How to Have a Healthy BBQ

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This holiday is full of fun and fire and food. I used to feel left out whenever I heard that our family was having a BBQ. I didn’t know how to survive the meal without feeling left out or sacrificing my eating habits. It took me a couple of years to learn how to go to a BBQ, have fun and food without giving up on my healthy eating for the day.

  • Bring Your Own Food – If you’re not in charge of the BBQ, you’re probably bringing a side dish of some sort, so that is one thing that you can KNOW will be healthy. I usually bring a fresh veggie platter. I also bring my own food to go on the grill. I’ve found that everyone is very grateful when I bring extra food. I was so scared that they would be insulted, but instead, they are excited to see what you are going to put on the grill.

  • What to Bring – I like to bring fat free hot dogs that are about 50 calories apiece. Several brands make them. Find your favorite. I also bring my own hot dog buns. I don’t want to waste 250 calories when I know that I can have a bun for 100 calories. Don’t leave yourself at the mercy of what your host bought. I also bring some veggies for grilling. My favorites are: spaghetti squash, zucchini, yellow squash, onions and tomatoes. They all taste great after being grilled, especially with a little garlic on them.

  • What to Avoid – I avoid anything with mayonnaise. This is because I don’t want to get food poisoning (once is enough), but it has the added benefit of keeping my calories low. I also steer clear of the potato chip bags. It’s too easy to reach in and pull out one after another.

  • What to Eat – The fruit and fresh vegetables are safe as long as you don’t eat the dip. Stick with your fat free hot dogs and grilled vegetables and you’ll feel full and satisfied. As always enjoy the watermelon!

Don’t lie to yourself! There is a small voice in the back of your head saying, “It’s just one day. I don’t want to miss out on the fun. I deserve to celebrate.” If you hear those voices, refer to my entry on how to Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day. It will tell you why those are lies.

You can survive this holiday and enjoy the fun, fire and HEALTHY food!


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