Question of the Week: What if it doesn’t matter?

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The more I live a healthy lifestyle, the more I realize that my harsh judgment of myself is what made me fat in the first place. In fact, I still find myself doing it on a regular basis. My incident with black toenail was caused by my judging myself. I decided that I had been running for so long that I should easily be doing six mile runs every day. I jumped up from two and three miles a day to six miles a day (with a good long 10 mile run thrown in there for good measure). What happened from this sudden increase in mileage? An injury that has kept me from running to this day. I still have my toenails, but they are hanging on my a thread. I don’t want to lose them, so it’s the stationary bike for me.

The big question is:

What if it doesn’t matter?

What if how much you weigh is much less important than how you treat yourself?

What if you treated yourself like a cherished child?

What would you tell that child if you noticed he/she was overweight?

Would you berate her/him like you have been yourself?

Next time you weigh yourself and start feeling angry because you didn’t lose as much as you wanted, STOP IT! Think of that hurt little child inside of you and just give him/her a freakin’ break. Take moment to be with that child and cherish her/him. That abused and damaged child within you has put up with many episodes of you starving and exercising beyond logic and health. Apologize for all you’ve done and just be nice to yourself.


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  1. Braid Wood Says:


    “What if how much you weigh is much less important than how you treat yourself?”

    I love those questions. Even asking those questions gives the space for there to be different, broader, more meaningful answers. Thank you.

  2. iportion Says:

    Thse are important questions

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