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As you know, I’m a big proponent of riding your bike to work and for doing your errands. It looks like my hometown is trying to make using a bike easier by instituting a bike share program.

GREENbike SLC bike sharing from Starling Fitness

A Bike Share program is a network of many Bike Share stations, where members can take ANY bike, from ANY station, as many times as they like for a small membership fee. A 24-hour Access Pass, 7-day or Annual Membership lets you take UNLIMITED 30 min. trips at no extra charge!

Every time you dock a bike, you get a fresh 30 min. If you keep one bike out longer than 30 min you get charged a usage fee. AND WE DON’T WANT THAT!

Instead of renting one specific bike (bike rental), your GREENbike Membership gives you access to ALL THE BIKES at every downtown Bike Share station.

If you’re not riding your GREENbike, don’t chain it up somewhere or keep it in your office. Return your GREENbike to ANY Bike Share station so someone else can take a ride.

It’s actually a pretty good idea. Here is a short video showing how you would access the bike.

Considering how badly many of the bike riders in Utah navigate the roads, they have created some videos showing how to make a left turn or a Copenhagen Left.

I think a bike sharing program is a good idea, but I’m sad to see how few stations there are. They are all focused downtown. The Salt Lake Valley is a big place. What we REALLY need are separate, dedicated pathways to ride our bikes where we don’t have to worry about getting squished by cars.

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