A Running Shower

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I love this image from an Asics postcard I got in my SWAG bag for the SLC 5K. She’s titled Sadness:

Asics Runner Sadness

It’s like running (or any strenuous exercise) gives you a mental shower, washing away all the negative emotions and feelings. I’ve felt that effect before, but I have never depended on exercise to provide a release. I am still using food when I am feeling bad. It’s time I got into the habit of going out for a run or bike ride every time I feel like turning to food when I’m not hungry.

Here are the three other runners from Asics.


Asics Runner Stress


Asics Runner Worry


Asics Runner Anxiety


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  1. Becca Says:

    Amazing and inspiring photos… Thank you so much for sharing those. OMG i’m speechless!!

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