Super Slim Me: Part Four

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This week, Dawn poses as a modeling agency who wants to hire girls. How far will these girls go to get a modeling job?

Dawn is in her fifth week of the 500 calorie restriction and she isn’t feeling well:

“I feel like I’m drunk all the time. I just want some food.”

During this episode, she tries the Master Cleanse lemonade diet and the Cabbage Soup diet. The soup didn’t work well for her:

“I’m so bored of this. And sure, I probably lost a few pounds, but my tummy is so swollen. And the side effects are slightly unsociable. I’ve got terrible farts. My cat won’t sit with me and she certainly won’t sleep in my bed.”

At week six, she has a skinny Christmas and a dire conversation with her doctor. The doctor wants her to stop the diet, but she wants to continue the experiment until the end.

Tune in next week to see what Dawn has collected from newspapers, tabloids and magazines.


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  1. kilax Says:

    I can’t believe she did it at Christmastime! Oh my gosh!

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