Sunny Thoughts

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Sunny ThoughtsSunny Thoughts is a daily podcast that is so constructive. It doesn’t have anything to do with weight loss, but it is a nice resource for a daily positive affirmation. This is one of my favorites right now:

Sunny Hill’s voice is a perfect start for your day. Just listen to one of his affirmations every day and you will feel happier. The best thing is that he keeps the affirmations short and sweet, so you won’t fill your iPod up.


Multivitamin Hazard

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Do you really know what’s in your multi-vitamin? Unfortunately, Kicker Vencill didn’t. He was a 2004 Olympic Swimming hopeful who failed his urine test. He insisted that he had not taken steroids. The athletic community rolled its eyes at him and restricted him from competing for four years.

The truth was, he didn’t take steroids. His multi-vitamin, Super Complete, produced by Ultimate Nutrition, was found to be tainted with 19-norandrosterone. He just won a lawsuit against the company and his ban has been transmuted to two years.

Good luck at the trials for 2008, Kicker!

Via: Consumer Health Digest – May 17, 2005


Plus-Sized Yoga

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When I work out with Maya, some yoga poses she gives me are difficult for me to perform. It doesn’t help matters that Maya is a perfect computer generated woman who never trips or loses her balance. Here’s a story about a yoga instructor that I could actually warm up to:

Every day, I ride past a yoga studio. In the evenings, the parking lot is packed. I wonder if the classes have something more than exercise videos. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfortable enough to go into that studio.


The Fat Girl’s Guide To Life

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The Fat Girl's Guide to LifeThis is not a diet book. This is not an exercise book. This is the first step to a healthier life.

This book will tell you that it’s just fine to stay fat. The author will quote the averages and help you realize that over half the nation is overweight. She will challenge the idea that being overweight will shorten your life. I love this book. I don’t agree with everything she says, but this book is the first essential step to getting healthy.

About a year before I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting, I decided that I was going to stay fat. I decided to never diet again. I decided that I would just eat what I want and exercise when I wanted. Without knowing it, I went on Margaret Cho’s F**k It Diet. I decided to become a Fat Girl.

There was something healing and liberating that happened to my mind when I decided to love myself as I am. Truly allowing myself to be me and truly accepting my body as it was helped me to get to where I am today. After a few months on the F**k It Diet, I realized that I didn’t enjoy eating the way I was. Sure, I liked eating the food, but I didn’t like feeling too full. I didn’t like the gastrointestinal effects of the food I was eating. When it stopped being about dieting and started being about feeling good, I started eating healthier.

At one point, I realized that I had no idea how to eat healthy. That was part of the reason I joined Weight Watchers. The other part was the support. Changing habits is difficult, even if you really want to change them. I needed to have a weekly booster shot of ideas and motivation. I still do.

So, you’ve decided to be a Fat Girl? I say great! Deciding to be a Fat Girl was my first step toward treating myself with more respect.

Great Quotes from The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life by Wendy Shanker:

“Most fat people are afraid to go to yoga or dance class or the swim club or they gym because they think skinny people will be mean to them, or at least think mean thoughts about them. Well, okay, that’s legit. But you know what? It’s a gym, not a playground. You’re a grown-up, not a kindergartner. You are a strong enough person to get over it and do what you have to do for yourself. Screw everyone else.”

“No one deserves to be at the gym more than you do.”

“Any doctor who blames you for your disease has his or her priorities screwed up.”

“It’s time to stop thinking that someone knows something that don’t, that someone has an answer that is being withheld from you.”

“Fat and beautiful are not opposites. They do not cancel each other out. I am fat and beautiful.”


Karaoke Revolution Party (Xbox)

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OMG! New game from Komani! Karaoke Revolution Party! It combines singing AND dancing with the dance mat! Could I be any happier right now?!

Just when I think that there are no cool games for the Xbox and I’m eagerly awaiting PS3, they come out with this and totally blow things out of the water! I can’t wait until I can get my grimy paws on it.

Check out Ernie’s review of the game…


Ten Items to Scratch Off Your Grocery List

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This article from Homemakers.com gives a list of foods that you should not buy for your family when going to the grocery store and their reasons. They also provide healthy alternatives. This is their list of no-nos.

  • Soft Drinks
  • Potato Chips
  • Fruit-Flavoured Drinks
  • Donuts
  • Bacon
  • Pre-packaged Lunch Kits (i.e. Lunchables)
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Canned Lunchmeats (i.e. Spam)
  • Meat Pies

Seeing a list like this makes me want to eat those things. I agree with all the reasons that they are items that one should avoid, but I still want to eat some Spam now. It’s very rare when I crave an item on this list, but seeing them all here together makes me think about them. I prefer articles that tell me all the great and delicious stuff I CAN eat.


Juggling AND DDR: Someone Call Penn & Teller!

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DDR JugglerI feel like I get a good workout when I can play on the medium level of DDR. This kid amazes me!

I have no idea who this kid is or where he lives. Penn & Teller should hunt him down and feature him in their act in Vegas.

Via: Engadget – You’re not really any good at Dance Dance Revolution until you can play while juggling


Consumer Reports Give Fitness Tips

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Consumer Reports Online
When we decide to lose weight, we are vulnerable. There were times when I felt like I was willing to do ANYTHING to lose the weight. Companies prey on that. One way to find out whether a product is good or not is to find an independent reviewer to rate the product. That’s where Consumer Reports comes in.

Consumer Reports is a non-profit organization that rates everything under the sun from cars to blenders. They have a large selection of health and fitness ratings. Just recently they rated the popular diet plans, putting Weight Watchers, Slim-Fast and The Zone (men’s menu) at the highest and giving Atkins the lowest rating.

They are a subscription site, so to see their ratings, you have to pay a yearly or monthly fee. There are a couple of their articles that are free, however.

Each article is a simple introduction to its respective subject. The Stability Ball entry is really thorough with a few exercises demonstrated with descriptions and pictures. They are a good introduction to Consumer Reports as well. If you are planning on buying a piece of pricey exercise equipment and have no idea where to start, they are worth the one-time monthly fee to search their ratings. The $5 fee is the cost of one magazine, but you get to search four years of issues. Don’t get ripped off by cheap exercise products and unscrupulous nutritionists. Check it out before you buy it with Consumer Reports.

Via: Consumer Health Digest – May 10, 2005



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I was thinking about quitting Weight Watchers. It made perfect sense to me. I have been losing weight on my own. I don’t need to pay Weight Watchers to lose weight. I tried to explain it to Mike, but he floored me with his answer: “You’re not paying to lose weight. You’re paying for support.”

He’s right. All those people who are angry at Weight Watchers because they paid all that money and didn’t lose the weight need to remember that they weren’t paying for results; they were paying for support. You still have to do the work.

You’re not paying for an eating plan, either. No matter how much Weight Watchers tries to protect their patent on their Flex Points System, it’s not what you are paying for. Those books and the Points Slider are worthless if you don’t use them. If you are willing to follow a program, you can find a healthy plan that’s online and free.

Going to Weight Watchers is a weekly renewal of your commitment to yourself. It’s a reiteration of your goals and desires. It’s a chance to connect with others that feel the same way you do. You could do this for free also, but you would have to set up the time and find a place to meet. You’re paying for the support and the weekly fee is cheaper than the cover charge to most bars.

As you can imagine, my butt was on the scale the next morning at my Weight Watchers meeting.


Running Personal Trainer

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I’ve still been thinking about getting a personal trainer. The more I learn about exercise, the less I’m willing to get a personal trainer. The more I go to the gym and see the weird exercises that the personal trainers make their clients do, the less I’m willing to spend my money on one. I’m looking for someone who will tell me what I have to do to finish a 5K near the front of the pack. How do I find one?

This article gives me a good idea of what to look for, but the most important piece of advice she gives is, “Get a referral from a friend who’s had success in reaching their goals with a personal trainer.” That’s the position I’m in now. I don’t know anyone who has hired a personal trainer and really liked them. I’m back to square one…

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