Girdle Ads For Women Who Don’t Need Them

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1971 Girdle AdI remember my grandma wearing girdles like these. I’ll never forget how she described them, “I feel like a sausage.” I imagined what a sausage would feel like and to this day, her description has warned me against wearing girdles.

It’s easy to forget what a sausage feels like when I look at advertising, though. They never show girdles being worn by women who need them in advertisements. If they did, we would never buy one because I haven’t noticed that they do much more than make me feel like a sausage.

No matter what I wear, I can’t hide that I’m fat. The ONLY way to look better is to lose weight. No amount of money spent on undergarments will ever make me look as good as when I am thin.

Photo via: Found in Mom’s Basement: 1971 ad for Lovable girdles


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