A Snowy Walk Outside

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I strapped my Nike+ to my Doc Martens and did my errands on foot yesterday. I have been walking and running on my treadmill religiously since I joined a couple of Nike + Challenges. Just seeing my name in second place makes me calculate the mileage I would have to do each day to overtake first place. It has been so motivating that I have been exercising a lot more than my body is used to.

In fact, muscle soreness is the only thing keeping me from running miles and miles. “If I could only do six miles today, I could beat the girl in first place,” my mind says to me. “Good luck with that, sucker!” is what my body responds. I do two or three miles as a rest day and my body still protests, “I was joking! You were supposed to REST today! That means NOT running!”

Level 3 on 12-20-06

If you had told me a month ago that I could do ten miles in one day and STILL feel like a failure, I would have laughed in your face. Before last week, I had never done a run/walk that long, yet it was still not enough to get me to first place. I must WANT to feel like a failure in sports because I’m in first place on my other challenge, but I just discount that one.

Race to the 31st on 12-22-06


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  1. iportion Says:

    I came in last place in the foot race. I didn’t fail. I tried.

    1. You tried your best
    2. Second place is a great accomplishment
    3. You came in first place in your other change. That’s nothing to sneeze at. You should give yourself a reward for that. You should reward yourself for second place as well. That is amazing.

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