Fast Food from a Feed Bag

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The Onion’s parodies slice a little too close to reality for me. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are a joke or not. Take this fast food feed bag story, for example:

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

The thought of eating food from a bag strapped to my face sounds entirely unappetizing to me, so I know that something like this will never take off. Just like the 1950’s ideal of getting all of our nutrition from food pellets (Space Food Sticks and Astronaut Food). If I can’t see the food, or if it looks gross, I can’t enjoy it. Sometimes I feel like I eat more with my eyes than my digestive system.

Will the fast food bag ever become an eating trend? I doubt it. It’s an inventive commentary about the “gluttony” of the American public, but it’s written by someone who has never been tempted by that deadly sin.

Via: Would You Eat Fast Food From a Feedbag?


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