The Same Old Weeds

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I found a little religious book at an estate sale a few weeks ago. While most of the little stories don’t have much to say to me, this one did:

Two men became neighbors in a new housing development. Both men worked long hours removing the weeds from his new back yard. Then one was satisfied but the other went on to put in a lawn, flower garden, and even a few fruit trees and rows of vegetables. The first man soon realized that his lot was being refilled by a new crop of the same old weeds, while the second man was enjoying a thing of service and of beauty.

To resolve to remove an old way of life without substituting something else was not enough – the old way grew right back.

Weeds by Starling Fitness

This story really spoke to me because I have tried time and time again to remove my old bad habits without replacing them with NEW good habits. I don’t WANT the same old weeds to pop back up in my life. I want to replace them with a crop of beautiful flowers and veggies. To do that, I need to focus on new habits that are good for me.

Right now, I’m concentrating on getting twenty minutes of exercise every single day. It might sound like a pathetic and small step, but that’s how new habits are formed, slowly and small and every freakin’ day.

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