Don’t Give Up

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I needed a good motivational picture of a girl running with the words “Don’t Give Up” on it for my wall in front of my treadmill. I made one for myself, so here it is for you as well.

Don't Give Up from Starling Fitness

If you click on it, you can get the full-sized version. I found the picture on Flickr here:

I looked FOREVER for a good “Don’t Give Up” picture for my wall, but they are either too wordy…

Don't give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation push harder. from Starling Fitness

Or just the words all by themselves…

Don't Give Up from Starling Fitness

Or too much Jesus…

Don't Give Up from Starling Fitness

This one was REALLY close, but when I’m running on the treadmill, I’m not really inspired by kick boxers.

Don't Ever Give Up from Starling Fitness

Or not exactly what I was looking for…

Don't Give Up from Starling Fitness

I don’t know exactly what stacking stones has to do with perseverance. I kind of think that things that make me want to give up actually have a USEFUL purpose and stacking stones isn’t really a useful activity, so it really didn’t help me.

I just wanted something SIMPLE that said “Don’t Give Up,” so I had to make one myself. I hope you like it.

Update 06-11-13: I found another one on MotiveWeight:

Never Give Up from Starling Fitness


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