Treadmill Fights Back

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No matter how bad your workout was today, at least your treadmill didn’t beat you up.

I was worried that this girl might be hurt, but she was laughing so hard that she must have just gotten a little tread burn.

When was the last time you laughed this hard when you were running on the treadmill? Next time your workout feels like a drudgery, remember these two girls just playing with the treadmill like it’s a toy instead of a tool.


One Response to “Treadmill Fights Back”

  1. Pregnant Exercise Says:

    Oh, that is too funny!

    Okay, is the lesson here that your treadmill is out to get you if you are not careful, or that your treadmill is a toy.

    I’m going with it’s a fun toy that I enjoy “playing with”.

    Remember, my treadmill is a fun toy…my treadmill is a fun toy…my treadmill is a fun toy.


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