Hunger Personified

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I LOVE this commercial for the new Weight Watchers plan:

I’ve always felt at war with the part of myself that wants to eat EVERYTHING. Seeing hunger personified by that furry orange thing was so motivating to me. It was like Weight Watchers gave a body to the demon that has haunted me my entire life. With that fluffy and orange body, it is so much easier to see the constant desire to binge as a pathetic monster that needs to be ignored and shunned.

Via: Funnymoods: Weight Watchers has a new program and it’s called Momentum


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  1. Flo Says:

    I’ve been seeing these commercials since the beginning of the year. I do love the little orange guy, but the words still tick me off. I’ve done WW for years and overall I think it’s a fabulous program, but I’ve always been upset that they focus so much on the points/calories of an item and not the nutritional value. Core helped that a lot and Core was what help me get off processed foods. I think the Momentum program takes it the next step and is a great idea. But it’s almost like they still don’t get it. In one of these commercials they say that you eat filling foods so you won’t eat when you’re bored. Huh?? If I could stop my emotional eating just by being full I would not have the weight issues I do. I can be very full and still eat because I’m bored,happy, unhappy, angry, etc. So I still think they are missing the point just a touch. It’s not as easy as being full.

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