Make Your Independence Day BBQ Healthy

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Last year, I wrote an entry called “How to Have a Healthy BBQ” and there is little that I would add to it today. Go give it a read:

The only thing I would add to this entry is that a BBQ seems to be an event that is focused on the food. There is so much food around. Everyone is gathered around the grill and everyone is bringing something. The truth of the matter is, it is an event that is REALLY focused on the people. You wouldn’t go to a BBQ with someone you hate. You go there to see people, relax and have a good time.

You don’t need to overeat to have a good time. You can have a healthy and enjoyable BBQ by focusing on the people and not the food.

Happy Independence Day!


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  1. www.iportion.com Says:

    I had saved points for today but cut my lunch in half so I could have a nice dinner as well. I guess it’s easyer to have healthy BBQ is your the one hosting it.

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