Complete Running Reviews the Nike+ Sportband

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Nike+ SportsBand

Nora at Complete Running wrote a review of the Nike+ Sportsband. You can see it here:

Positive Aspects:

  • It can be used without having to be plugged in to music
  • It’s sleek and not heavy.
  • It tells displays time, distance, and pace.
  • At $59, it’s cheaper than a Garmin.

Negative Aspects:

  • The connectivity is not always great
  • Difficulty installing the software to work with the sportsband
  • If you don’t wear Nike shoes, you have to get creative.

I didn’t know that the Nike+ Sportsband didn’t use iTunes to sync with Nike+. THAT is the deal breaker on a gadget like this. When will Nike learn that they should leave the computer programming to Apple? They obviously didn’t learn it when they built their website and they are making the SAME mistake with the Nike+ Sportsband. If you are looking for something to log your runs, you’ll do better with an iPod Nano and the Nike+ kit instead.


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