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Click to see full size ad1984 was one of those strange times when being too skinny was still a problem. Now, too skinny means anorexic in the fashion industry and even though they pretend to think that’s bad, they would NEVER advertise a product to rectify that “problem.”

So, this ad for Wate-On is a strange thing to see now. The ad reads:


Skinny because you don’t eat right? Let WATE-ON help fill out, shape your entire body. WATE-ON has extra calories under weights need plus vitamins, minerals and energy nutrients. Users report gains of 5-10-15 pounds and more. Try WATE-ON or extra strength Super WATE-ON in liquid, tablets or tonic or shake forms. At drug stores everywhere. For a free guide to successful weight-gaining, write.

Here are some other ads for Wate-On:

Click to see full size adUntil recently it was actually still available:

Based on its ingredients, it looks like an expensive version of Ensure.

Active Ingredients: Per 2 Tablespoons (30 mL): Total Fat (Saturated Fat 2.5g) 15g; Sodium 10 mg; Total Carbohydrate (Sugar 2g) 5g; Vitamin A 2000 IU; Vitamin C 20 mg; Vitamin D 200 IU; Vitamin E 15 IU; Thiamin 0.75 mg; Riboflavin 0.51 mg; Niacin 10 mg; Vitamin B6 1 mg; Vitamin B12 3 mcg; Biotin 0.015 mg; Pantothenic Acid 5 mg; Iron 9 mg; Zinc 7 mg; Copper 1 mg.
Inactive Ingredients: Hydrogenated Stabilized Soybean Oil; Water; Sugar; Propylene Glycol; Polyoxyethylene 20 Sorbitan Monolaurate; Sorbitan Monostearate; Xanthan Gum; Methyl Paraben; Sorbic Acid; Artificial Flavoring; Propyl Paraben; Ferric Citrate; Niacinamide; Panthenol; Pyridoxine Hydrochloride; Riboflavin 5 Phosphate; Thiamin Hydrochloride; Calciferol; Vitamin A Palmitate; Ascorbic Acid; dl-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate; Biotin FFC; Copper Sulfate; Zinc Oxide; Artificial Color; Butylated Hydroxytoluene; Cyanocobalamin.

The common thread to all of the advertisements are women with big breasts. I wonder if being “too skinny” is just a euphemism for being flat-chested. There are companies out there trying to take your money to make you thinner and others waiting to take your money when you get too skinny. Don’t let yourself be tempted by their promises.


21 Responses to “Wate-On”

  1. Shanda Says:

    For all those women out there who’ve felt less than because of their weight. The wait is over! This is the best product I’ve ever come across. I gained weight in no time at all. This product really works! Become the woman you’ve always wanted to be with Wate-On!

  2. Miranda Says:

    Apparently Wate-On was advertised for men, too. I have an old issue of “People” magazine celebrating the then-upcoming marriage of Di to Charles, and the ad inside for Wate-On features a not-skinny/not-buff young man with a girl hanging all over him.

  3. uwa Says:

    how long will one expect to start seeing changes after taking wate on? Because, i ‘ve taken a bottle of wate on & there is still no changes.

  4. Rose Says:

    Hi everyone. I have been trying to purchase this product but havent had any luck finding it. Where can i buy it? Thanks!

  5. Vivian Says:

    Yes, how long does it take to notice a differnt in weight gain?

  6. carolyn shannon Says:

    can you still purchase this anywhere?

  7. V. Tuttle Says:

    Hi, I am a college student who is doing research on Wate-On ads. I was wondering if you remember where you saw these ads (as in what print media they originially appeared in). You have found some wonderful examples, but in order for me to be able to use them, I must know when/where they originate from.

    Please, if you remember anything at all it would be incredibly helpful.



  8. Debbie K Says:

    Hello. I am a former media buyer for United Advertising Cos., Inc. that placed the Wate-On ads many years ago. The Fleetwood Company developed and manufactured Wate-On for many years selling throughout the U.S. thru major drug store chains. Advertisements for Wate-On could be found in many popular magazines geared to the 18-34 year old market i.e. Glamour, Fitness Magazine. Much of the advertising was on radio stations that targeted the 18-34 age group with heavy emphasis during the Summer months. Raquel Welch, believe it or not, was actually one of the Wate-On models. Hope this was helpful to you. Any other questions, please feel free to ask.

  9. Phil Says:

    @V. Tuttle: Those ads were in pretty much every popular print publication from the early sixties till about the mid eighties. I remember seeing them in comic books in the seventies when I was a kid (spider-man, X-men, etc.).

  10. Kats Says:

    These adverts were popular in the UK too, in girls’ magazines like Blue Jeans and Jackie, around 1979. As a skinny 14 year old I remember asking my mum if I could buy some – luckily she refused. If only I had that problem these days!

  11. Pamela Says:

    I just took two teaspoonful and want to know how long i will notice change in my body. I am slim,i want to be curvy,fleshy little. Thank you,waiting for your reply

  12. Precious Says:

    How long does it take to have effect? av been taking it for like 4days now, no effect


    I am living in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia.I would like to know from where i can purchase super wate on product in Riyadh.

  14. tashia Says:

    can you tell me where u purchased wateon?

  15. Kyle Obergfell Says:

    I am a male survivor of this disgusting product. It tasted beyond awful.. If someone barfed in my mouth.. it would have been an improvement.

    And it was useless. I grew out of it.. but I’m sure this has also been as equally… if not much more.. an issue that affects teenage males, like it did me.

  16. Danette Says:

    I used to take wate-on every summer and it works fine i always gain 10 to 15 pounds every summer. I only took it in the summer so i could look good in my summer clothes. I wish I could find it now. I don’t need it now myself, but my grand daughter needs it.If anyone know where i can get this PLEASE let me know

  17. Linda Says:

    The reason this stuff makes you gain weight is because of the hydroginated soybean oil. The fat you will gain is unhealthy and it could easily damage your heart and liver. If you want to gain HEALTHY weight, try extra virgin coconut oil.

  18. sasha Says:

    I am 5’6 and I weigh only 100. I really really need to gain weight. I drink Ensure but it hasn’t worked. please tell me WHERE I can find this super wate-on.

    It’s so hard to find clothes that fit and I want to look good not skinny. I feel very insecure as to my body image. Thanks!!

  19. Two-Ton Annie Says:

    I went from skinny to strikingly gorgeous with a little trick that I learned from my obese friends. If you eat a minimum of twelve cheeseburgers per day along with a large order of fries, you will add the weight that you desperately need to fill out your sexy summer swim suit. For a bit more weight, add a gallon of ice cream to your diet daily and wash it down with at least 2 or 4 liters of Coke or Pepsi. Buuuurp!…Good luck!


    In 1 month, i saw my body changing … 2 months, i had boobs again,,,

  21. Jacques Says:

    My new girlfriend of that time looked pretty good and chubby enough for a skinny guy that I used to be. She told me she used a product called Wate-On and that in a week, with half the bottle she changed from skinny to the pretty looking chick I saw. So I gave it a try myself. I didn’t get fat. But I looked pretty good and for the first time, I had bums and chest. It seems to work better on females. But it did help me too.

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