Exercise VS. Eating Healthy

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I was looking at Google Trends to find out what’s going on in the world. I compared Exercise with Eating Healthy and I was surprised to see what I found:

The blue line shows the activity surrounding “exercise” and the red line shows the activity for “eating healthy.” It seems that “exercise” is getting a lot more news media and search activity than “eating healthy.”

For me, exercise was the first step. I had decided to never diet ever again and I was just going to concentrate on walking and running. I was going to be strong and active, even if I was going to be fat. I lost a little bit of weight from this determination.

It wasn’t until I learned how to truly eat healthy, however, that I started to lose weight. It’s a two-fisted approach. Just eating healthy might help you lose weight. Just exercising might help you lose weight. Both together and you are guaranteed.

So why is “exercise” so much more popular in the searches and news articles than “eating healthy?”

Because exercise can be fun and eating healthy just sounds boring…

There are so many ways to be active that are truly fun, but no one has really come up with a way for eating healthy to be enjoyable. It seems like eating healthy is just a matter of taking away “good” things from our lives instead of giving us a benefit like stronger bodies.

Tune in tomorrow to find out why I think eating healthy can be fun.


5 Responses to “Exercise VS. Eating Healthy”

  1. vh Says:

    If there was only a way to make eating healthy fun.

  2. Jewel Says:

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  3. Picture it Says:

    Exercise was also the first step for me then eating healthy just seemed to fall into place after a few months. With the both into action, the weight just dropped. I ENJOY exercising but eating healthy all the time is hard for me. When I don’t eat right, exercise helps balance my weight until I begin to eat right again. For my sister, eating right is enjoyable and exercising is a done as a health issue. She has no weight problem with her plan.

  4. Helena Says:

    I eat very healthy. I am interested in healthy eating (I even have a blog about it) I exercise. I don’t think I ever typed “eating healthy” into google. I googled exercise very often (to find specific exercises, to find benefits of exercise, to find information about exercise). For healthy eating information I would google “fat free recipes” or “health benefits kale” or something like that. The search requests often would not include the phrase “healthy eating”.

    I know many people who want to lose weight without exercise. For them, eating healthy is easier, exercise is daunting. The google trends thing can be fun, but I think it is wise to not jump to conclusions.

  5. Laura Moncur Says:

    Excellent point, Helena. I should have tried some other search words like “diet” instead “healthy eating.”

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