Acomplia Causes Suicidal Thoughts

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Another reason to go the healthy eating and exercise route to weight loss:

It looks like there has been a snap in the approval process for Accomplia:

The drug, which has been in development for some time and is already available for prescription in 18 countries under the name Acomplia, has proven quite successful in earlier trials, with patients consistently losing weight and keeping it off while also showing signs of better-regulated blood sugar and cholesterol levels. If approved, the drug will be marketed in the United States as the potential bestseller Zimulti. It was initially advertised as a double-purpose weight-loss/ smoking cessation aid, but in 2005 officials raised concerns when it came up for approval in that capacity due to a “lack of efficacy” and, again, possible psychiatric side-effects.

Don’t be the guinea pig. When this drug comes out, let everyone else try Accomplia and wait until it has been on the market for at least five years. Then you’ll know whether it works or not.


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