bed you’re not likely to burn it but store it.I eat my largest meal in the middle of the day then at night if I must eat I do not eat anything over 2 or 3 points.Sometimes I eat a mini bag of low-fat popcorn,I also use low sodium V8 juice,only one point.There are a lot of options.I hope you have great success sounds like you already have accomplished so much. good luck DJ

  284. amanda Says:

    Hi, All! I am now at my 7-8 week point, and have lost about 22 lbs. (Just an update) I do have a question: when figuring points for a meal, should I be figuring each item I eat sep., or the whole meal together? I am concerned after figuring sugar free cookie bars. One bar figures to 1 point. So, I’d assume that 2 bars are 2 points, right? But when you take the calories, fat and fiber x2, it comes out that 2 bars are 4 POINTS! How is this possible, and what’s the “official” way to figure items? Thanks in advance for any help.

  285. M. A. Thomas Says:

    I started weight watchers online doing the flex plan on the last day of Jan. this year. I have stuck to this plan religiously and have only lost a total of 12 pounds with the last 2 pounds being like a yo-yo. I am physically handicapped and unable at this time to exercize from the waist down. I have a problem with water gain despite the fact that I do not use salt in my diet other than what is normally in the food. I have stopped using canned goods and gone to fresh or frozen veggies, and have practically cut all red meat out of my diet, still I cannot seem to lose weight and am growing very frustrated. Can anyone help me understand what is going on. I love the flex plan and enjoy the foods that I can have in the amounts that are allowed so that is not a problem. I also have kept a log of every morsel that has gone into my mouth since starting the plan. I would appreciate any comments.

  286. stephanie Says:

    I’ve been doing the home Weight Watchers program, and I lost 10 pounds in one week. My husband and I did WW before our wedding and we lost approx 30 pounds each in less than 3 months time. We exercised about 2-3 times per week and we also cheated 2 times per week. Once we got married, we gained the weight back, plus some. I am eager to actually lose all of my weight this time, which would be about 100 pounds. I have to get in shape to have a baby…. To all of you who are only losing small amounts….remember…the more you way, the more you will lost at the beginning…and the less you way, you will lose more slowly. Don’t get discouraged…I know so many people who did WW and lost 60 plus pounds and kept it off!!!

  287. Louise Says:

    My husband and I started doing WW as our New Year’s Resolution and though we are not doing the meetings, we find that each other’s encouragement and the encouragement of our children, extended family, friends, and co-workers is all the willpower we need. My mother had been a WW member for 12 months and once she reached her goal weight (140 down from 195), she gave us all her WW books, point counter, and recipes and we were off and running. We managed to lose about 30 pounds each just by following the points (and saving our flex points only for special occasions) and once we plateaued, we knew we had to start exercising. We ride our bicycles for 30 minutes each evening and that is the only exercise we count for our Activity points. We are now losing again at the rate of about 2 pounds per week and I am only 16 pounds away from my goal weigh of 130 (I started out at 198!). This article was a great read and very informative, but it isn’t true that if you’re not willing to shell out the money, you’re not really committed to losing the weight. WW has changed our lives and we did it all with no group meetings full of strangers, weekly weigh-ins (except the ones in the privacy of our own bathroom), and having to look at 120 pound women who think they need WW. It can be done on your own!!!!!!!

  288. Tracey Says:


    It may be that the cookie bars are one point but in reality closer to 2 so when you point 2 bars they add up to 4 – I have found you have to be careful on that sort of stuff – if the point value is any over I always round up to the next number. I am back on ww after being off for 4 years. 4 years ago I had lost 63 lbs on the program and of course got off and gained it all back. The program really works but I discovered the hard way that it is a life change not a diet. I have now been back on for 3 weeks and have lost 7 lbs. Keep up the good work – the rewards are sooo worth it. Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. I wish I would have remembered that and I wouldn’t be back to square one

  289. Bennie Says:

    Hello all. I just read many post made here and came to the conclusion to join today. I am 44 years old and have gotten up to 225 lbs. I have use Atkins diet twice with great results, but rebound weight gain. I was a dental hygienist for 20 years and became an RN this year. As a nurse in the ED, I have to loose this weight. It just makes me feel ‘yucky’. There are some really bad eating habits you develop working nights. We depend on ‘junk’ to keep us going.Coffee and candy. After comming home from a 12 hour graveyard, I don’t feel like packing my dinner for tonite. So, it’s stuff that’s fast and easy when I get up, which could be better choices, but I am soooo lovin’ the ‘junk’. Durring nursing school the pounds just crept up on me. None of my uniforms fit and I am soooo short of breath durring a code or other strenous procedures, It is really embarrassing. My blood pressure has gone up and I’m sure my lab work would be helter skelter. I have to set a good example for my patients and when I stress weight loss to promote health, well….. I think you get the picture. I pray that this works. I have joined the YMCA and have some WW dinners in the freezer for my 12 hour shifts. Several nurses have joined and have inspired me with the results they have obtained. I am so tired all the time. I just want to feel better again. B

  290. Tracey Says:

    Way to go Bennie – stick with it – it will be worth it – also more expensive but great if youre tired or short on time are individual snacks and veggies – also for quick energy try a handful of almonds or a yogurt.

  291. Francine Says:

    Hi everyone….well I start my new journey tomorrow June2, 2008. I have tried Nutri, jenny ,south beach……….now it will be WW. I am going to try the points sytstem……..and this time I mean business. I am sick of feeling tired all the time, everything aching due to my weight. My self esteem is at an all time low. i used to be thin, until I quit smoking. i have apcked on 90 pounds in the last 10 years. I would be grateful if I could get to 150. I am only 5 feet and packing 200 pounds, so some of you know the feeling. My new mantra will be one pond at a time. I am glad that this board is here for support. Bless you all and me too!!! as I start my new journey toward good health. Francine

  292. PaulaT Says:

    Francine – I hear you, I started WW yesterday on my own…I know that the meetings are good for a person, but I’m just not one for hearing the same stories over and over; probably because I have said the same things in the past and just don’t want to be reminded! LOL Any who I’m feeling better that I made the right decision and hopefully I will stay with my decision to take the 60 or so pounds off my medium 5’5″ frame 🙂

  293. Tracey Says:

    Way to go Francine and Paula – I have been on ww for not quite a month now and have already lost 9.5 lbs. I lost 63 lbs on ww 4 – 5 years ago but fell off the wagon and regained it all. New mindset this time is a life change not a diet. There will be no “well once I finish with the diet” mentality. Paula, I too am 5’2 and when I started weighted 201.5 so I know exactly how you feel. Good luck to both of you

  294. PaulaT Says:

    The first time I joined WW I lost about 30lbs, I was nervous, and upset…The reason was that I was getting compliments and people were looking at me especially men! I wasn’t comfortable with all the newly acquired attention and so of course I gained it all back plus some. The next time I joined WW I lost 75lbs!! Again, the same thing started to happen and I gained back 50lbs! I managed to keep off the 25lbs for about a couple of years, and now I have gained that plus another 25 or so. Needless to say I am very upset with myself and over the last year I started getting anxious all the time, sweating and not sleeping so I was prescribed Paxil and Adderal (OCD) and feel better, but the depression just doesn’t seem to stop I’m on HRT’s and I’m 47. I feel a mess most of the time, and I want to say that this time I’m going to succeed with my weight loss…but we all know that history repeats itself! Not very positive I know, but I can’t help it 🙂

  295. Angela Says:

    I am so happy I found this website. I just started WW online 4 days ago. I found all the comments posted here very inspirational and I am encouraged. Some of you have lost tons of weight – more than once!! That means the program works! I have lost 100 lbs on my own and maintained the loss for over two years – I am ready to get rid of the rest once and for all – the last 60 lbs. After reading all the WW literature regarding the flex and core plan, I was basically following a core plan (not WW) when I lost the 100 lbs. with cardio and weights, but I just eat way too much and eat special treats way too often. Too much of a good thing is still too much! And when I didn’t exercise over the winter, the pounds started creeping back. Counting points I have realized in just these four days that my idea of a chicken breast for dinner was way out of whack when compared to a 3 oz portion. Plus, whole grain breads and rice, nuts, almond butter, although good for you and filling, need portion control too. I was eating more than the points I have presently been alloted. I am surprisely not hungry following the plan and I am on my way to being “smaller”. 287 to 187 to 127!!! I will be checking in regularly to hear your stories. Good health to all.

  296. PaulaT Says:

    Well last night I got home, didn’t exercise was tired from doing it the night before…had dinner with the boyfriend and proceeded to get in bed with a small box of cookies (managed to not eat that many) and then graduated to chocolate chips, maybe three tbl spoons full…Today is a new day right!?!!? I’m going to work out when I get home tonight!! Yaaaay me!! 🙂

  297. amanda Says:

    Hi, All! Thanks for your helping with my questions. I wanted to post a quick update. I have been on the flex program for 11 weeks now, and hit the 26 lb. mark yesterday. Yay! Long way to go, but well on my way.

  298. samantha Says:

    Wow, reading all of these stories are really inspiring me! I have never been the thin girl out of all my friends and I have always struggled with my weight. My Sophomore year of high school I decided to make a change. I have always been very active in sports playing volleyball, basketball, and track but I never focused on what I was eating. Being 220 or so pounds I decided to give weight watchers a try sense my mom was already doing it. I didn’t go to meetings or talk to anyone about it I just simply did it with my mom. Having to work out every night with sports was really helpful cause I found that I didn’t need much motivation sense I had to do it anyway, it was just the eating healthy part that was hard. But I ended up getting down to 160 which for a 6 foot tall girl was perfect for me. But when I got my full ride scholarship for volleyball taken away from me because of a knee injury I got my senior year of basketball, I started to fall back into my old habits. I am now going into my Sophomore year of college and at an all time high weight of 250 POUNDS! I have found that is was getting hard for me to even put makeup on because I didn’t want to look at myself in the the mirror. So now I am back on the program! If I can have as much success as I did the first time then I know I will be happy with who I am again. This website was very helpful to me and I wish everyone luck on this same journey as me! I am only a week in but I have been very determined and focused on my goals I know I will do it again this time!

  299. Erin Says:

    I tripped across this site while looking for a formula for Activity Points.

    I’d done WW several years ago and was successful at it. In January, I stepped onto the scale (something I’d avoided doing) and was horrified to see that I had reached 225 pounds (I’m 5’3″). If I put my mind to it, I can be pretty determined, so I dug out my old literature and started doing the old Points program on my own. In 5 months, I’ve lost 25 pounds. I’ve still got another 50 to go to get to my goal of 150, but I know I’ll get there.

    So that I can start toning as I go, I’ve added an elliptical trainer to my program. I hate exercising, but find that a few “carrots on a stick” are enough to get my butt on the machine. I have picked out little rewards for each 5 pounds I lose- a book, CD, or similar- and big rewards for each 25 pounds. I just got the Wii (which has the added benefit of jumping around instead of just sitting there!), for 50, I will get a replica jersey of my favorite MLS soccer player, and for my goal, I have a new tattoo picked out.

    It will probably take me until sometime next year to reach my goal, but I know that I am going to do it. I wish everyone else luck on their programs as well! Thanks for your stories; they are very inspirational!

  300. DJ wilbanks Says:

    Hi, haven’t posted in awhile I’ve been doing WW since Jan.17th2008 as of today I have lost 37 lbs.(Hooray!) I can’t tell anyone what a difference it has made in the way I feel my energy level is high,whereas I was sitting at the computer much of the day now I’m out in the yard working, washing my car, doesn’t sound like much to you?I am a 63 yr old female had knee surgery a little while back was not able to do anything overweight, depressed, felt like it was all over, now I feel like I’m reclaiming my life I’m feeling like a human being again.WW is slow to me but there are things that you have to learn someone made the comment I really like don’t manipulate the plan but use it wisely you say points are points yes but some points will work against you and unwise decisions will hinder your progress.I am learning about my body’s needs everyday and one thing I do know I can not tolerate high glycemic foods no matter how healthy they may seem.I switched to core and I stay away from high carb foods really the core plan is a low glycemic approach to weight loss that is why WW incorporated it into their plan because some individuals are like me it is hard to lose weight eating them there are good carbs and bad carbs eliminating those little innocently enough 100 calorie treats even if they do say 2 pts. can make the difference in your weight loss.If you have been using flex and son’t seem to be getting anywhere consider the core and be careful about your 35pt. allotment.My dqaughter in law starteed the same time I did and she too has lost 36 lbs. went from a size 14 now in an 8.I have come down from a 22-24 down to a 14-16 and I’m going down farther hope to be her size when it’s all over.Wish everyone luck

  301. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I see on this website that there are two separate categories for daily points. I am under 150 pounds and the booklet I got from a meeting told me I should be eating 22 points a day, but then this site also said I should be eating only 20. Does anyone know which one is correct? Are they both correct? I have only lost about 10 lbs and I stick to my 22 points a day and no more and I do not use my flex points, plus working out everyday and I have a personal trainer 3 days a week. I just thought I would have better results, do you think its because the meeting booklet is wrong and I should be doing only 20 points a day?? PLEASE HELP!!!!

  302. Tracey Says:


    You are so right about those little 100 cal snacks and such. When I was on ww last I only lost 13 lbs. in 3 months (needless to say I got discouraged and quit). When I started ww again May 9, 2008 I re-examined what I was doing last time and discovered even though I was staying on track with my points most of my points were coming from carbs. This time I use my points for fruits, veggies & lean proteins and in one month I’ve already lost 11.5 lbs. I don’t even buy those 100 cal. snacks. If I want a snack I have fruit or yogurt. If I am craving chocolate I eat a Healthy Smart ice cream bar (0 points) and that satisfies me. Keep up the good work. Congrats on the 37 lbs.

  303. Tracey Says:


    I would lower your points to 20 and also examine what you are eating in those 20 points – are most of them coming from carbs or lean protein, fruits and veggies. Its not only the points its what kind of food you eat. Also you need to eat all your points. Hope that helps

  304. Julie Says:

    Wow…some of your stories are so similar to mine, especially Angela’s. I lost 100 by myself over the last 2 years when I realized I was taking life for granted when my best friend was killed in a car accident. I tried to turn this into a growing point for myself and was very succesfull but I am stuck now. A group of friends just joined weight watchers about two weeks ago and they seem to enjoy it. I have decided that I am going to join tomorrow. This will give me the extra knowledge, support, and push I need to get to my goal! 🙂 I wish you all the best of luck always!

  305. Kathie Says:

    Jennifer, the first week’s materials tell you how to calculate your points.

    There are five questions on pages 18-19. You add up your answers to get your points. I get 1 (female), 0 (over 58–bummer about that one but its based on metabolism) 14 (first two digits of my current weight) 1 (height), 2 general activity level (teacher/housewife). So I get 19. If you are younger you get more. If you have a job that requires a lot of activity you get more. If you weigh more you get more.

    How long have you been on the program? How close are you to your goal weight? These factor in.

    I was a leader for a long time. Gained some but not all of the weight back when I had an injury and couldn’t work out anymore. Am nearly back to goal now and feeling great.

  306. Jennifer Melerine Says:

    Hello, I am joining weight watchers tonight. I am 22 years old. I married a year ago TODAY!!! We got pregnant two months later. I gained 64 lbs during the pregnancy. i weighed 124 the day i got married and before i became pregnant. I have lost most of the weight. i weigh 150 now. i would love to weigh 120-122 lbs. That leaves me needing to lose about 28 lbs. I wore about a size 1 when i got married. i have no clue what i wear now because i am still in my maternity clothes. i refuse to buy clothes until i lose my weight. THAT itself is a great motivator.i have no clothes!! i just cant seem to get below 150, my major in school is Exercise Physiology and my husband is in Nutrition/Dietetics so i know exactly what exercise program to follow and the right/healthy foods to eat, its just the motivation/drive to get there. So i think WW is the perfect program for me. I guess we will see. Looking forward to having the weight off for the fall semester!!


  307. Christine Says:

    Jennifer, Are you factoring in your exercise as part of your points you earn back? Sometimes your body will hold on to everything if you aren’t putting enough in. I am speaking from my own experience. When I was on maternity leave, I worked out like crazy, nursed and restricted myself to a 1200 calorie a day diet. I ended up gaining 5 pounds. I got on weight watchers and found out that I had to account for calories lost from nursing and exercise. As soon as I got the right combo of calories in and calories out, the weight fell off. Hope this helps out.

  308. Sonia Says:

    I just joined WW at work 1 week ago and had my first weigh in today since joining. I have lost 6.4 pounds and I am so very excited about it. There is something magical about conquering something that has always been a challenge. My own positive change on the scale is inspiring me to commit to healthy eating and exercise this week. I think Weight Watchers works because it is a public acknowledgement of what is often a private battle. I say bring out the weight issue, shine a spotlight on it, and keep me accountable for addressing the issue head on. I know that with consistent focus on the goal and all the mini-goals (e.g., drinking water and eating breakfast), and with consistent action (doing something everyday toward the goal)that getting there is well within reach. Best wishes to all!

  309. Karen Says:

    I am inspired by what Sonia said! I am thinking of joining WW again. I seem to gain back what I have lost and more. I am barely 5 ft. tall and am very heavy. I try to look nice and stay positive, but I have to lose weight, period! The part that Sonia said about “Weight Watchers works because it is a public acknowledgement of what is often a private battle” made me think and I feel strongly as she does about bring out the weight issues, keep me accountable for addressing the issue head on. “Consistent focus” is another great point while working towards a goal. Thanks Sonia, and the best to you and everyone else. Here goes…..yet another try to become a healthy and thinner person.

  310. Terre Says:

    Ditto the comments about this being the most informative and insightful post on WW i’ve come across. I’m in my 3rd week of WW (first time member), and have lost 4 lbs (i’m 5’7″, currently 141 lbs). I was EXTREMELY hungry the first week, but have gotten more used to it. I was counseled to eat activity points (keep metabolism up), and was really unclear as to how to calculate them until i came across this site, as i also use a heart rate monitor on the treadmill.

    I joined using the “Monthly Pass” for $39.95/mo, which gives you access to the weekly meetings and all the on-line tools, trackers, message boards, etc. From what i’ve read that appears to be a good deal.

    Don’t think i’ve yet found the meeting that suits me though, (i work full-time, no kids), but i might try the 6:00pm slot in my area – was trying to go to the noon meeting figuring i’d weigh less midday, but i guess that’s ridiculous. Also finding i’m pressured about work if it’s during the day, needing to get back and rescheduling meetings, so i need to hit a better stride there. I hope i find a group i can “click” with.

  311. Casey Says:

    Hello Everyone:

    I’m very proud of everyone and their stories. Weight loss is not easy. My husband has join WW and I’m doing it with him to help him with the portions and counting the points. He is doing great! Week #9. Me on the other hand, I’m at a stand still. I am still nursing the baby, but towards the end (down to 2 feeding a day-baby is 12 months) I’m having trouble trying to with finding the correct points. Do I still need the extra point that are allowed for nursing moms? I’ve been adding in the activity points. Any suggestions?

  312. Linda Says:

    I joined Weight Watchers 1 week ago and have lost 4 pounds so far. I am on my way . I exercise regularly at Curves. I have enjoyed reading all the postings.

  313. Rosemary Says:

    I discovered this fantastic website a couple of days ago and am no reading August 2007…It is being a tremendous help for me. I’ve been on WW now for 3 weeks and have lost 4 kilos (about 8.8 lbs.) It’s my second time around. Last year I had lost about 20 lbs when I went back to my old ways and started eating again. And when I say eating, I think you all know what I mean. I live in Spain and WW is relatively new here, but when we travel to the States in the summer with the family, I can’t help thinking that following the program in the US has to be a lot easier than doing it here. First of all, so many more people are on it there so you can always find people who are in the same boat as you are. And secondly, you have so many more choices of fat free, low-cal, etc. I would die for 100-cal. snacks! When I was growing up in the States, Hostess cupcakes were my thing… we have nothing comparable to that here in Spain. You have to really shop around to find low-cal snacks or invent them yourself. WW ice-creams are great – we don’t have them. All the chips, popcorn, candies, etc. etc. etc. that you have are not an option over here. I guess that can also be an advantage because it means that you have fewer temptations, too. But it would really help if we had those little helpers to make this life change easier. Anyway, thanks for all your fantastic comments. Many of you have helped me so much just by putting into words the constant struggle to become aware that this is a lifetime project. I have lots of thin friends – actually, the majority of people here are thin…and they have to work on their weight too. Maybe they can indulge more than I can, but then they have salads or fruits at their next meal to compensate. We have to learn to do the same ONCE WE FINISH AND BECOME LIFELONG MEMBERS (OR WHATever they’re called…those lucky ones that get to their goal weight. Anyway, I’ll keep reading to stay motivated and good luck to you all. It’s wonderful to be able to fit into any clothes you like, and to be healthy.

  314. Judy Says:

    I am 58, diabetic, and weigh about 225. At this point I would be happy to get down to 160 -165 lbs. My sister is my inspiration. She doesn’t share her weight, but I know was well over 300 lbs in January when she started the program. In seven monthes, she has lost 60 lbs and looks 20 years younger. We both have physical problems that make exercise a challange, and lets face it, moving around a 225+ body is a challange in itself. I had good success years ago on Adkins, but found that it encouraged my bad eating habits and was to limiting for long term. I became so carb starved that when I fell off the wagon, I ate myself into diabetes. My biggest problem is that I just plain eat too much. I don’t seem to feel full until I am over full. Also, I have clinical depreression and an anxiety disorder, and eat for the temporary comfort it brings. I hape that eating a more ballanced diet and the support from meetings will help. I am living on a very small income, so finances is also a factor. My sister is also on a small fixed income and applied for a reduced rate and only has to pay $1 a meeting. We live about 80 miles from each other, so I hope I will find it possible to get a reduced rate here as well. I feel encouraged to get started, so hope to attend my first meeting soon and will post my successes as I go. Good luck to all.

  315. Tracey Says:

    Good luck to you Judy

    I too used to eat for comfort, or boredom or whatever but have learned to channel that into some other activity that I enjoy like swimming or reading a book. This is my second go round on ww – the first time I lost 63 lbs. and felt wonderful but do to stress regained it all back. I have been on the program this time since May and have lost 19 lbs. so far. I really watch my fruits and vegetable and make sure I am eating healthy at every meal. I know that this is a lifetime commitment and I will never be at the end of this road. I have found that fruit, yogurt, and pretzels with salsa are a Godsend. I don’t eat those little 100 cal snacks because all they are are empty carb. cal. snacks – grabbing an apple or some carrots or even some nuts is so much better for me. Good luck to everyone on the program

  316. Mary F Says:

    I first responded to this website in April. Since that time, I have lost 16 lbs, but have found a new way of eating that I feel that I can live with. I have added weight training and yoga as well,so hopefully my health concerns(osteopenia and arthritis)are being reversed. Although I am following the flex plan on WW, I am doing it on my own, no meetings or anything. My coworker has lost 28 lbs on WW and she has been very supportve of me. I am now about 4 pounds away from the goal I have set for myself, but find my weight loss has slowed to about 1 pound a week instead of the 2 that I was losing in the beginning. I am staying within my points allowance on a daily basis, and am using about 10-12 of my weekly flex points. Is my body just getting used to this amount of food? Is there something else I should be doing, or is it normal to slow down like this? Can anyone comment on my situation? Thanks very much

  317. Lorie S Says:

    It’s normal to slow down as you get closer to your goal weight. The first time I was on WW, I slowed to 1/2 lb (sometimes less) per week for the last 5 lbs. It seemed to take forever!!! Don’t give up though… make sure you are eating as much as you are suppose to and taking a multi-vit. I found that if I don’t take my vitamins I stop losing. I suppose my body doesn’t think it’s getting what it needs so it holds on to the extra baggage 🙂

  318. Christine Says:

    “… I am still nursing the baby, but towards the end (down to 2 feeding a day-baby is 12 months) I’m having trouble trying to with finding the correct points. Do I still need the extra point that are allowed for nursing moms? I’ve been adding in the activity points. Any suggestions?”

    Casey, According to my packet (I bought it off of eBay when I was on maternity leave), nursing mothers should add 10 points to their daily intake. When I slowed down on nursing, I cut that in half and only added 5 points to my daily allowance. If I exercised, then I added back in what was allotted. I was eating about 35 points a day and it seemed like a lot, but your body needs the nutrition, especially if you are nursing. I hope this helps.

  319. Dawn Says:

    Please do not sign up for the online 3 month program. Weight Watchers will automatically bill you a high monthly rate after 3 months even if you are not using the program which is contrary to their suhscription agreement. They will not work with you and it is frustrating to resolve problems as their only customer service contact is via email. I have lost more weight following the very simple and basic premise..eat healthy, watch what you eat, and exercise. I will instead spend my hard earned money on the new clothes I will be able to buy to fit my slim shape.

  320. DJ wilbanks Says:

    Hi, back again so far I have lost 41 lbs.since Jan.17th.is this too slow? I have lost faster before but I am eating in such a way that I do not feel deprived and believe me if you become too deprived you will fall off the wagon.I have been doing some research in how to boost metabolism and there are a lot of little things that you can do to do it i am finding they work.Be active throughout your day sound hard it isn’t little things i do modified push-ups working in my kitchen lean back from the counter start with 10 reps do this throughout the day it doesn’t take but a few minutes,work up to 20.If you have stairs in your house climb them every oppurtunity you get putting clothes away, etc.if you are sedentary siting in front of a TV or computer get up and move every hour, sip ice water your body has to work to heat it,eat frequently but small dowplay food in the evenings anything over 600 calories will be stored as fast even if you haven’t eaten all day,skipping ,meals is not the answer.This is one that can make you burn fat while you sleep,sleep cool in the summer sleep under a sheet,being cooler makes your body heat things up.Learn to breathe deeper it takes practice to do this most of us do not breathe deeply enough.These things may sound ridiculous to you but they’re not moving about stimulates metabolism sitting around, inactivity puts us in slow mode.We don’t have to be athletes to do this we need to challenge our muscles, and aerobic activity 3 times a week for our heart and circulatory system.Before i statted WW I felt hopeless but after the 41lb. loss I know I can do it and it has motivated me I feel like a new person try some of these things you will feel better for it,promise. DJ

  321. Rosemary Says:

    Hi folks! Greetings from sunny Spain. Last week I lost about 2 lbs. so I was really proud of myself. But this week, my brother and his family have come to visit and I’m not being very good. I try to stay on it but there are too many things h appening, too many temptations on the table…anyway, my birthday is this Thursday and that’s weighing day, so it may be a real letdown for me. Keep me in your thoughts

  322. Sheila Says:

    Greetings from New Hampshire! I have spent the last hour reading a lot of your postings and I find them to be very inspiring! I am 24 years old and have weighed in at 218. I have done WW in the past and have had great results so i’m now ready to get back on track! I’ve found the best way to losing weight is surrounding myself with supportive people. That’s why WW is an overall great program. Admitting your weight problem to the public as you do in WW meetings, may be the most daunting part but once you’ve conquered that, you can do anything!

  323. Tracey Says:

    way to go DJ, keep up the good work.

    Rosemary, there will always be special occasions, friends and family visits, etc. Stay strong, when faced with tempting treats and such I whip out some great ww recipes and have my own brand of tempting treats to munch on without the guilt. Keep your chin up – you can do it

  324. Linda Says:

    Today I begin my 4th week on weight watchers. My weight is down 8 pounds and I am thrilled, I enjoy following the ww diet so very much !! my daughter has also lost 7 pounds in 4 weeks . keep on keeping on !! linda

  325. Cindy Says:

    Greetings from Oklahoma! DJ, loved the suggestions about ice water, sleeping cool, breathing deep.

    I’ve been on WW since last December and have lost 28 pounds. It’s SLOW, but I feel great and don’t feel deprived. And my family can eat healthy right along with me. I came to this website to check out the activity points and found so much more! There’s no such words as “only” and “just” when talking about weight loss according to my leader.

  326. amanda Says:

    Hello, Again, Everyone! It has been a little over a month since I posted last (busy sched., OT at work, internet problems) but I wanted to update. I have now lost a total of 33 lbs since starting the WW program in mid-March. I am so excited! I have gone down about 2 sizes in my clothes and it feels great! DJ, I love the quick & easy exercise tips! Someone suggested to me that while you are watching TV, challenge yourself to do 100 crunches while the commercials are on… believe me, this is hard at first! Great way to get exercise while you relax, though. I like the ice water tip, too. I drink tons of water, so I will for sure start putting it on ice! (I usually drink it from bottles, which are cool, but not ice cold)

    Thanks Everyone!! I love hearing the updates!

  327. diane Says:

    I have been doing weight watchers for about 6 weeks and have lost 19 pounds. I am 5’4″ and 46 years old. Started at 186 and now down to 167. In the last five years, I have never been below 164, so I am afraid I may be approaching a difficult plateau. My goal weight is 135. I walk at least 20 minutes each day, 5 times a week. I think the walking and drinking lots of water is what helps me. My teen daughters are helping me, and now my husband wants to start counting points, too! Today I am not feeling as excited about it, because we were out of town and when I came back, I had gained a pound! But I want this way of eating to stay as my way of life. Pigging out is in the PAST! I feel so much healthier now, and it is so funny how I crave really healthy stuff now. I have tried all the pills, low carb, south beach, fasting… and nothing has worked as well and as consistently as WW.

  328. Rosemary Says:

    Hi everyone…hang in there! It doesn’t matter how fast we lose, the important thing is to stay motivated and to realize that it’s probably taken a long time to gain the weight that we now want to lose…patience! We can all do it if we set our minds to doing it! I’m rooting for you all. This week has been awful because we have had family over and the temptations have been many. Tracey, thanks for your comments about there always being special occasions to contend with. I’m afraid that I’m having a hard time resisting when everyone else is eating stuff that I shouldn’t be. I didn’t go to WW on Thursday because of the full house, people coming and going, things to do but that was NOT A wise decision. Since I didn’t go, I haven’t written down my points and so it’s been a pretty dumb week. I feel bad but at the same time I haven’t given up. This Thursday, nothing can stop me from going back to my meeting and getting back on track. Reading all your comments helps me tremendously, so thanks to all of you. It’s amazing how reading all these success stories makes me really want to try to do better tomorrow. (Don’t worry about today, folks, it’s bedtime now and I won’t be going into the danger zone until tomorrow morning, when I’ll be ready to face a new day.) We can all do this…it helps if we all do it together. Knowing that so many people are out there in the same boat helps tremendously.

  329. Rosemary Says:

    Amanda, what are “crunches”? DJ, thanks for the tips. I’m going to have a glass of ice water right now.

  330. amanda Says:

    Crunches are similar to sit-ups, but considered safer for you body. Pretty much the same motion, except your lower back does not leave the floor. The goal isn’t to reach your chin to your knees, like in a sit-up, just to contract your stomach muscles, hold, and then release.

    For me it is actually easier, because I focus more on feeling the muscles work in my stomach, rather than just focusing on actually making it all of the way up to complete an actual sit-up.

    Hope this helps, Rosemary!

  331. Rosemary Says:

    thanks, Amanda…I’ll try crunching this evening while watching TV. Tomorrow is Thursday. We’ll see what happens after a week of semi sabotage. Half the family is now gone so it’ll be easier this next week to stay within my points. The problem is that I do the cooking, and there were so many of us that I couldn’t be bothered to put on a different meal (less oil, etc) for myself. Bad excuse, I know. Bear with me all, I’m nervous abt tomorrow. Have a good day over in the U.S. Wish I could be there once in a w hile. I miss home!

  332. Christine Says:

    Thanks so much for a great discussion – again, so inspiring! I’m just staring WW – first week – am 54yrs, and have always been thin till menopause -then 30 pounds crept on over the past 5 years – now I”m 180lbs. (I’m only 5’4″ -yikes! I think the thing that takes the hit the most is the big change in your self-image. I’m ready to take control of my health, and my life going forward! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  333. Nicole Says:

    I started WW last November. I weighed 232 pounds and I am only 5 feet tall. So far I have lost 52 pounds on WW. I started slacking the past month or so, but I just recently convinced my friend to try it out. So together we are starting. I’m excited to get back on track and have my friend see how great this program is. I have never been to a meeting. I signed up for three months online and got all the information and when from there. I am so glad that I decided to do this program, I am a different happier person now! Good Luck to everyone starting WW! Enjoy!

  334. Christine Says:

    Wow, Nicole, good for you! You are really an inspiration! Best of luck to you, too!

  335. Cindy Says:

    Yikes, Nicole! I am so impressed. I can’t wait to get home and do those crunches, Christine. That’s what the TV is for, right? So we can have something to exercise by? (j/k)

  336. Dee Says:

    Hello! I did not read all the posts, but wanted to share my story. I did Weight Watchers 3 summers ago and dropped 29.4 pounds….. I stopped Weight Watchers with the intention of going back. I got all the way down to 179#. I’m currently back up to 193.4. I am starting Weight Watchers on my own today. I have faith I will accomplish my goal. I am getting married in September of 09 and would love to weigh 160 on my wedding day!! I’d love more tips, etc. I will start attending meetings in September of this year. I think meetings will help me be held accountable and help me feel accomplished. I have 13 months before the big day and KNOW I can do it.

  337. Suzanne Says:

    Hi! I am just rejoining weight watchers after a 1 1/2 year break. I was able to maintain the 15 lbs i lost through WW and by seeing a nutritionist, but since my boyfriend moved in, it has all come back. He can eat anything he wants and never gain a pound. In fact he goes to the gym once a month and losses 5 lbs just for walking in the door. I am there 4-5 days a week working my butt off and have seen nothing but excess lbs pack on. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which makes it difficult to find the right balance of carbs for me. I know what to do, but I just can’t seem to make it happen. He is willing to help, b/c he sees how I struggle with finding something to wear every day, but I don’t really know what to say to him. I don’t ever eat his junk food in the house and for the most part eat very healthy. So, I am hoping that getting back to WW, which my sister is going to do with me also, will help me get in control again. She lives in a different state so we are going to do the online version and commit to weigh-ins at the same time every week. Keeping my fingers crossed and would love any feedback about skinny, fast metabolism boyfriends and PCOS!

  338. Kesia Says:


    I believe that I am a PCOS friend. Any info that you can share is fab. I have all the symptoms, but need a great endocrinologist. Anywho…gotta lose like 130 lbs. Are you on glucophage? Well, I too opted to do the online version. We have WW @ work, but the leader I hear is not friendly and seemed rather pushy when I was only inquiring about it! Would love to join u 2 online!!

  339. Jennifer Says:

    I am a past lifetime member who has fallen way off the wagon. I found that after getting to goal that ww didn’t help with changing your mindset about yourself. How was I going to handle being a thinner version of me when for my entire life I was always the over weight girl? I didn;t know how to handle it so I reverted to old habits, becuase that was familiar. I am thinking of joining again but taking a more proactive approach when I get to goal and ask for specific help with the mindset.

    I am a little cared of becoming accountable to someone again but then again I’m not happy now either. So whats the difference?? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

  340. Lynn Says:

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I sat in on my first WW meeting at the urging of 2 friend who have lost 20 pounds each. I was most recently on Seattle Sutton, but not only gained back the 20 I lost, I gained an additional 20. I think my biggest challenge, but also my biggest goal is to learn how to make this part of my life. In te past I’ve tried to do it all on my own. This time, I’ve decided to take advantage of the help that is offered! I do love to read your tips and success stories. Thanks!

  341. Dr P Says:

    I came across this site by accident searching for something else. I am an actual medical doctor involved in research and a lady who has always had a weight problem to control. Okay, the hardline …Research that has been undertaken over the last 30 years indicates that WW is the most effective of the “club systems”. Now, taking that into account, the number of people who have lost more than 20lbs and kept it off for more than 5 years is 2%. That means that 98% of you will put the weight back on. What the research has also shown is that you need to commit to lifestyle changes and those that were successful continued to attend class at least once a month for life. All of these systems are based on calorie control regardless of the jargon and tools that you are sold but for a lot of people they find counting points easier – actually what makes them successful is that you write down what you are eating each day and it makes you more aware. Losing weight is never easy – many people will go to meetings because it forces them to have a weigh in each week and they get some support from fellow members. Ladies, keep going if this system works for you but use it as a starter to change your lives – the health advantages of losing the extra weight are amazing. A weight loss as “little” as 30lbs can take you from being in the diabetes red risk zone to no risk. The same weight loss will improve your high blood pressure dramatically. I applaud you all – be happy, be healthy and be successful.

  342. Katie Says:

    I have always been really skinny. Until I went to college and became a junkfood junkie! Though I was not much over weight I joined WW to form good eating habits. I am back to 125 and WW has become a way of life. You can’t just stop when you get to your goal. You have to keep your new eating habits or it will all come back. Now I am actually healthy. when you ditch the junk food you get loads more energy. I am all for that. Good luck to you all.

  343. katherine Says:

    I lost 3 pounds my first week. I love everything about WW. Even the “cheesy” meetings! It has helped me find control in my eating. I have gained and lost the same 20 pounds so many times that I said I would NEVER diet again. But as 50 approaches, I think of this not as just a weight loss plan, but a healthy living plan. Even my perfect weight husband is benefiting from seeing food as fuel, not just recreation. Go WW! It’s been great for us.

  344. desiree Says:

    I LOVE this website!! I am in school and on my way to becoming a Dietitian. My very first nutrition class, which was taught by a nutritionist, said that the Weight Watchers plan is the only one she doesn’t growl at when clients tell her they are on it, because ti doesn’t restrict your food group intake, but focuses more on portion control.

    I have my boyfriend on WW right now (at his request) and have myself on it as well (I calculate all the points at home, and we are each others support system.

    My Aunt however, has lost almost 100 lbs. on Weight Watchers, and swears by the meetings. She says she has a very motivating group of women with her, which is why she continues to go.

    I have honestly never heard anyone personally talk badly about the WW plan (my Mom even used it to lose 40 lbs. for her wedding to my step-dad).

    This site is very helpful for people, like myself, who choose to do this at home, and I loved reading all the feedback and comments! I wish you all the best with your goals!

  345. Frankie Says:

    Hello all! I want to start by first saying how proud I am of everyone on this lifestyle change. Of course you may fluctuate a little but unlike a lot of people we are trying and thats a BIG part of this. I should no, I love to eat, so much that I have failed all diets I have ever tried until WW. I have currently lost 19 lbs on it and Im hoping to keep going. I am severly obese. I weigh currently 321 lbs. At the time I am currently walking about 2 miles a day 4 to 5 times a week. I have a sit down office job most of the week which hurts me. My metabolism is at its all time low. I am trying to hear from everyone as of ways to boost my metabolism to help me feel more enrgetic. I am still losing wieght but I dont feel the way I think I should. Again congrats to you all and good luck from here on out!!!

  346. Chloe Says:

    Hello there,

    I decided ! I will join WW tomorrow morning ! And i will bring my skinny husband with me 😛 (So he will feel even more concerned (he is the greatest support anyway). We are walking about 2.6 miles 4/5 times a week. I am 5’7″, 236 lb… I need to go back in Control of my health.

  347. Amy Says:

    I joined WW 1 year ago and have lost 55 lbs. I still have about 35 to go to be lifetime, but want to lose about 45 to 50 more. However, I have been at that all too famous plateau and it is discouraging. I have questions about activity points & even though going to the website and different groups – they say light – can talk moderate – sweat after 10 minutes high – sweat after 3-5 minutes

    I really want to know about my heart rate. I average between 135 and 142 – I consider that high – the group that I asked – nope that was moderate. Anyway, this may be the reason for my platuea – I am counting too many activity points & eating them. Can anybody shed some light on this? The only thing is tha I have been counting my activity points the same way the entire time (based on heart rate and that is how I come up with high). I am 5’9 – weight is 202 to 206. (the same 5 lbs up and down since June).

  348. Juanita Says:

    I have been on Weight Watchers For four weeks and I have lost a total of 10 Pounds I joined with my daughter I love the meetings they keep me encouraged I love our leader she makes it exciting I want to get to her size.

  349. Dee Says:

    I recently pulled out my WW folder from 3 years ago. I lost roughly 25 pounds in our 12 week session at work. Needless to say, that was my first and last session, and I have gained all that weight plus some back. So I just signed up again, hoping for the same results. I am a true believer in WW. Once you see your results on paper, its hard not to be.

  350. Tina Says:

    I, like some of you, have been on and off Weight Watchers and most recently started this June on-line and slowly fell off the wagon by September. Typically I start out so well and usually loose about 10 to 15 pounds then either become bored or other responsibilities kick in and I lose track. I also am the only girl in my home and have two teen-aged boys and husband, therefore I have found it challenging to stay on the plan. I have found a renewed motivation! I reviewed some photos of myself taken on our vacation in Mexico last month and noticed my weight has been creeping up again, not good. I am also starting a new business so I am very determined to make it work this time. I as well am a true believer in WW as it has ALWAYS worked in the past! Maybe this time I will try going to meetings as some of you wrote it has worked for you.

  351. Tiarra Says:

    OK OK OK—I am a hypothyroid, single mom of 2 little ones (5 and 2), work full time…blah blah blah!! You know what? This is the hand I am dealt and I need to stop using it as an excuse anymore!! I need to lose a total of 40-50 lbs in order to feel and look the way I want. I will be checking this board daily to read new and re-read old entries. Just to know that I am NOT alone, that this struggle is one that effects many others. CHANGE IS HERE!!!!

  352. Hazel Says:

    I’m one year on weight watchers with a 50 pound loss and 10 – 20 more to go (depends on if loose skin will go away).

    With the new Momenteum plan…can I use more than four activity points in a day. I’m doing extreme exercise…running 1/2 marathon’s etc. Am extremely worried about making this work for me.

    I am now immediately eating my four points (protein items) after an hour of intense exercise (my usual)…but what if I go more than an hour…like five hours of snowboarding,with lifts rides and all, that is 2 1/2 hours of extreme activity (I fall down alot, and board alot almost touching the snow with my gloves).

    PS: I’m 55 and doing it!

  353. Julie Says:

    I just started WW last Wed, Jan 21, ’09. I love it so far. I am online, not meetings. My starting weight was 374.4 and I am now down to 370 as of this morning. This coming Wed. is my official 2nd WI so I am excited to see how the 1st week panned out. I don’t find it difficult at all to stay within my points and the extra points you get each week are not even touched on most days! I am excited about this plan and I can’t wait to see the 200’s again! LOL That sounds funny! But, anyway, 299 is going to look good! Then 199 will look even better, I am sure! It’s honestly the first time in my life I have actually KNOWN not THOUGHT, but KNOWN that I CAN do this! I’m very happy to have joined!

  354. mary Says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone for the positive comments they have left on this site. I have been battling with my weight for years. All of you have motivated me to start being health and weight conscious and start following the WW points program. I started the program last Sunday (January 25, 2009) and weighed 280.2 lbs. I stepped on the scale today, one week later, and was suprised to see that I had lost 5.8 lbs this week. I am happy to say that I am 274.4 lbs. Thanks again to everyone for all your success. Your success gave me my motivation.

  355. tori Says:

    I’ve started Dieting following the Weight Watchers point system three weeks ago and have lost 8 pounds so far. I went to tons of different sites to find out how many points I could eat, so although it might not be exactly the right amount, I’m sure its close. Just wondering if other people tried doing it themselves before they joined, or if anyone has advice. I want to join, but as a broke just out of college student, although everyone keeps saying its inexpensive, for me it would be hard. So, do you think Weight Watchers idea could work without joining, or do you suggest I just join anyway?

  356. David Says:

    Thanks for the info. I found it very helpful and the most detailed I’ve seen (especially the activity points).

    That said, I follow the points system strictly, and will never attend a meeting. I follow mostly for my wife, secondly to get fit myself. My participating and thinking within the system help my wife stay on track (she also doesn’t attend meetings). Different people have different needs, and get their motivation from different sources. I could see the meetings being the right fit for extroverts (my sister swears by them), but the notion that the diet is worthless if you don’t attend is absolute BS! It truly depends on the person, their personality and their will power.

    Finally, whether you join WW or just follow the program, understand that this is more of a lifestyle change than a diet, which is why it works longterm. Even when you walk away from the program for a while, it teaches you that you can be bad and worse, so that when you have hit a summer bbq and you’re not thinking about dieting, you can still do little things (smart choices). Even on the worst day, whether you’re keeping track or not, every point counts.

  357. Frankie Says:

    This ones for Tori and David, Tori I dont personally feel you need to go to the meetings. I too have little money with two kids and a house theres no time to pay 40 a month for meetings. So my personal experience is positive without the meetings. I have lost a total of 20 lbs and have never step foot in a weight watchers room. Its all about will, you have it or you dont. I have struggled with my will plenty of times, Im one of the worst ones out there Im sure, but its a fight, to me eating is an addiction right in line with smoking, its extremely hard to fight something you love. So BS it is David!!! Good Luck to everyone and keep fighting!!! It only gets BETTER!!!

  358. Mary F Says:

    This is in response to Tori as well. I first found this website last April. I tried WW when I was a teenager in the 70’s, and I felt like I starved myself to get any results. Needless to say, I have struggled with my weight for over 30 years. A co-worker of mine experienced great success with WW, and my daughter-in-law did too. I decided that I was truly “over” the way I felt and looked, and started WW on my own last April. I kept a food diary and made good food choices based on points system. I also began to exercise more. I lost 28 pounds over the next 5 months, and have been able to maintain that loss 5 months later. Some people do need meetings, or a least someone to be accountable to. I have determined to never let food have that kind of power over me again, and I feel that what I have learned through WW principles will help me. I do not keep a food diary anymore, but I still ususally eat a similar breakfast and lunch. Dinner varies for me, depending on if I am at work or with my family. I allow myself some treats now and then so that I don’t feel deprived. An important aspect for me about WW was communicating with my husband and family about my goals, and gettng their support. You can do it on your own, if that’s the choice that you want to make! It can be done! Good Luck!

  359. Stephanie Says:

    I recently started following the Points plan by Weight Watchers, but have not joined. All the info I am using I got on the internet. I will update as I progress!! 🙂 Thanks for all the info on this site!!

  360. maria*** Says:

    hi everyone, i have been on and off on WW for three years. I have lost 81 pounds and have 79 to go. I have always been overweight. I have no idea what it is like to be thin so i am planning to meet my thin-self. Thanks, for all your comments. it has been VERY difficult for me to lose weight. Weight is my protective armor and losing is leaving me vulnerable. i was looking for WW motivation when i found this site. I don’t feel alone now. At the meetings, we don’t have time to share our personal stories and reading everyone’s struggles has motivated me to track. Tracking is the hardest thing for me to do but when i do it i lose weight. so, as soon as i am done typing i am going to jot all my food intake for the day.

    PS-excited to be asked on my first date! age 31

  361. John Says:

    95% of people gain back the weight they lost and more. The other 5% have to keep it off for five whole years to keep it off. Don’t get too excited about that weight that’s come off. And keep exercising!

  362. Christina Says:

    John – Shame on you. You shouldn’t post on this site if you are just going to be negative. Everyone is well aware of how difficult other people have found keeping the weight off – this happens with any weight loss, no matter the program. Everyone is doing a great thing by losing the weight – don’t put a damper on things. I am not sure why you are even on this site.

    Everyone just needs to remember that they are in control of their own destiny. Why do 95% of people gain it back? It isn’t because the program is bad or it is pointless to lose weight… it is because they reach their goal, become satisfied, and revert back to old habits. I will be the first to admit – it happened to me. I weighed 242 in June 2000, and then I joined WW. I got all the way down to 154 by May 2001, and then I got relaxed. I started to eat junk, eat more, and not exercise. I had two kids, got married, and got busy, and did not concentrate on my weight. I gained it all back plus 10 pounds. THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH STATISTICS. This was my own laziness. I bought a Bowflex and started WW again, and I am proud to say that I have lost 11.5 pounds so far and I am going to keep going. However, this time I will not become relaxed with myself and eat junk again.

    Everyone SHOULD be excited about all the weight they have lost – it is a big accomplishment and takes a lot of motivation to do. Congrats to everyone so far, and forget about John!

  363. Ashjoy Says:

    I tried the program and it didn’t work for me, so going to try a combination of the program with the sparkpeople diet and will see how it goes.

    Thanks for the info.

  364. Laura Says:

    I started Weight watchers on January 2 and so far have lost 12 lbs. I have been very happy with the program and recommend it to my friends and co-workers.

  365. jacqui Says:

    I started weight watchers on 23rd March and am only on my second day!!. I am hoping to lose 1.5 to 2 stone in 16 weeks for a holiday and friends wedding. Have been on weight watchers before and put of and on over the weeks so gave up any suggestions ????

  366. Annette Says:

    Well, after turning 50 and learning I was now 150 lbs, I freaked out. You see, I’ve always been a little person. I maintained 125-130 for several years by going to Curves 3 times a week, but eating anything I wanted. After a lapse of 4 years without Curves, I packed on 25 lbs that wouldn’t come off. At the end of January 2009, I was fed up! Joined Curves, but didn’t change my eating habits which included eating cashews, ice cream, popcorn, snacks, etc. late at night (I work night shift). Cravings are really bad…sweets!!! Give me chocolate! After 1 month, I weighed in at Curves and hadn’t lost anything! Then I started a loose WW plan. Couldn’t afford to join, but my sister is a member. So I looked up all the points, ordered a WW calculator, and started a plan based on 21-26 points a day which includes the flex points. I cheated a little, though, it’s been hard. After one month, I had lost 7 lbs (according to the scale at work)BUT lost 4 lbs according to the scale at Curves! I still find myself wanting to pig out at night while on the computer. I eat the 1 point candies to satisfy the urge, but I just can’t shake that ‘late night’ binge problem. I guess I’ll find out after the 2nd month weigh-in (end of April) if my nibbling has sabatoged my plan. I always feel like I’m eating too much. I feel guilty about wanting to eat all the time. I pretty well have the points thing figured out, but I know I go as far as 30 points a day sometimes. Then when my Mom died 2 weeks ago, I ate 15 brownies!!! I just don’t want to keep track of all the food every day, but I DO stay under 30 points. Is anyone out there experiencing the same feelings, cravings, etc? I take chromium, drink Acai juice, and drink Wuyi tea also.

  367. Pam Says:

    Hi everyone, I too was just wandering around and found this great motivational site. It is very inspiring to see others that have struggled and those who have conquered this as a lifestyle. I did WW for about 4 weeks in 2001 and just could not stand the meetings. I started running and lost about 45 pounds. I got plantar facitis and had to stop running and gained it back. Then I got the meno -creep and was looking at an additional 15 for a total of 65 overweight. Next to Slim-4-life. I lost about 35 mainly because I had shelled out about $1400 and didn’t want to feel stupid, but it was just too restrictive to maintain (I still look at chicken breasts with disdain!) Back to 65 over at present. So, thanks to all the strong motivation from all of you I am starting back on WW and skipping the meetings this time. I see a number of women my age represented here who have good results even though they are probably meno girls so I am hopeful.

    Here is my thought though: I guess similar to Dr P, I was sruck by the number of people who have been successful over and over again on WW. Is WW listening? They seem to have the weight loss thing down as so many have attested, but what we obviously need is more motivation to not become a re-gainer. I would gladly pay for that (hence my “are they listening question”). Since WW is a business, I think that their business plan needs to address the whatafter more effectively. I think the “lifetime member” program sets you up for some failure. It really says, “hey, you have made it and it is just a social thing now..keep stopping by for free”. This is counterproductive to WW from a business standpoint (they aren’t making any money on those lifers and their regain stats are high). It is also counterproductive to those who have worked so hard to lose as we all feel a little stupid for losing it all and then gaining it back. I do realize that some of you have found the lifetime membership helpful in keeping the weight off, but you seem to be a minority. WW could be much more proactive in US obesity reduction if they shifted their “repeat business” customer base to an ongoing maintenance program. (Maybe they could swing a tax deduction or credit wih the gov or health insurance companies that would benefit those who had lost it and kept it off).

    I would really like to hear some more from those of you that have kept it off for 5 years or more to see what your secrets are for the next steps. I, like others want desperately to only do the big loss one more time, I just know I need to be thinking about how I will stay healthy and at my goal weight for the long haul.

    Thanks again for all the motivation, I love the site.

  368. Jenni Says:

    I lost a lot of weight some years ago with WW, but gained it back after my husband died. Last year I rejoined WW and my daily points had dropped from 26 to 23 (I weigh 250 pounds). I then had a car accident and was no longer able to go to WW. I’m quite disciplined at dieting on my own and can do without WW classes, but I need some help and don’t know where to go – I’m hungry on only 23 points a day! Surely I should be eating more than that? According to the schedule given here, I should be on at least 26 points a day. Help, I’m confused!

  369. Lisa Says:

    You may not be eating enough fiber and protein in your points. A female should eat 25 grams of fiber a day I think. Also, try drinking a 1/2 glass of skim milk at night before you go to bed. That is one point and it seems to really cut hunger the next day. Good Luck! I have been on WW since January and have lost 33 pounds, I am half way to my goal and still have what I call “hungry days” every now and then.

  370. tracy Says:

    For me, “hungry days” equal weight lost on the scale the next week. I push through by eating carrots and salsa, drinking extra water (I love perrier!) or painting my nails, and walking. Works everytime.

  371. Ardy Says:

    I lost 30pounds on my own two years ago, exercise, better eating. I got at my lowest after a 2month backpacking trip to India in 08. I got down to 52kg (119pounds at 5ft2) after I moved to Japan, I got careless and put 10kg back on. Through desperation and being surrounded by tiny Japanese women I turned into a Bulemic Vegan (both throwing up, caloric restriction and over exercising – my body was in starvation mode). I started having heart pulpitations and stopped having my periods. I eventually told a close friend and she recommended WW …

    My life has totally changed! WW saved me before I most likely would have put myself in the hospital.

    I love that you can shift around your points, treat yourself and not feel guilty about it. I no longer run 45mins before breakfast at 4:30am 6days a week… I exercise after work and when I want, and I enjoy it more because of it. I have so much energy and the best thing is I lost 1kg in my first week! I am never hungry as I can eat all the veggies I want. Thank you WW!!!

    I highly recommend this to anyone with an eating disorder, it helps ease you out of your paranoia … but still allowing you some healthy control.


  372. tracy Says:

    Jenni, eat your flex points, don’t leave them every week, they are there for you. Be honest with every point you put in your mouth (remember BLT’s count: bites, licks and tastes!). Count it ALL, from the cream in your coffee to the spoonful of sugar on your strawberries. Re-calculate your points and go for a walk everyday. Lastly, talk to your leaders, find one who will listen to you and help give you insight. You can do it.

  373. nicky Says:

    Hi, my name is Nicky and i’m thinking of starting weight watchers. From all the success story’s i’m getting motivated but i’m kinda embarrassed b/c i’m only 16 … is that a problem.. i think it would be awkward going to meetings and be sitting with a whole bunch of older women (no offense). Would you find it weird with a kid there?

  374. Lauren Says:

    Nicky, WW is a great way to lose weight becuase it isn’t a “diet” it’s more a way of life. All you are doing is cutting down calories and exercising- this is how cavemen lost weight! It just puts everything into a more structured and easy to follow plan. I never joined WW. Yes, you might feel uncomfortable with older women, and in my opinion -if you are a self motivated person- it is better to do this in private so you aren’t “competing” with others since everyone’s body is different. For instance I’m 150 which some would say is big, but I’m also 5’11” and wear a size 8- not so big now huh? My point is that everyone is different and the same weight looks totally different on different people.

    This is what I did- I bought the WW packet which includes a calculator, journal, and food guide on EBAY. I then found little tid bits of information (this one is great!) and did it like that. I lost 53 lbs. on my own! You can too! All it is is eating healthy (no burgers, fries, and milk shakes) and exercising every day.

  375. nicky Says:

    wow, thanks Lauren ! I actually have tried exercising for like 3 month stints but then something comes up like, exams so i stop for a week, but then that week turns into a month and then 2 months… So, i don’t know if it’s just lack of self-motivation or laziness. But i find that if i have someone else expecting me to lose weight or to do better i do. I think I will try to do what you say, and do it myself. I have all the resources so that’s no excuse. i just have to get pumped up ! woo ! : ) If I did consider WW how much is it to join and go ?

    P.S. GOOD FOR YOU ! Hearing other people’s success stories make me motivated, so congratulations and thank you !

  376. katherine Says:

    I just wanted to say that it really irritated me that the author of this was so rude in saying that I am fat for a reason, and that the pounds didn’t just creep up on me. Well I would just like to tell this author a little story about how the last two years of my life have gone. I am 19 years old and about to be a junior in college. My freshman year of college I went through major depression and went on several medications for it. Within two months I put on 30lbs. It was not because my eating changed… since I was depressed I didn’t have much of an appetite, and it wasn’t because I didn’t excersize, I worked out for AT LEAST and hour every day, six days out of the week. I gained 30lbs in two months because of the medication. It reacted badly with my body and because of THAT I am fat. Not because I am lazy and not because I eat too much. I have tried going off the medication in hopes of losing weight, in which i did, but fell right back into a deep depressive state. I have to take 5 pills a day in order to function as a normal person. I didn’t ask for depression, but I am learning to deal with it. I have tried very hard to lose weight but it doesn’t come off, it only did when I stopped the medication. I even tried LA weightloss and they were stunned that week after week I wasn’t losing a single pound. So I would just like to say to the author, that before you make assumptions, put your readers down, and put yourself on a high ivory pedistool, try spending a day in someone elses shoes. Sometimes bad things happen to people and they just have to learn to deal with their circumstances. Try living a day in my life, and i doubt you’d ever talk this foolishly again!

  377. Jessica Says:

    Hello, Reading these comments have made me feel at home. I started WW in October 2006 after having my first child. I lost 20lbs. in about 5 months. I then found out that I was expecting again oops!! Since then I have had a difficult time loosing the extra baby pounds and find myself weighing what I did when I started WW almost 3 years ago. So, today I dug out my WW materials and went for a 30 min. walk with my little ones. I am hoping that I can find the success without meetings because I have two little ones and it is hard to find daycare to get to meetings. I am considering trying online WW. Is there any new things that I should know since my WW materials are older.

  378. Sue Says:

    I stumbled upon this site by accident and have enjoyed reading everyone’s stories. I recently turned 50 and decided it was time to get this weight off for good! I started WW on my own (using old materials from when I joined several years ago). My starting weight on March 24, 2009 was 282. I weighed in yesterday (June 11th) at 254! 10% down! I am on my way…!


    I was at 270 when I started going to Curves in January of 2006, but never changed my eating habits. Having recently turned 50 made me stop and take a good look at myself. Did I want to be like this for the rest of my life?…… NO! So, first thing I did was request a “review” at Curves to make sure I was doing the exercies correctly and recommitted to going a minimum of 3x per week. Next, I do a 30-minute fast walk on the days I don’t go to Curves. This way I am exercising EVERY DAY! The next step was to follow WW’s POINTS program and WRITE IT DOWN! I keep a journal and write down EVERYTHING I eat. I just use a spiral stenographers notebook. I will be on my 2nd one hear shortly. 😉

    The final ingredient in my TRIPLE THREAT to get this weight off is ALLI. It works in the digestive system to block half the fat you consume. I can lose 5 pounds more for every 10 pounds I lost before. So, don’t give up! You CAN DO IT, TOO!

  379. Sasha Says:

    Hi everyone. So – I am 30 years old. Just turned 30 this year. I’ve been exercising 4-5 times a week. Moving at my pace and trying to create a regimen that gets inbedded into my lifestyle. I enjoy working out and don’t think I could ever give it up. It’s become a part of me. But I have found that my nutritional habits could be better. They aren’t the worse, but they certainly aren’t the best. I have been making more conscious choices about what I eat. Switching from white to wheat bread. Drinking 1-2% milk. Some times skim. Eating whole grain cereals, more fruits. I cut out beef and pork and now only eat chicken, turkey, and fish. I don’t even eat a lot of rice. My problem is sweets. I love ice cream, cakes, chocolate, cookies, etc. This is my main problem. I’m not extremely overweight. I’m 5.8 at about 190lbs. Since I have been working out i’ve lost inches and my body has definitely slimmed down. I need that extra push to break the 170 mark. I have no doubt, that with continued exercise, I can do this. It will take a little longer, but I know I can do it. Thing is, I need to practice self control when it comes to sweets. If you look at me I don’t look what I actually weigh. I carry the weight well. I just want to be in better shape. Healthier. I want to run for 20min straight without stopping. I want to be in good health and physical shape. So I am thinking of joining weight watchers to help me discipline the “sweet” side. I don’t want pills, pre-packed lunches, shakes, and drinks. I just want to practice disciplining myself when it comes to the sweets. I think I will be able to do this with WW. At least I hope so!

  380. Shannon Says:

    Okay I am motivated now. I only need to loose 10 pounds. I loose a few and gain them back…loose a few and gain them back…over and over. 10 pounds should not be this hard to loose! I work out 4-5 times per week, including teaching 2 fitness classes. It just gets so frustrating!

  381. Shannon Says:

    Okay, I can’t spell. I meant lose ,not loose. Sorry about that:-

  382. Hazel Says:

    Below is what I posted on an online WW maintenance board called “Runners”. I am presently training for my second 1/2 marathon.

    I’m coming up close to the high end of my BMI, maybe this weekend, and I think I’m going to grab at goal….and bring an end to this 19 months of paid odyssey. I really don’t know how to handle talking about the program during my couple of minutes of fame before the group.

    I have alot of mixed feelings…because as a newbie athlete this program gave me a lot of grief…(1) protein deficient fluid retetion in abdomen(alcholics also get that) (2) messed up and had to cancel Lasix because I developed keraconus (conical shape in cornea) as a result of malnutriton (3) starved myself and cannibalized my muscle by living on 18 points a day, no weeklies and earning 45 AP’s and not eating them. (4) Endured terse observations of “We’ve had a slight flucuation up on the weight” at weigh-ins when I finally started to eat more food and initially gained wait. (5)Countless binges and peanut butter spoon attacks because “I was starving” by trying to keep “on points” and not eat more than 4 APs no matter what…which resulted in feelings of weakness and failure.

    Well, life isn’t fair is it…but I made it through the mist and found running/weight watching teammates and I’m so very happy for that 🙂

    That gal who ran the Barkley’s and raises throughbreds said that when she tried to talk about running at her meetings… “their eyes would just kinda start to glaze over”.

    I guess I’ll just be polite, brief, and supportative of the program. Despite all the troubles I would rather be me, be where I am now, and be running 🙂

  383. Kelsy Says:

    Hey everyone! All these stories have really given me inspiration.

    I’m only 18 years old and I’ve been overweight my entire life. Starting college and being on my own made me realize I need to take responsibility for myself. I’m 5’7” and 260 lbs. I want to be healthy. I want to look good. I want to feel good. I don’t want my weight to effect my quality of life.

    I can’t wait till I come back from break so that I can start my plan here at my university. I also have my roommate who wants to lose weight and exercise more even though she can’t afford weightwatchers. Hopefully meetings, etools, and her support will help!

  384. pookie Says:

    I agree with the below comment. even though I am 5’4 and 135, I just wanted to be back down to 120, and my “leader” would tell me with much disdain everytime I came to weigh in “you know I can’t let you in the program if you are below 110” even though I was was never anywhere near that, and I explained to her several time I was only aiming for 120, she was most cold and snarky to me. Not to mention the other women.Weight watchers is great for getting you to eat healthy again, but if you don’t have as far to go, don’t expect a warm reception. I figured that’s o.k., because for the other 23 hours of the day the rest of the women in there get looked down on for being what society considers “fat” – so ehhhh, I figure my skin is thick enough to suffer that insignifigant scrape.

  385. Lisa B Says:

    I did weight watchers years ago and found it very successful for me. The whole ‘changing attitude to food’ is a positive one that can be continued through life. I didn’t always go to the meetings as I found them a little strange and could almost envisage a Victoria Wood comedy sketch being inspired by one of the meetings. At the time of me doing weight watchers I became very physically active and reached my goal weight with a nice toned body, horay! Years later I now find myself almost back to square one. I got married 2 years ago and became a little lazy. Now I am trying again but this time I am following Rosemary Connaly’s inch loss plan for the exercise routine and the weight watchers for the food. I do not attend any meetings but I appreciate how accountability can spur you on and keep you on track. I don’t know if there is any right or wrong diet to follow I think you have to do what suits you and what you know you will be able to continue with. Weight watchers is great in that no food is off limits and I think that has to be a more realistic diet than those that tell you you can’t eat lots of things. I have decided to lose weight and tone up because of health both physically as well as self esteem. I can only do this if I do not feel condescended or like I am a bad person so I have made up my own rules. I have told myself that I am not on a diet I am eating well, that kind of thinking just works for me. I am hoping that now I exercise I will get more energy and that can only be a good thing. Do what suits you best I think, and don’t let anyone think you are a failure. Humans are so quick to judge especially when they haven’t got a clue what you are going through. Good luck everyone!

  386. Frankie Says:

    For anyone that has been on ww for a while or knows a lot about it. I need Help!!!! I am to the point where I have been on it and off it then on it again, and I am struggling to lose the weight. I do splurge and I know that doesnt help me at all. My question is should you follow the exact points system they set you up with, meaning I am supposed to use 32 points a day and should i use all of them? Will it hurt me if I eat less? What about the other award points? How do they work and should I use them also? Please if anyone can help I woule greatly appreciate a response. Thanks a lot!

  387. lori Says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!I have been on weight watchers for about 2 months. I have lost about 15 pounds. I am now at 160 age 34 and 5’8. I dont know whats happening, but I have not lost any weight in 2 weeks. I run 4 to 5 days a week and I am diligent about counting my points. Does anyone have any good advice. I am so discouraged. Some people say I am gaining muscle but that is not the case. My measurements haven’t moved.

  388. Sherri Says:


    I too hit a brick wall after about 15 lbs. Sounds like we are the same height – I am a little older at 39. I also excercise as frequently as you do. My leader suggested I add a little more fat into my diet – I started using regular salad dressing a few times a week. Lo and behold – I started losing weight again. It worked for me, so I hope it works for you.

  389. lori Says:


    Thank You for the advice. I am definatley going to try to add a little fat to my diet. I hope this works. I have another question If someone could elaborate a little for me. I keep hearing people say eat clean foods and drink plenty of water. My problem is clean foods dont satisfy my cravings. If I have a cup of fruit in one hour I am ready to eat again, but if I have a skinny cow ice cream, 2 pts, then that satisfys me. I tried the atkins diet and I am so tierd of chicken and fish that the thought of it gags me so I have been eating a lot of smart ones frozen dinners. Will this cause me not to loose weight? The reason I started WW is because I could eat what I wanted as long as I dont go over my points. Is this true or am I living in a dream world? Also, I love diet sodas. If i dont have one I dont feel satisfied. I drink a lot of water when I work out, but when I eat something I have a diet soda. Could this cause me not to loose weight also. Thanks for all the posts they are very encouraging. also, if you go over your points by 1 or 2 a day could that cause weight loss to stop. Thanks everyone!!

  390. linda Says:


  391. judy Says:

    I started WW 7 years ago, when my baby was 4 months old and I was 29. I was 200 lbs. Wasn’t baby weight either, I was 200 BEFORE i got pregnant! At 2 lbs a week, average, I lost 40 lbs by Christmas. I try to stick to WW all the time, but face it: we’re human. BUT we have the tools! I’m up 5 lbs, I go back to WW for a few weeks and take it off pretty easily. I’m currently at my goal weight (after being up 10 lbs…stress anyone?). I have 10 more pounds to lose, still within my range. I’ve adapted that flat belly diet into my WW program, so I stick to my points, but eat lower ‘bad’ carbs (non-whole-grain pastas and breads etc), more good carbs/complex carbs and more MUFA (olive oil, nuts, avocados). It works like a dream!!! 6 pounds this week. I’m a big fan of dark chocolate, mrs. dash, ‘low carb’ tortilla wraps (they’re very high in fiber, making them low carb), I weaned down to skim milk and my baby bell cheeses… You can do it if I can do it!!! Oh and DON’T FORGET THE WATER!!!! makes a HGE difference!!!

  392. judy Says:

    OH… I just read a few more posts. ATTN: 5’8″ and 160…that’s me too! If you’re plateauing, try adding the healthy oils, and using those extra 35/wk points. Sometimes you’re metabolism needs the extra calories. Dont’ forget the water!

  393. Bonita Wilford Says:

    I love this website. Have not read all the responses yet. I have a question. I have followed the core plan for 14 months now and have lost 60 lbs. I know how to calculate activity points and I exercise a lot, but I am not sure what activities to calculate. Is it just walking , running, weight lifting, pilates, etc.? or is it activity like when you are working and you have a job that is quite active? basically is it any activity beyond sitting? or any activity above your normal daily activity level?

  394. Caleb Smith Says:

    I thank all the people who have typed their letters here because all of you helped me type a 12 page essay about losing weight

  395. leann mc cabe Says:

    Hi im joining ww and am on 19 points but i exercise 3 times a week in curves and want to know how many points i need to add.. Can u help

  396. Cowie Says:

    Here is a recipe if you need a Chocolate fix with 2 point cupcake. Trust me they are delicious!!


    1 package chocolate cake mix 12 ounce diet cola

    Directions Combine cake mix and can of diet soda; cook as per directions on cake box. Makes 24 cupcakes.

  397. Cowie Says:

    p.s. Here is a web site that has a Weight Watchers Weight Ranges chart, Food Points Calculator Designed for People using the Weight Watchers Plan, Activity Points Calculator and a list of foods from a to z.


    I hope this will help, Best wishes everyone and good luck!!

  398. Cowie Says:

    …..Zero Point Food List…..

    Baking….. Arrowroot powder, 1 tsp Baking powder, 1 tsp Baking Soda, 1 tsp Bran, corn, 1/4 cup Bran, Wheat, 1/4 cup Clam Juice, 1/2 cup Cocoa powder, 3 tbsp Coconut, 1 tsp Sunflower seeds, 1 tsp Beverages Coffee substitute, 1 tsp Coffee (black), 1 cup Club Soda, 1 can Tea, black, 1 cup Vegetable juice, 1/2 cup

    Condiments….. Bacon Bits, 1 tsp Barbecue Sauce, 1 tbsp Capers, 1 tbsp Caraway seeds, 1 tbsp Chili sauce, 1 tbsp Chives, 1 tbsp Creamer (fat free), 1 tbsp Salad Dressing (non creamy, fat free), 2 tbsp Salsa (fat free), 2 tbsp Sunomono, 1/2 cup

    Dairy….. Egg White, 1 Fruit Bitter melon (balsam-pear), 1 cup Carob (algarroba), 1 tsp Maraschino Cherry, 1 Kiwifruit, 1 medium Orange, 1 small Passion fruit, 3 Peach, small or medium

    Snacks….. Vanilla Wafers, 1 Soups Borscht, low-cal, 1 cup Bouillon or broth, 1 cup Onion mix, 1 cup

    Vegetables….. Artichoke, 1 med Arugula (roquette), 1 cup Asparagus, 1 cup Beans, Green, 1 cup Beans, Wax, 1 cup Beans, Black sauce, 1 tsp Broccoli, 1 cup Brussels Sprouts, 1 cup Cabbage, 1 cup Cardoon, 1 cup Carrots, 10 baby Carrots, 1 cup or 2 large Cauliflower, 1 cup or lg head Celeriac, 1 cup Celery, 1 cup or stalk Chard, 1 cup Chicory, 1 cup Cucumber, 1 cup Lettuce, 1 cup Mushrooms, 1 cup Okra, 1 cup Onion (uncooked), 1 cup Radishes, 1 cup Spinach, 1 cup Squash, 1 cup Stir-fry (no sauce), 1 cup Tomatoes, 1 cup Turnips, 1 cup Zucchini, 1 cup

  399. Sharlene Says:

    Hi, I’m 235-240 lbs and have just joined WW. Any advice for a newbee who has such a long way to go? I’m an in it All or Nothing person? Any tips on keeping motivated if there’s a slip?

  400. DJ wilbanks Says:

    Hi, have been gone for awhile I lost 40 lbs. in 2008 on WW but gained back 30 of it so 9/11/2009 I started all over and to date I have lost 32 lbs.I am back where I left off but the scales seem to have stuck for the last month hardly a budge in the scales currently I am on 23 points a day I was cycling 30 min a day that did not help either how long can a plateau last I wouls like to lose at least 20 more lbs.I drink my water quota I eat comples carbs and very little meat so what’s next?

  401. Candy Says:

    I joined WW a couple of years ago. I lost about 40 Pounds. Since then I have gained the weight back. I ate a lot of foods I should have not been eating and quit smoking. I have joined again and have lost 4.5 pounds in 2 weeks. WW is a way of life. Not a diet. I enjoy going to the meetings. You get a lot of recipes from other members, words of encouragment no matter if you have a good or bad week, and the Leader is great!

  402. lisa tingley Says:

    I just started WW 2 weeks ago lost 5lbs so far, iwas wondering…Iwas a member years and still have the cardboard slide rule that says 123 success points finder, which goes up to 10gms of fiber, the new one is different and I do not get the same point values with both of them…the old one will be less points for a cup of Hi fiber cereal than the new one, do any old timers know why ? I like my old one its sturdier and well gives less points value for the same food…Ha !

  403. merms Says:

    Hi, congratulations to those of you doing well and keep at it those of you that are struggling you will get there! I lost about 30lbs 10 years ago on WW found it quite easy to stick to especially being a difficult eater being allergic to several vegetables. Be able to choose from anything really suited me. In 2003 I had a huge car accident took around a year of rehab to learn to walk again. Eventually went back to work but found the pain from going to the gym caused me too many sick days so pretty much stopped exercising. Last summer I moved to Sweden and married a local man and I see to be struggling to get pregnant I know being overweight (which I am very much so) can make it harder I decided to start weight watchers. Im using the swedish online site – which is enough for working out local food values etc but the more supportive stuff useless due to my language failings. Today has been a fantastic day my 1st weigh in Ive lost 8.8lbs and got the results from test I have passed with a distinction so get to move on to the last stage of ‘swedish for immigrants’ at college. I look forward to continuing my journey with all you guys and wish you all good luck

  404. ADA ELENA T. Says:


  405. Ontcan Says:

    ‘non-scale victories’ must also be celebrated….can’t just get happiness and success from the scale. i.e. Someone compliments you, you didn’t buy that bag of chips you so wanted, you took the stairs instead of the elevator, when you took the stairs you didn’t have to stop and catch your breath, you actually walked to the coffee shop to get that coffee instead of taking the car……

  406. Maddie Says:

    I am 43 and looking for an easier way of getting heathy without the monthly/weekly pmts. I have done all the fad diets including Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, hyponitization etc. WW never worked because I couldn’t calculate everything I am going to try it again on my own and will be posting my ups and downs.I no longer hide my weight and people cannot believe how much I weigh because I have camaflaged it my whole life. I am 5.1 and weigh 195 and I really need help I have every excercise cadget but don’t know where to start for an excercise routine. I buy DVDs and can’t get infront of the tv due to all the responsibilities and interuptions. HELP… This way I think I will hold myself accountable

  407. Jenny Says:

    Hey Maddie,

    I’m really busy too but just realized I HAVE to exercise. We bought a Nordic Trak bike, and it is SILENT, so I just watch the TV shows I DVR’d & ride for 20 minutes. I know you watch TV each day – or could wake up just 20 minutes early three times a week.

    I tend to overdo it, so I told myself to just go for 3 times a week, and then anything else is bonus, and I’ve been sticking with it because I feel so good. Good luck!

    PS I do a casual points system. I eat the same thing for breakfast & lunch each day, then eat a healthy dinner with lean protein, vegis, etc. Whenever I’m hungry, I eat Broccoli–the extra calcium & fiber really help me lose weight!

  408. Shannon Says:

    I googled WWs to see what kind of information I could find before joining. I have been going to the gym 6 days a week and have turned into a runner and have lost a pound a week so far. I have about 30 pounds to go to reach my target weight. I was interested in WW because it seems to help with portion and nutrition. However, while talking to my husband he thinks I am going to get flack from other members because I am not trying to 50 lbs or more. My BMI is dangerously high for my height and working out has not changed that. I am thinking of checking out with one free meeting and going from there. I was just wondering if anyone else was in my boat?

  409. Deborah Says:

    I lost 170 lbs doing weight watchers, and i think i was at my goal weight for about 5 minutes. then i slowly started to gain, even though i had changed my eating habits (healthy and veggie) and was working out like crazy. i injured myself and so i wasn’t burning the calories (points) as i had been, but i continued to eat as if i were working out. it’s about 6 years later and to my chagrin i’ve managed to gain 80 lbs back. i went back to meetings in spurts but as people have remarked after having attended for 10 years, off and on, they were repetitive and high schoolish…..i tried different meetings but never found one that i liked for very long. that being said, ww did changed my life, for which i am very grateful. i like the point system, it’s easy. i work out alot (which i enjoy) but i’m not able to lose again. i’m older (post menapause) which doesn’t help. i’m starting again to write down every thing and exercising moderately instead of insanely…..i was most sucessful when i planned my meals in advance, didnt’ deviate from the plan and had a lot of variety in my veggies. its so easy to eat the same thing again and again, because you don’t need to redo the points. but that is a mistake in the long run. i’m also vegetarian now, (because of ideology) and i think sometimes this presents additional weight loss challenges. but i really want to lose not for how i look but i want my old energy back. i’m going to do it. starting today.

  410. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Deborah,

    Congratulations on getting started. I am a vegetarian and believe it presents weight loss challenges too. You really have to make sure to eat right, keeping up your iron and protein. Otherwise, you feel zapped and won’t make it through excercising. Try Tofurky Italian Sausages. They are HIGH in protein (I think 26 grams) and in iron. Also, maybe diet peanut butter would be good.

    I lost 45 pounds 9 years ago and have managed to gain 20 of it back. I started 3 days ago and hope to lose 10 pounds. Don’t care if I am “skinny,” but would like to fit into my regular clothes again.

    Good luck to you.

  411. Candice Says:

    I just re-joined WW. Been a member since 2005. I just hit the worst weight in my life while NOT being pregnant. After seeing the number on the scale, I decided to join WW again. There really is no easy way to lose weight. It’s hard work, discipline, and control. I bought a treadmill because it’s so hard to get to the gym and my husband travels. I’ve lost 3 pounds this week and I’m feeling really confident. I need to lose about 35 more. Can anyone tell me how much SHOULD be lost weekly to be safe? I think I heard 1-2 pounds, but if you need to lose 40-50, this doesn’t sound right.

  412. Laurie Copen Says:

    I was on weight watchers in 2004, i lost 54 lbs in 8 months.. felt great.. went off the wagon.. gained all back.. and gained more.. i tried to go back on weight watchers last year.. keep jumping to dfferent diets like low carbs.. forget it.. i want to go back to weight watchers.. found that old points system.. my weight is hummmmmm blushing 215.. saw that I should eat between 24 to 31 points daily.. good.. that should help! No 35 WP.. cuz when I use 35 WP, i felt cheating.. ha.. I read all your comments.. very interesting.. Thanks

  413. caroline dini Says:

    I know of two women who are working together on weight watchers and I have seen with my own eyes the weight they have lost both 65 lbs.each in a year, so I see it does work. They say it is very hard but they have accomplished what they set out to do .They look great . I say if you can stick with eating healthy, go back to basics ,fruits veggies lean meats,and excercise or just keep moving, then it can be done. key is to move . find enjoyment in cleaning or mowing lawn walking dancing is great too. best of luck to all.

  414. caroline dini Says:

    hi maddie , I was reading what you were saying , try putting on some good music that puts you in a good mood and dance like you never danced before . you will see a differance if you stick with it. it really does make excercising really fun and the time goes fast with each song it is about 4 min. each song so if you listen to a cd that you put together then you can do an hour at least . keep moving you will get there.

  415. katir jameson Says:

    thank you so much for the clairification of this point system noe i just have to figure out if this system really works this webite however has been ever so helpful in educating me thanks again

  416. Claudia Says:

    I joined weight watches years ago and used the slide to measure fat, fibers, points etc. I lost my slide. Can I still get one of these? It was so easy to just put that in my purse.

  417. Anna Says:

    After reading these comments, I’m feeling really inspired. It makes me want to join Weight Watchers, but I guess I’m a little afraid. I’m not overweight, I weight about 145 lbs. on 5’6 frame, but I’m just not happy with the way I look. I would desperately like to lose around 15 or 20 pounds, and I just feel like I can’t do it on my own; I feel like I need someone else’s motivation. I would join Weight Watchers, but I don’t want people to be upset with me and think I’m being disrespectful because that is definitely not my intention AT ALL. I suppose I’m looking for a little advice; does anyone have any for me on what I should do? (:

  418. Sharon Storm Says:

    Hi Laura! I liked your article. I am in the process of trying to decide what weight loss program I want to join. I have a wealth of information about losing weight and have successfully lost before, but I keep gaining it back and I’m beginning to believe that it’s because I’m doing it on my own without anyone to hold me accountable. As a result, I’ve lost motivation. I must say that one thing I disagree with in your article is this: healthy food is way more expensive than processed, quick meals. I say this from the view point that I have a family to feed and fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains and healthy meats are unaffordable for me. It’s much cheaper for me to buy 75% ground beef and hamburger helper and I have a meal for my family. Versus buying whole slices of beef and fresh veggies. It’s very possible that since you wrote this, it’s been several years so perhaps things have changed. But I feel that this is one of the hardest parts about my weight management is that if I have $100 to spend on groceries for the week for my family, and if I buy fresh fruits, veggies and lean meats, that doesn’t get me very far, so I instead buy all the things that aren’t healthy for us. It’s not necessarily a choice, I just don’t make a lot of money and can only stretch my funds so far. But I will say that at this point, I am commited to some kind of weight loss program, I just haven’t decided which yet. I just need something to keep me motived. I’m tired of being down and bummed about my weight. I have not always been like this and I think that’s why it’s disappointing. I believe that if an individual has always been a bit hefty, then it doesn’t bother them as much as the individual who never really had that issue and then suddenly, years later in late adulthood, they are. Anyways, I’m rambling on, thank you for sharing about weight watchers.

  419. Michael Says:

    @Sharon Storm Several years ago, at 22, I found myself to be disgusting. I was roughly 60lbs overweight and losing ground fast. I never attended a meeting, but between the end of July and Christmas I dropped from 220 to 155. If you need the meeting, by all means go. I’m here to tell you it can be done alone. You’re right, healthier food is more expensive. To that end, I offer one piece of advice Emealz.com. They offer inexpensive meal plans that include the point values. The meals are quick and easy without wasting money on food you don’t need. Best of luck in your weight loss.

  420. David Says:

    Just wanted to point out that with the new Points Plus program, the Activity point equations have changed a bit. I don’t think my math is perfect, but it should be pretty darn close. At my weight (290 lbs) I ran the minutes up to 999 and went through until my equations produced the same results that WW’s calculator posted. Low= WeightMinutes.000333 Moderate=WeightMinutes.000463 High=WeightMinutes.001156 Regards, David

  421. vw linney Says:

    For several male contributors, particularly to the fellow who called WW rubbish, a word of wisdom: a man’s bay window of belly fat, also called beer gut, converts easily to energy when a man does manly work. A man will lose 8 or 10 lbs while a woman following a gender appropriate similar regime will lose a mere 2 or 3 lbs. Life’s unfair. Women are made to survive famine. Men are made to exert huge effort in a short time.

  422. PJ Says:

    I read Anna’s comment from 3-24-11, and I immediately thought of what I had heard at a WW meeting: “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”. I think that just about says it all: NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS!!!! I imagine myself wearing a “fat suit” and zipping it off and stepping out in this slim, lithe, flexible, light body, and the feeling is too awesome to describe. Anna, pick up a 5lb bag of anything at the store, and realize that when you take 5lbs off your body, you are giving yourself a wonderful gift! Even 1 pound ( a can of something, or a box of butter) is a huge amount. We must train our brains to think THAT way, instead of belittling ourselves for those SMALL LOSES, which in reality are HUGE!

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