Color Run Las Vegas – Join Me and Save Five Bucks!

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I am running the Color Run in Las Vegas on February 28th next month!

If you don’t know what the Color Run is, here is a video:

Color Run AmbassadorYes, it’s the race where they throw crap on you while you’re trying to run a 5K…

It actually looks like a lot of fun and according to my friends who have done it, it is. I am excited to run it and I’m hoping you can come along. Heck, it’s in Vegas at the BEST time of the year for that city, winter!

I joined the team, “Electric Sunshine.” I have no idea what team that is or what they stand for, but it sounded hopeful to me, so I joined that one. If you want to be on my team, join Electric Sunshine and you’ll save some money.

If you use this code: LASVEGAS You’ll get another five dollars off the race entry fee.

Come run with me in Las Vegas!


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