TACX Virtual Reality Bicycle Trainers

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TACX VR TrainerLaura wrote about the Reebok Cyber Rider last week. If you’re looking for an alternative and have an unlimited budget, you might want to try one of TACX’s VR Trainers instead. These use a combination of software (for the PC) and a steering frame—you add the bicycle—to simulate cycling. Their new Fortius model will include a motor and brake that rotate or stop your rear tire to simulate uphill and downhill rides.

You’ll need over $1000 and a compatible bike to set this up, so it’s a serious expense—I suppose this is intended to target professional bicyclists rather than ordinary “exergaming” consumers, but it looks like a very professional product. The TACX website, by contrast, is nearly worthless, so you’ll probably find out more from this PDF catalog.

Via Engadget, which also mentions that the Fortius sends the power generated by your exercise back into the grid so it can power your other appliances—I don’t think the power you generate will be significant unless you’re a very obsessive biker, but if lowering the electric bill motivates you to exercise, more power to you.


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  1. g.l. tate Says:

    does the industry not have a stationary bike system with v/r helmet and interactive system combined ?

  2. Laura Moncur Says:

    g.I. tate,

    No, when they told us that we’d have virtual reality in the new millennium, they LIED. Oh, and we don’t have flying cars, either. I’m a little teed off at that, too.

    If you ever find a company that DOES have a stationary bicycle and a virtual reality helmet combined, could you email me about it?


  3. Zenah Khawaja Says:

    Hi Laura,

    We are working on a system using a projection based display. We are on Twitter @semiautomatic3d. We are on the Web at http://semiautomatic3d.com

    Please let me know in case further info would be of value.


    Zenah Khawaja

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