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Update 12-09-08: I have created a new version of this form that works with the new Momentum Plan. You can download it here:

Update 03-03-08: A special thank you to Kelly for creating a version of this form that will fit into your 3 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ planner from Daytimer or Coach.

Update 11-19-07: If you like these forms, but aren’t really spreadsheet savvy, I can print up a year’s worth for you and send it to you for $25. For more information, see here:

I love to create forms. Every time I start a new project, I usually fire up Microsoft Excel to create a form for it. I don’t know why. I think it might be genetic because when I taught my biological father to use Excel, he loved it as much as I did.

So, I started Weight Watchers on Monday and by Tuesday, I was creating a form for myself. In the past, I used to keep track of my points on my Palm, but Weight Watchers made the creator of the software stop, and it’s kind of buggy, so I decided to keep track on paper. The Quick Track that Weight Watchers gave me, however, will not fit in my journal, so I made a weekly sheet that would be easy to carry and when I was done with the week, I can put it in my handwritten journal with the rest of my pages.

You can download it here:

A special thank you to regular reader, Kelly, for creating a version of this form that fits in a smaller planner:

There is room to check off all the good health guidelines and even check off your multi-vitamin, which is strangely missing from the Quick Track now. There is room each day to write down everything you eat, track your fitness goals, and the Flex Points.

Of course, this form is for the Flex Plan. I’ve never tried the Core Plan, so you’re on your own with that one.

Hope this helps someone besides me!


82 Responses to “Weight Watchers Form”

  1. Corinne Says:

    This is awesome!! Thanks so much, I am forwarding this to a bunch of my friends.

  2. Rona Says:

    Have you heard anything about the new flex points system? I read that you can now personalize your daily points, so rather than base your daily points just on your current weight, a variety of factors are considered.

    Also, they say they now have 4 levels of exercise for calculating activity points. You once had the formulae for activity points here, do you by chance have the new formulae?

  3. Natalie Says:

    Thank you! I was about to make one myself! You are really great with excel! It looks wonderful!

  4. jessg Says:

    this is great! Thanks!

  5. Kim Says:

    Thanks so much!

  6. April Says:

    Thank you so much!!! I could not find anything to track my points (besides going to every meeting and getting a new booklet). You’re a lifesaver (dietsaver too)!

  7. Sara Says:

    This is EXACTLY what I was trying to recreate and lost patience on. THANK YOU!!

  8. Kathy Says:

    Thank you so much for creating the chart – now – will you come cook for us? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Kim Says:

    Thanks, I googled to see if I could find a tracking sheet without having to create my own and yours rocks! I will pass this on to others!

  10. Tam Says:

    Thank you. This is so awesome. I love how the box becomes an x when you change the q to an x. I will be using this on my Palm T/X.

  11. Lynn Says:

    Thank you sooo much!! My daughter & I just rejoined WW last night and I thought I grabbed everything I needed for the day BUT forgot my tracker. It’s so much easier to fill this in rather than write it down on paper until I get home. Thanks again for being kind enough to do this for everyone!!!

  12. Kim Hal Says:

    Hi-Just wondering if you have a form to help keep track of weight loss for a group. We are starting a support group at work and wanted to track everyones progress. Thanks, Kim

  13. Laura Moncur Says:


    Sorry, no I don’t. I just use these things myself and share what I use. I don’t keep track of other people, so I haven’t created a form to do something like that.

    Best of luck, Laura

  14. Tamara Says:

    Thanks. Here I go again. Wish me luck. Tam

  15. Stephanie Says:

    Thanks. This will say me some money. You must be in either Finance or Accounting. And yes here I go again too. I turn 40th next month. I will not be a size 7 by next month, but at least I have got a goal.

  16. Mona Says:

    this is great! Thanks!i am ordering one .

  17. Theresa Shepard Says:

    Do you still have this form you made? It doesn’t seem to be available on this website. Can you send it to me as an attachment in my email? This would be awesome. Thanks! Theresa

  18. Laura Moncur Says:


    It’s still available. Just click on the link in the entry.


  19. Julie Says:

    Thanks soooo much for the form!! It is just what I was looking for on-line, you’re awesome!!!

  20. Tami Says:

    Hi This was so nice of you to put online! It was exactly what I was hoping to find. I am a lifetime member of WW but havent been attending meetings. 30 pounds later I am counting points again but not wanting to attend meetings. I have new points books…and now I have your awesome chart! Very cool! So very appreciated! Tami

  21. Jana Says:

    This is great & saves me the trouble of making one myself.

  22. Barbara Littig Says:

    Thanks, I’ve been looking for this.

  23. Barbara Littig Says:

    Thanks so much.

  24. joanne Says:

    thank u! it snowed today and couldn’t make it to my meeting to get one!!!!! i could never have the patients to do this thank u so much!!!!

  25. nomes07 Says:

    thanks for the form – anything with easily to follow structure is a godsend!

  26. Barbara Says:

    This is great. I’ve fiddled with doing this many times and always gave up in frustration–you’re a genius!

  27. Shannon Says:

    Hi, I just downloaded your pages because I NEED to start tracking again, 15 pounds later and I finally realize this ๐Ÿ™‚ I was wondering how this is supposed to print? Is is supposed to fit on one page? I can’t get it to. Thanks for doing this !!!

  28. Bev Says:

    Thanks for the form!

    Shannon – If this doesn’t print on one page, save it to excel on your computer (assuming you have excel) by clicking File > Save As > and then putting it somewhere on your computer. Then open it from your own excel, click File > Page Setup > Page. Under here you can click a button that says Fit to: (enter 1 page wide by 1 page tall). Then it fits on one page and you have the form saved on your computer.

  29. debbie cluff Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. Can you email it to me. My computer is being ridiculous and will not open it ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Crissy Says:

    I tried to download form and excell says the file is corrupt or read-only. Any ideas how to fix this?

  31. Laura Moncur Says:


    All you have to do is Save-As and save it to a new file and it should work just fine.

    Best, Laura

  32. Hannah Says:

    wondering if there is any way to create a running dop down list so you can just enter the food name and the point total comes up – this was super handy with the old WWCalc since you coudl easily track your regular foods without constantly looking them up. Thoughts on how to do this? I’m not an excel expert but I’m sure a drop-down list could be created.

  33. Nicole Says:

    Thank you. I stopped going to meetings and it showed because I wasn’t keeping track. I will thank you in advance for getting me back on target.

    Thank you very much.

  34. Marie Pelletier Says:

    I do not have excel..I wish I did. I bought your booklet. I pray I can track my points etc.

    Thanks, Marie

  35. April Says:

    I have open office and dont have Micorsoff exell and was wonder if you can make one that I cant open with open office. Becuse as is its not letting me open it. April

  36. Ila Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this journal. I forgot to take my journal when I left for work today, and can’t get by without it. I’ve been on maintenance for 3 months, and have to journal to stay on track.

  37. Lynda Says:

    Thanks so much.. This is great.

  38. Regina Says:

    This form is just what I desired. It has been 4-years and 8-pounds since used the FlexPlan; and I’m motivated to measure and manage my way back to my original goal weight ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so very much.

  39. Linda Says:

    I just started back on WW (once again) and found your quick track form. It’s terrific, thanks a million! I’m a lapsed lifetime member and I’m really not in the mood to start meetings just yet and this will really help me stay focused.

  40. Tracy Says:

    Hi and thanks for sharing your point trackers! The world needs more people like you!

  41. Beverly Says:

    Hi, thank you so much for creating these. You are so good with excel!!!

  42. Shannon Says:

    Thanks so much for this Laura! I have adapted it to fit my own needs and it is working wonderfully. You’ve really helped me out!

  43. Celia Says:

    Thanks a lot Laura, this is awesome! I’m gonna be doing WW at home for awhile and this will really help to keep on track, thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Tom Says:

    This is GREAT! Thank you very much, I was using the WW online calculator but the free version is always much better. Thanks again!

  45. Jennifer Says:

    Will You Please mail to Canada… I love the book and I don’t know where to start if I wanted to make one myself. I love the little extra’s you added to the book.

  46. Jeanne LaMoore Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I too love Excel, but was hoping to save time by finding this already done. Voila! You’ve saved me time today. I’m new to Weight Watchers and really want to be successful.

  47. Heather Latorre Says:

    This is great — especially for a now “stay at home mom” who can’t afford to go back to WW. I like the program and think I can do it at home. . . .this makes it all the easier. Journaling is definitely key for me!

    I too had the WW thing for Palm, but I’m much better at keeping a real hard copy.

    Thanks so much!

  48. Heather Says:

    Thanks a bunch! I finished up my three month journal that I won on ebay, but wasn’t up to spending the $10 + people are asking for a tiny journal. This will work great for me. I’ve lost 35 lbs and counting so far!

  49. judy baird Says:

    Thanks so much. Will you be doing one for 2009??

  50. Kim Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this printable journal. I thought I was going to have to figure out how to create one on my own and I am not as proficient at Excel ๐Ÿ™‚ I was able to figure out a few modifications and managed to create a 5×7 page per day type journal which better suits my needs. I also made it blank so I could just write the date in that way I could print up a bunch of pages. I would post it here for others to use but I don’t have a website to put it on. Thanks for your time creating this… I know it must have taken awhile… at least it did for me to just change a couple of things!

  51. Tee Says:

    Thanks for posting the excel file. I was looking to create something but now I won’t need to.

  52. chrissy Says:

    Thanks so much, Now my hubby can track his points along side me. I have been searching for this!!!

  53. kim Says:

    I can not print the tracker it says that the file is corrupt??? Any suggestions?

  54. Shivaun Says:

    Thanks. This is great. I am adapting it slightly b/c I follow the simply filling technique so I dont have a daily pts target but I wanted a new way to track and the spreadsheet I made printed too big.

  55. yvonne Says:

    Just started WW. This is a great form -well done! I will use it in my Documents-To-Go for my Palm T|X. The paper one is good too, but it is a little more discreet for me in some settings to enter stuff on my Palm than on a little sheet of paper. I also made some formula changes so that when the first date is changed then all the other dates change for the next two weeks. Then I can save a new copy for each two week cycle. I plan to put some formulas in to auto calculate the balance…. Thanks again!

  56. Christine Says:

    I’m interested in 8 1/2 x 11 tracking pages –HOWEVER, I see a link for it, but, the form won’t come up when I click on it….. Way to go for you, I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing… THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY… have a great day… Christine

  57. Laura Moncur Says:


    These are Excel spreadsheet files, so when you click the link, it should ask you whether you want to open it or save it. If you choose save it, you’ll need to find WHERE you saved it on your computer. If you choose open it, then you need to choose to open it with Microsoft Excel or Open Office. Either one will work.

    Laura Moncur

  58. Heidi Says:

    Thank you for sharing your excel forms – they are so much nicer than the ones I tried to create.

    smiles Heidi

  59. Carol Says:

    thanks so much for the form–this is wonderful!

  60. Jena Says:

    I know you have a million nice comments here, but I just had to say, this is a beautiful form!! I have never warmed up to excel, and I am amazed at what you have done with it!!! thanks!

  61. Cathy Moore Says:

    Thanks so much for generously sharing your hard work!

  62. Scott Says:


  63. spacedcowgirl Says:

    Thank you so much! I love making forms too but considering I am being mutinous and resisting even tracking my points at all, it is great that you took that excuse (I don’t want to pay for meetings and don’t have a good form) away. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a big stickler about the appearance of things like this too (I mean, not that I would be picky in this case since you graciously made it available for free, but as far as stuff that I make myself), and this one looks GREAT.

  64. Valerie Says:

    This is wonderful. Being a WW dropout a couple of times I’m embarrased to go back weighing more than what I started with last time. This is a great jump start for me!

  65. NicoleS Says:

    These spreadsheets are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your hard work. I printed the 4×6, but it seems like the “pages” are pretty small to try to write in.

    Did I do something wrong? Does anyone have any suggestions? I’d like to print these & keep them in a 4×6 binder.


  66. Donna Says:

    Thank you so much for graciously and generously creating and sharing your work!

  67. Michele Says:

    Thank you so much! This is perfect! EXACTLY what I was looking for!

  68. Anne Says:

    Thank you for sharing this – I have all the other stuff to do it on my own but THIS SHEET! You did a fantastic job! Thanks again!

  69. LaShunda Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting this form. I had to cancel my membership due to financial problems as was worried about how I would continue on my own. I am no longer worried I will be just fine. Thanks a bunch.

  70. Sue Says:

    Thanks, are you surprised that 3 years after your first creation people are still using your forms. As a single mom, even though i also love excel, i don’t have time to start any more projects and was quite surprised to find something already on the web to use.

    thanks again.

  71. Valerie Says:

    I love this form, I revised slightly, printed both sides and use it in my large Franklin Planner. When I do not want to carry the planner, it folds nicely and goes right in my wallet/purse. This is awesome!

  72. Diane Ruff Says:

    Could you please send me a sample copy of the weight watchers excel spreadsheet that has been completed so that I can see how to complete a daily chart that would include the food/meal, points, water, fruit/vege/whole grains, etc. I am having difficulty making it tell me the blance of point left. Can you help with this. Thanks so much. It is a great idea. It would be helpful to have tips on how to complete the form to receive the maximum benefits of the great work you have done. Any tips for this?



  73. Kasanote Says:

    Dear Laura,

    just found out your great sheet. Questions for clarification: – how should I understand & use the small squares next to water, veggies, vitamin, milk and oil? – just next to “description” there is “-” and “+” symbol ->how to use those?

    thank you for your time and clarification br Kasanote

  74. Laura Moncur Says:


    The small squares next to water, veggies, etc. are for checking off the recommended servings of these items.

    The + and – columns are for writing down how many calories you used by eating food (-) or earned with exercise (+).

    Best, Laura

  75. Carol Says:

    This is GREAT. Thanks so much.

  76. Iris Says:

    I have tried ww twice already and just can’t do it without tracking. I have a friend who is a lifetime member who picks up the 3 month journal for me occassionaly. They are very expensive and sometimes I run out before she can get it to me. Today I googled it and and am so grateful that someone with such talent loves excel. I actually enjoy making charts and this one really inspires me. Thank-you so much. Grateful Iris

  77. Mitzi Says:

    This is great! Thanks for your effort to keep us all on program and healthy.

  78. Rachael Says:

    Thank you for this form!

  79. dw Says:

    The form is awesome! Thanks. The program works well. From all the comments here, it’s a great combo to have the calories and fitness goals logged in one and user-friendly forms help with success. Good luck to all.

  80. melissa Says:

    Love this! I am not as excited about the points plus program so was happy to find this so I can keep doing the old plan. Thanks a bunch!

  81. michal Says:

    Hi, great Job. could you add the point plus calculate?


  82. Colleen Says:

    Thank you so much! Was so happy to find a copy online that I could use!!! Much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

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