Lose Weight with Humility: Appreciating Others

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According to wikiHow, the second way to learn how to be humble is to appreciate others.

Lose Weight with Humility - Appreciating Others from Starling Fitness

This aspect of humility has given me the most trouble, especially on Starling Fitness.

Appreciate The Talents of Others.

There is a lot to be said about recognizing the successes of other people. I have posted a few entries about the weight loss of celebrities here, but never from ordinary people. I’ve never asked you to share your weight loss stories with me to post here. I find them inspiring, but I feel an incredible shame that I have never even ASKED you to share your stories with me.

That all stops now. If you have had great success at weight loss, tell me about it here:

I will contact you for pictures and post your success right here on Starling Fitness.

STOP Comparing Yourself to Others.

I’ve talked about this before here:

Every time I have let jealousy be a driving factor in my weight loss, I have failed. Comparing my weight loss with other people has hurt me. Comparing my food logs with other people has hurt me. Comparing my food plan with other people has hurt me. It’s not the losses, the food logs or plans that have hurt me. It’s the comparison.

Listen To And Take Advice.

People come out of the woodwork when you tell them that you’re trying to lose weight. I have always just nodded politely and let them tell me about their great plan, but lately, I’ve take a different approach that has helped me. I LISTEN to them. Almost every bit of advice given was given with love and caring, so I listen to it and follow it to the best of my ability.

Let Go of Preconceived Notions.

Scientists are taught to create theories, but let go of the outcome of the experiment. We may believe something is true and find that the data for the experiment shows an entirely different outcome. The same is true for us. If I let go of all my thoughts and theories about weight loss and let the DATA speak for itself, then I will know if I am following the proper food plan or not. Am I losing weight? Am I constantly hungry? Can I forget about food for even ONE minute of the day? Letting go of all my ideas about weight loss and looking at the answers to these questions is a far more effective way to live.

Treat Everyone As A Teacher.

This corresponds to the Listen To And Take Advice section. There are times when I sincerely do NOT know what to do. I have been in a panic about a meal or a situation. Every time that I have turned to Twitter, Facebook or even my friends on Lose It, I end up with people who have helped me with my problem. Being willing to accept that I don’t know everything and maybe someone out there does, has helped me in the past. The scientific term for that concept is crowd-sourcing and it is a tool that can direct you in ways you may have never thought of before.

Appreciating Others

I feel the worst about how little I have even THOUGHT about others, except to compare myself to them. It is the aspect of humility where I need the most work, and I am willing to do it.

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