Nicole Lee Gets The Perfect Running Shoes

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Nicole Lee bought the new iPod Nano with video and a Nike+ running kit to go along with it. Unfortunately, the Nike+ running shoes were killing her feet:

She decided to go to a specialized running store to have her feet fitted to the perfect running shoe:

On the Run from Flickr

This was the procedure: They measure your bare feet. Then they ask you to roll up your pant leg, and walk around as they look at your gait, posture, and so forth. After that, they get a sense of what your “problems” are — whether you over-pronate when you walk, or you tend to lean a little toward the left, etc (These guys are trained to notice these things).

He then placed them on my feet, and encouraged me to go walk around the store, run in place, even jog around the block and come back. And I have to say, these shoes are amazing. He even taught me a special “butterfly” lacing technique meant to secure the shoe further.

I don’t know why that whole procedure scares me so much. There is one of these stores in Salt Lake City and visiting it has been on my list of to-dos for a long time. I guess I’m scared of having these professionals judge my running and walking style. I felt more comfortable going to the Nike store in Las Vegas and running on their treadmill in front of the whole world to test the shoes than to be evaluated by a “professional.”

Not Nicole! Kudos to her for going in and getting the best running shoes for her feet!


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  1. SLB Says:

    You always build from the bottom up…

  2. Adria Says:

    I was terrified when I went. And I felt silly. But they see all kinds & the skinny girl half my age was genuinely happy for me that I was running. It wasn’t bad at all.

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