Naked Jen: Get Naked With Your Body

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I have been lucky enough to get to know Naked Jen in person. Introduced online by a mutual friend, I learned that she would be moving to Salt Lake City. I was so happy to have such a revolutionary woman come to live in my hometown!

Jen really talked about what she was all about in this article from her website. Be warned, her blog is EXACTLY what it sounds like, so if you are reading this from work, you might want to wait until you go home to click on the link.

“But the reason I started writing Nakedjen, the reason I get naked and share the photos of myself on line, is because I want all of us to appreciate the bodies that we have. To love ourselves. Just the way that we are. All bodies are beautiful. Our media will have us believe otherwise, as many of us who pick up any big fat glossy magazine these days can attest.”

Like the rest of us bloggers, she regularly writes about everything that fill her life, but once a week, on Naked Fridays, she shares her body with the world. This week, she let me be the photographer and we got some beautiful shots of her at home. Here’s a work-safe photo that we can share.

Naked Jen 02-20-08 from Flickr

Next time the fashion and women’s magazines make you feel like you just don’t stack up, remember Naked Jen. She believes that you are beautiful and that you should love yourself just the way you are.


7 Responses to “Naked Jen: Get Naked With Your Body”

  1. B. Says:

    You two rock. Wow. Go Utah bloggers!

  2. Vi Says:

    I lovelovelove nakedJen!

  3. Megan Says:

    She reminds me of Carson Kressley’s new show “Do I Look Good Naked?” on Lifetime. I’ve only caught a couple of these… but WOW! I understand where these women are coming from.

    Love the post, Laura!

  4. Rapunzel Says:

    Lovely! Thanks so much for introducing me to NakedJen, you have both become daily additions to my favorite blog readings.

  5. Bonnie Says:

    I’ve only been reading her blog for a month or so, but I find it uplifting and honest. Good on you for recommending it. It’s a struggle for those of us not perfect to be comfortable in our own skin, and she manages to convey that sense with humor and honesty.

  6. Raphael Says:

    I just came upon this website by pure accident. With due respect and no disrespect intended, the woman in the photo above is absolutely breathtaking. Power to her for having the courage to share her natural beauty

  7. mike Says:

    I did not know about her or you for that matter until I came here by accident, but for what it is worth, she is really lovely and I am totally turned on by the smile.

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