It’s All Salt Water Like Us

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At La Jolla Beach, back in 2007, I found this bit of graffiti attached to a sign.

It's All Salt Water Like Us from Starling Fitness

It reads:

It’s all salt water like us

It reminds me of the quote from Seven Gothic Tales, written by Isak Dinesen in 1934:

The cure for anything is salt water... tears, sweat or the sea. Isak Dinesen from The Quotations Page

The cure for anything is the sea… tears, sweat or the sea.

When she wrote that phrase, I’m sure she had some connection with the sea that we, desert dwellers, just don’t understand. Sure, we are awed by the sea, but it has never healed us. We just don’t spend enough time around it.

The coral sands of the desert are more like a sand blaster, wearing us down until we desiccate.

As far as tears and sweat they have healed me more than I can say.


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