Lose Weight with Humility: Rediscover A Sense of Wonder

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According to wikiHow, the last way to learn how to be humble is to rediscover a sense of wonder.

Lose Weight with Humility - Rediscover A Sense of Wonder from Starling Fitness

Every time I have searched with a child-like wonder, I have been rewarded with weight loss success, so keeping that alive is vital.

You Haven’t Seen It All.

This one is the hardest for me and it falls back to the accepting my limitations section. EVERY day, nutritionists, doctors and scientists are working on this problem of obesity. There is NO way I can keep up with all they have discovered, so I need to keep an open mind when I read new articles, studies and ideas. I haven’t seen it all and maybe there is something new to learn or see there.

React to Conflict with Gentleness.

So many of my backslides have been caused by dealing with conflict and negative emotions with food. Practicing gentleness helps me stop eating away my bad feelings and helps me to DEAL with them. Most people who I have had conflict with have reacted quite positively when I calmly respond. There is a slim percentage of people who think that sort of reaction is an invitation to more abuse and those folks need to be excised from your life. For everyone else, people react far more positively when you are kind, gentle and respectful.

Spend More Time in Nature.

This is HARD to preach in the dead of winter, but spending time OUTSIDE will help you. It’s not just the exercise that is beneficial when I hike the mountains, walk the beach or paddle the lake. The sheer beauty of nature is enough to let all negative emotions dissipate. For someone like me, who eats all her feelings away, finding other ways to deal with negative emotions feels like a miracle.


Science has shown that meditation changes the human brain, making it calmer and more resilient. Believe me, it’s difficult to do. I’ve talked about it on my personal blog here:

Taking fifteen minutes every day to think about nothing has helped me handle those stressful food situations.

Spend More Time with Children.

Who has not been humbled by our own lack of knowledge when faced with the barrages of “why” questions from a child? It’s a stunning example of my own limitations. I don’t know everything, but I can at least try to find things out. Additionally, sometimes kids know what to do better than I do. They don’t exercise, they PLAY! Adding more play into my life is the perfect way to keep that sense of wonder alive.

Rediscover A Sense of Wonder.

Keeping humility strong within me is a struggle, but one I’m willing to work at.

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