Treadmill Vs. Pavement

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It’s spring and I find myself going outside for my runs and walks lately. I’ve really enjoyed walking outside and I started wondering why I ever use my treadmill at all. I even started thinking that I wasn’t going to use it again.

That’s how long it took me to forget about winter… two weeks.

Two weeks of lovely weather and I have forsaken my beloved treadmill in favor of the great outdoors. I have to admit that I love exercising outside mostly because there is just so much interesting stuff going on. There are people to avoid, streets to cross, and lots of things to look at.

The other day, I took my camera with me on my walk and just clicked away. Here’s what I saw:

With this much to see outside, it’s no wonder that the treadmill holds no attraction for me. I’m just surprised at how quickly I have forgotten about the freezing winds and snow and wondering how long I can enjoy the beauty until the heat takes my breath and forces me back indoors.


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  1. Misty Says:

    We’ve been loving the warmer weather which allows us to get out with the stroller and take our long walks. Though we’re worried about scheduling them in the summer, when my husband likes to walk after dark, but Madeline (4 months old) is going to be in bed. Ah well we’ll figure it out!

    If you haven’t already seen this post, this is similar to what you have been saying:


  2. iportion Says:

    It’s warmer but I don’t feel like going outside.

  3. Ernie Says:

    Laura, you have a real eye for photographing beauty. Thanks for sharing!

    I live in Florida and it’s been getting warmer and warmer here. We don’t get anywhere near “freezing”, so we’re not against the same issue. My limitations related to weather are coming up quickly, when it gets too hot to stand it outside.

    The good news is that we got ourselves some bikes and those little carts that attach to the back for the kids. Hopefully, the wind in our faces will extend our desire to be outside.

    Thanks again for the great shots!

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