MissBHavens Tries Stevia

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MissBHavens Tries SteviaThe unstoppable MissBHavens started the new year with a modified South Beach plan. She is cutting out some carbohydrates in her diet and she thought she would try Stevia with her coffee. Unfortunately, the results weren’t even near to palatable for her.

One thing that tripped me up last time was that I have a zero tolerance policy for artificial sweeteners. They’re vile. I’ve tried Equal, Splenda, Sweet n’ Low and even the 50/50 Splenda/sugar baking blend to no avail. They’re hellagross.

Stevia? I had high hopes.

The sh*t is nasty. It makes my coffee taste contaminated.

Honestly, out of all the sweeteners, I like Stevia the best. They all have a sickly sweet taste. They all taste wrong when compared to sugar. In the end, it might be better to just give up coffee altogether, MissBHavens. After my fights with caffeine, I am to the point where I won’t touch the stuff.

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