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I’ve still been thinking about getting a personal trainer. The more I learn about exercise, the less I’m willing to get a personal trainer. The more I go to the gym and see the weird exercises that the personal trainers make their clients do, the less I’m willing to spend my money on one. I’m looking for someone who will tell me what I have to do to finish a 5K near the front of the pack. How do I find one?

This article gives me a good idea of what to look for, but the most important piece of advice she gives is, “Get a referral from a friend who’s had success in reaching their goals with a personal trainer.” That’s the position I’m in now. I don’t know anyone who has hired a personal trainer and really liked them. I’m back to square one…


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  1. Mark Says:

    It sounds like you’re in less need of a trainer and more need of a mentor. If there are any specific 5k events you’re interested in, find out who sponsored the event & who finished in the top 10 over the last several years. If you can get acquainted with some of these people you’ll probably get more practical advice on what you need to do at this point in your training. One of them may even recommend a personal trainer that helped them get to the front of the pack. Most important of all is to remind yourself that the fact that you are training for a 5k already puts you at the front of the pack of the general population! Keep yourself motivated, keep your workouts safe, and remember to be thankful that you were blessed with the health that you have. Good luck with your training!

  2. Ellie Says:

    Don’t know about where you live, but in San Diego there are lots of running coaches and race training groups. Sometimes a group thing isn’t very expensive, as the cost is distributed, and you get a great coach to lead and motivate. You might want to try meetup.com or active.com.

    On choosing a trainer – I have always had great experiences working with professionals and have always learned a lot from them. Reaching my goals has been more about me, my behavior, and my choices. A trainer just gives me the ability to push harder and be more efficient in the gym. I can lift more weight when my form is being watched and I have a spot – despite being a woman, I DO want bigger biceps, as bigger biceps, triceps, and delts mean more strength and vitality, and that means better quality of life for me over the long haul.

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