Your Greatest Competition Is Yourself

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I love this animated GIF from everyday i’m workin’ it.

Your Greatest Competition Is Yourself from Starling Fitness

It reads:

Your greatest competition is yourself.

It’s true. When I compare myself to others, I always defeat myself. I get so discouraged that I don’t want to continue. But, when I compare myself to how I was yesterday, it’s easy to beat that goal. If I focus on beating my past self, then I feel motivated and keep on task a lot longer.


The only person standing in your way is you.

The only one in your way is you from Starling Fitness

The next time you’re feeling down because you want to look like or do something that someone else can do, STOP it. Remember yourself from two months ago, are you better now? If not, get off your butt and make that happen. You can beat your best score or longest exercise streak. The game of comparing yourself to others, however, is one you can never win.

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