Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet: Don’t Believe The Hype

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This is a commercial I found on YouTube for the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet. What these people are trying to sell you is overpriced maple syrup. What they don’t tell you is what being on the Lemonade Diet is really like. I can do that, however…

After Beyonce Knowles went public about her starvation diet while filming her latest movie, I decided to try the lemonade mostly to see how it tasted. I realized that if I went on a lemonade fast, I would end up bingeing in the end, but so many people were talking about it that I thought I should try it.

Research, I told myself.

All I lost was the weight of poo. Seriously, I hate to talk about it so vulgarly, but I lost five pounds while fasting, nothing more, even though I fasted for two weeks. The minute I started eating healthy again, the five pounds came back on.

Worse still, it took weeks of eating healthy and normal for my normal weight loss to resume. The reason why is that fasting puts your body into starvation mode. It takes a couple of weeks of healthy eating to convince your body that you’re NOT starving. Mine, it took a little longer than that.

The good thing is that I was able to survive the fasting experiment without bingeing, but it took a lot of inner workouts to prevent my MIND from going into starvation mode.

Next time you hear about some great diet that will take off five pounds in five days, just know that you aren’t losing five pounds of fat. You’re losing five pounds of water and stool, which will come right back when you go back to a healthy diet. Don’t believe the hype.

Update 03-04-07: I turned off comments on this post. Fasting of any sort is NOT a recommended course of action. Please read these entries on fasting from Quackwatch:

This quotation from Wikipedia is another testament to avoiding fasting:

“Short term fasting causes a starvation response that encourages the body to store fat once eating is resumed. This is one of the pitfalls of Yo-yo dieting. The starvation response is the switching of the body from carb fat energy generation to amino acid fat energy generation. The amino acids are synthesised from the breakdown of muscle tissue. Since muscle tissue is always metabolically active and requires energy to exist, the reduction of muscle tissue also reduces the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Basal metabolic rate is the absolute minimum energy requirement of your body while at rest. (Similar to a car’s fuel requirement when idling.) One of the effects of fasting is to reduce the body’s energy needs during times of scarcity (similar to turning the idle lower or replacing a big engine with a small engine). Thus, when the same amount of food is eaten, less of the calories are required for basal metabolism, the rest (a greater percentage than before the fast) is stored as fat.”

The people who have been commenting on this entry seem very well-intentioned, but are not qualified medical professionals. Taking their advise is not recommended.


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  1. iportion Says:

    I heard a lot of hype about the Beyonce weight loss but they ignore the fact she said it caused her to binge and she hated it. I am glad she admitted to being on the diet and hating it. Some celebrities would be to embarrassed to say they tried so. I admire that honesty.

    I do a short religious fast once a month never to lose weight but only when medically allowable. In fact I have to be extra careful because fasting makes me extra hungry. People want quick fixes and it’s temping but this diet seems unhealthy and way too expensive.

    PS The web commercial almost seems like a scary joke.

  2. Eunice Says:

    Any ‘diet’ is a short-term quick fix that doesn’t work. What you have to establish is ‘lifestyle’ and depriving yourself is guaranteed to fail. Eat smaller meals more frequently, include more fibre and GET MOVING! There’s no magic secret and it’s sustainable!

  3. Me Says:

    You are correct about the video, I presume, but very misguided about the benefits of fasting…. the weight loss is “stool” actually crap from the insides of your intestines and colon

  4. bonzy Says:

    I was just on my way to buy these ingredients needed for the master cleanse, but are you sayin that it doesnt work? i mean i was looking forward to loosing at least 10 pounds in two weeks, is it possible? is it possible any other way at all?

  5. Del Says:

    OK, there are different versions of the master cleanse out there. There are people that try to capitalize on marketing “overpriced maple syrup” and there are others that have spent lifetimes creating something that you can inexpensively get at almost any grocery store. Read Stanley Burroughs book (he is the one that developed the master cleanse in the first place) and see the grocery store version.

    I have done that version and I lost over 35 lbs in 30 days when I did it and I just did if for 4 1/2 days and my girlfriend and I can see VERY noticeably the reduction in fat on my body. Laura, if you only lost 5 lbs in two weeks, you were either doing something way different than I was or you had a really low body fat percentage before starting the fast. (I am 5’11” and went from 205 lbs to 170 lbs in one month…and kept it off for months and months until I got back into old bad habits.)

    The results from fasting are far reaching and far ranging. I feel it is truly a holistic pursuit as it strenghthes your body, mind, and spirit in many ways. I healed an abscess that I had for over 2 1/2 years, lost over 30 lbs, and felt great during and after the fast. I am not going to say fasting is not challenging but, like all things in life worth having, it is worth the “suffering” to get amazing results.

    All I can say is that if you read, read, read about the results unbiased people (i.e. not marketing or promoting any product) get, you will be blown away and probably unable to keep yourself from choosing the fast/clease that is right for you. Cheers all and have a Happy New Year!

  6. Sib Says:

    I’ve never tried this fast and I had some questions. Everyone seems to be using this fast as a weight loss diet. Are there any benefits other than weight loss? I wanted to try the diet because I thought it would eliminate toxins and give me sort of a clean slate or a boost as I begin a life of eating to live and not living to eat. If I don’t want to use this as a weight loss tool is it still worth it? I am 5’4 and 250 lbs.. I have enough common sense to know that fasting alone will not help me loose weight. I just wanted to here some of the positive effects of this fast BESIDES WEGHT LOSS before I tried it. Please share your experiences with me.

  7. melissa Says:

    sib, you should really do it. I am 5’7 and started the cleanse christmas day at 252lbs. Now I am on day 8 and 235lbs. I know all of it can’t be water weight. I am only doing it for 10 days to start my weight loss program and cleanse my body of all junk food. It’s the hardest thing i ever have done and I am sick of the lemonade now and find it hard to drink, but it’s all worth it.

  8. Pamela Says:

    I, too, started on Christmas Day. I don’t get on scales but, go strictly by my clothes and how they fit. I have clothes that range from size 10-16…..size 14+ being my latest. I tried on a size 12 skirt last night and it fit great. When I bought the skirt a month or so ago, I could barely get it over my hips and zipping it up was out of the question. I feel great, my skin is glowing, and I have no sugar or carb cravings. I am the queen of sugar and carbs so, for me to not have the cravings is major. If you’re not losing more than water weight on this diet…..somethings wrong. Go for it!!

  9. Val Says:

    On 01/01/07 I purchased the book by Mr Burroughs and began the diet. The benefits are truly holistic I was 180..Today which is my 4th day, I am 173….I feel energized and healthier..Iam going to stick with it

  10. liz Says:

    I’m a little scared about this diet, i really want to loose weight, I’m 5’2 and weight between 175-180..totally unhealthy. i’m starting the cleanse tonight..wish me luck. I’m also starting to work out during the fast because I’m the kind of person that needs to see results or else I’ll be soooo discourage. I hope this works…:(

  11. lovelyl Says:

    I read all these notes…wish me luck I’m 5’11 and 273lbs hoping to kick start my diet

  12. Dan Says:

    It’s not a DIET, it’s a cleanse. Read “Eat to Live” for a good diet

  13. Debra Says:

    I’m looking at doing this cleanse for the simple meaning of the “cleanse”. I’m 21 and I eat a lot of junk food and everyday I wake up I feel bloated and just clogged up. I’m 5’5 and i weigh 135, i wouldn’t mind loosing 5 vanity pounds but is it a good idea for me to do the cleanse as well because im not seeking the weight loss? Any advice?… I would love to start right away!

  14. MKH Says:

    My husband and I have been doing this fast for five years, once a year in July, for 7-10 days. It takes the weight we’ve gained over the year off and resets our taste buds to crave healthy food. Every year since starting, our diets gradually get healthier. This year we’re doing it twice, this time in January following too much holiday food. I think of it as a “food vacation”…after the holidays I’m tired of food!

    We have found that the fast can be manipulated to be even better for us. BROWN RICE SYRUP is cheaper that maple syrup and not so sweet. We use it as our main sweetener and use maple occasionally. Our water is first cooked with ginger slices and then cooled. Although lemons are our base, ordered in bulk in advance for a better price, it’s citrus season, so we’ve been making some drinks with squeezed grapefruit or orange accompanying the lemon. As for cayenne, my husband adds a lot, me just a touch, but lately I have been adding other spices, mainly cardamom or cinnamon. Being winter, we also drink a lot of herbal tea, which adds interest to the fast, and warmth to the body. Smooth Move at night and NO salt water bath in the morning for us.

    This fast has been miraculous, but why be strict, when you can manipulate it in little ways to make it more enjoyable? Today is day three and I have no cravings or hunger pangs..planning for two weeks total this time. I feel great! Good luck out there…

  15. Cica Says:

    I started the fast on Monday, January 8th and I am on day 3 today. I did not do the salt water flush yet but will start tomorrow. The laxative tea’s are just too intense for my body. I woke up at 4:00 am and did not go back to sleep till 6:00 am. Went to work late today but, I’ll have a 1/2 of a cup of the tea tonight. Feeling really good and everyone tells me that my eyes look clear and my skin. Iam 5 foot 3 and 128 and my weight today was 129, hopefully it will start going down. Tonight I am going to take a salt water bath also. Sweet dreams and good luck out there.

  16. poobegone Says:

    I am afraid, very afraid — not for myself, but for some of the people who’s posts I am reading. So, how did that NIGHTTIME SWF work for you Cica??!! I must say, that is the scariest part of all!! Please understand, I am not trying to flame you for doing this fast — I am doing it too, by the book. Why else and how else would I do it? Started on Tues, January 9, and I am doing great. I see noticeable improvements in my skin and eyes which were not too terribly bad to begin with. I feel more peaceful, although I was a little grumpy on days 2 and 3. I am not doing this for weight loss(I prefer exercise and the sauna for that), but I have lost approx 6 lbs. Knowing I will gain some weight back is fine. As far as binge eating after the fast, I think not! I love good tasting food (of varying qualities), some of which may not be the best for my health, but I have to rationalize that if I don’t change my eating habits to eat healthier after “eliminating toxins” from my system, why on earth would I deprive myself of food in the first place?! That doesn’t add up at all now does it?

  17. Meg Says:

    Hi everyone. Started reading about it yesterday. I am very excited and today I am going to buy the book. I am also working on my self steem with a coach. I know all my life I have been critical about my appearence. It always been my value is my weight. Cleaning your body is a great begining but the battle is one day at the time. Wish me luck.

  18. iya Says:

    if you do the fast for about 10 days about how many pounds can be lost? minimum?

  19. Jiitte Says:

    I have read pretty much everything from the book, to the online forums..magazines and anything else i could find on this “fast” I told my mother about it, and we are both starting it next week. I am purely doing it for the cleansing part, and about the weight loss. Well I figure that if I want to loose weight, I have to do it the hard proper way – work out and healthy eating-. I mean, can one honestly believe that a magical drink can make you slimmer.It all starts from you.

    My plan is this, od the cleansing, and start of fresh.Eat healthier, but not deprieve myself of “unhealthy food”..Simple use it as treats every now and then.

    No one needs to obsess with their weight and the food their eat, because isnt that called a eating disorder. Just eat normal with a better awareness, but no obsession.

    Good luck everyone! Sorry I remble on much lol

  20. renek Says:

    I bought the book and the ingredients 2 weeks ago but am officially starting the cleanse tomorrow. I have been using the Smoothe Move for about a week.

    There was a point a few years ago where I was very active and fit – but after my 4th and 5th child, coupled with the fact that I am in my late 30’s – the weight hasn’t come off. So – even though I DO need a cleanse and to start 2007 healthy – I have to admit that I AM doing this to lose weight. I am 5’2″ and 147 – my goal is to lose 30 pounds before my 40th birthday in June. I know I will not lose all of this on the cleanse BUT I definately need a jump start.

    Good Luck to everyone!!!

  21. David Says:

    I am starting this cleanse on Friday night. Giving me two days to aclimate myself to the regimine before going to work. I am fit, workout, and have a 12% bodyfat. I am only seeking this for the cleanse… knowing i will lose some weight but hopefully just the bad stuff from years of high-protein diet. The best thing already is I have weened myself off drinking 6-8 cans of diet soda a day. Begin the purge and bring on the surge… Get er done.

  22. Tim Says:

    I haven’t done this diet…yet, but i have read the book by Stanley Burroughs. The guy is certifiably coo-koo in my opinion, but i think there’s a few valid points to be had. The reason you experienced frustration/discontent with it, is that you heard about it as a “super celebrity weightloss” fad.

    If you read the book it says that “weightloss may be a favorable side effect of the diet, but it is not designed for losing weight” It’s designed to cleanse all the “toxins” from your body and break free bits of mean and nasties from your colon and other parts in your body. I can imagine that if you’re a celeb and you can lose 5lbs. in 5 days, that that could be a valuable thing showing up in public slightly more anorexic…but DON’T try to take this diet as a way to lose weight. Limit your carbs, work out like mad, your body will burn any stored carbs you have then start burning fat…it’s the only real way there is.

  23. Sowhat Says:

    Okay I am starting the cleanse tomorrow. I have read all of the post and I see that some of us have the right idea and of course there is always a naysayer stiff neck that says diet. In Stanley Burroughs book he clearly states with a few misspelled words, that this is a mind body type of CLEANSE so wish me luck! I have an even to attend for the Valentine Holiday so hopefully all the Shiznit will clean out and I can see and feel the results of the cleanse!I think this is a great alternative to taking diet pills. I have taken just about every prescription out there and I tell you by far the only one that worked for me was actually a combination of Adipex/Phentermine and Xenical and believe me when you eat too much fat you and everyone around you will notice! But hey it worked I was shocked myself

  24. Somcwha Says:

    Yeah this is definatly a cleanse not a diet. You do not do this to lose weight. It is to detox. Any weight you lose will come back if you eat the way you have been. It is my 11th day today and I can tell you I have never felt better. My headaches are gone, my acid reflux is gone, my painful gas is gone. I also have not had energy like this in years. Some people say this is like aneorexia I just smile at them why bother arguing. Good luck to those who want it.

  25. Henparty Says:

    This is my second round on the fast – I did it last summer and made it to day 7. I was pretty proud of that – though for me, the biggest “hit” I took was caffiene withdrawl. I did lose two clothing sizes – and that was important – I did not count pounds…. that I can recall.

    To my surprise, this time – I am not having the massive headaches I had on day 2 & 3 – though I am a little sluggish from the caffiene withdrawl. I was a heavy consumer the first time I did the fast and one of the long term benefits of this was that I noticed I was drinking quite a bit less – relatively for me in between fasts. I think Caffiene and other addictions can be a step down process – now seeing how my body is reacting this time.

    I am on Day 4 with a plan to do 10 .. then re-evaluate whether I think I can stay on it longer. In my ambitious dreams I’d like to do it through Feb 14. I am on it this time because in November I had several days of potent IV Antibiotics for a dog bite – then, I had a severe allergic reaction so I had to go on prednisone – and got seriously puffy – my skin is still mottled two months later from the reaction and I have felt that the drugs are still in my system. While I want the weight loss benefit – my primary reason for going on this is a good one – total detox.

    I have been hitting the treadmill for 30 minutes this time – the last time I had a heavy viniyasa yoga practice that made me very hungry…. heed the “take it easy” advice – this is a temporary existence. Thats not to say go fetal – make sure you move 30 minutes a day – even if it is restorative yoga or the tread or eliptical – low key but keep it moving.

    THANK YOU to the poster above who recommended the brown rice syrup – and other alternatives – if I get bored at day 10 this will change it up for me and, knowing that you’ve done this successfully for years and your alternative recipe still works is encouraging.

    See – you can still learn something from this cleanse even if you’re a second timer – one thing I do know – Agave as a substitute does not work as well as the maple – and should be avoided – the sugar structures are different.

    Best luck to everyone!

  26. Karen Says:

    Anybody out there who has done or is doing the fast and cheating just a little bit? I’m on day four. On day two, I ate one homemade oatmeal cookie. On day three, I ate a piece of chicken the size of a dime and some sauce –less than a teaspoon– from my daughter’s dinner. Today, I ate a tiny piece –a nickel-sized bite– of her grilled cheese sandwich. These tiny bites seem to satisfy me. The problem is that I have to feed my daughter and it smells so good!

    Also, the herbal tea is fine, and I can deal with the results. But I cannot drink a quart of any liquid, certainly not salt water. I can manage to get down six to eight ounces, chased with pure water and it does have an immediate result.

    My hair is limp, my skin is still blotchy, my joints still ache, but the fast almost immediately relieved terrible indigestion and acid reflux.

  27. Michael Says:

    I am very health conscious and I started the Master Cleanser a over 3 days ago and have done everything correctly (salt water, laxative, lemonade). I am roughly 6 foot 160 lbs. and I don’t think I have many toxins in my body because I haven’t really felt anything. Used the restroom once. Everything seems normal…Should I continue?

  28. Kathy Says:

    People, people. In defense of the Master Cleanser, it is just that A CLEANSER! I did it for 14 days, lost 10 lbs (which was a bonus) but let me tell you, I feel great! I didn’t know I had so much gunk in my body until after 6 or 7 days I realized I was still pooping and hadn’t eaten anything. I was a person that for as long as I remember had to take a laxative. After the cleanse, I go twice a day without having to take anyting. I think whatever I had in my bowels was preventing me from going “normally”. Try it for what it is and not as a weight loss fad. You’ll be glad you did.

  29. TEGEST EDO Says:

    I am starting the diet today Feb 07, I plan to do it for 10 days, It was grate reading about the people who lost the weight. And I love the quotation ‘‘ like all things in life worth having, it is worth the suffering’’ need all the support i can get because i love food too much. i am trying to lose the 20 1bs i gained during the pregnancy. Will keep you posted on how i am doing.

  30. Barbara Says:


    Im very interested in starting this cleanse. I am usually very in tune with my body and eat healthy (pescatarian), and exercise daily. However, I feel as though I really need some detox. I am 5 4 and 114 lbs. I do not really need to lose much weight. I would like the cleansing and the energy and the vibrancy. Im wondering if anyone else who has a low BMI has done this and how their body has reacted to it. I do not want to lose too much weight- as Im doing this for the cleansing reasons- will losing too much will result in an inverse (ie unhealthy) effect?


  31. TEGEST EDO Says:

    Its day 3 and i have lost 5IB, I am loving this.

  32. A.C. Says:

    I am on day one of the clense. I have done it once before for seven days – not knowing that 10 is the minimum. So I am going for 10 and will also assess if I can go for longer. But I have to say..I keep reading “Diet, Diet.” This is NOT a diet….it is a CLEANSE. I don’t have much to lose anyway but agree that following a sensible diet…like Bob Green’s – is the way to go for a DIET. I felt so good last time – peaceful and cleaner..so hopefully that will be the same this time too. Cheers, A

  33. CP Says:

    I am on day one of the cleanse and it is also my first time trying it…. i love food and i love my Dr.Peppers in the morning so – so far i am feeling a little sluggish and i have lots of cramping- i think this is due to the laxative tea but i am using a heating patch to help with them. i am looking forward to getting the energy and clean feeling back in my body to jumpstart on my new way of eating and cooking for myself and my family! Good Luck to all!!! C

  34. IM Says:

    I am 5’9″ I weigh 300lbs, I know not a good thing. I also smoke. I can do the fast, however I would love to quit smoking too. Has anyone out there tried this cleansing diet to quit a bad habit? I know what I have to do, loosing the weight and quitting smoking is not going to be easy but I think I am ready.

  35. SimplyLynn Says:

    It was Aug 2006 weighing 221 lbs, and was a beer drinker, I came off the fast Sept 16, 2006 weighing 199,only 2o days, but I was chewing gum, instead of sugarfree it was the regular gum, and that slowed down my weight loss. However my cousing went on it for 12 days and lost 21 lbs, and now I’m at 197.5 still to this day, and do not still drink beer. I tried to drink one, and it tasted nasty. So yes it can help you quit a bad habit if you strive to do it.

  36. fine-girl Says:

    Good people – I am on day 8 of this diet and sat down to read anything else I could find out about it because my common sense tells me it is insufficient nutrition but I FEEL GREAT! Obviously my digestive tract is free of gas, pain, and other discomforts, but my skin is clearer, my tongue is pure pink (I read somewhere that a pink tongue is a sign that the fast has done its job. You do get a whiter, yucky tongue for a few days, but then – no white stuff. Clean taste buds. It feels amazing!), and I have lost weight which I assume is largely water weight. (10 lbs in 8 days from a 6′ 195 lb. female frame). What I want to emphasize for those of you who seem to be doing this for weight loss, it is a cleanse but I feel as though it could be a great place to start a change in your dietary habits. By day 2 or 3, I had lost my cravings for sugary, high carb foods. By day 4, I lost the desire to eat at all. The lemonade is plenty. I can sit and have a glass with my family at dinner time. And now, day 8, the idea of eating something fried, fatty, or even meat, is completely out of my head. I have followed the diet to the letter, including Smooth Move tea before bed each night and a saltwater flush first thing in the morning (don’t leave the house until you been flushed…it’s powerful). I also plan to stop at day ten and take the three days of transition time back to ‘normal eating’. But the bottom line is, I have a real strong motivation for redefining normal to mean healthier, raw, organic and nutrious foods. What a great way to START a diet for weight loss. All the best – fine-girl p.s. I have been sleeping a lot better as well. Energy while awake, but very relaxed, restful and deep sleep at night.

  37. Marie S. Says:

    I’m on day 3 and I feel terrible. Not all the time but a lot of the time. I hope I am doing the right thing. I need to lose weight, but I am on this to start a healty life style on the right foot. Most people (from what I read on the internet) say they feel “great” and have “more energy” while on this cleanse. I am sticking to this cleanse to the letter. Why do I feel like crap?

  38. Cookie Says:

    I was on the Master Cleanse for 14 stays straight, I felt wonderful. No headache, no crankiness, I had more energy in those 14 days than I have had in a long time. The Master Cleanse is meant to detox the body and is not necessarily a diet. If you loose weight along the way, so be it. It changed my eating habits. No more meat, or chicken. It regulated my blood sugar, no more cravings for sweets. I used to be a sweet tooth junkie, I haven’t had a piece of cake, cookies or candy since November. I limit my amount of cooked food, and eat organic fruits, veggies and salads. In the mornings I still continue to drink the lemonade. I am planning to do a 40 day fast for Lent…and then again for Ramadan. To all those on the Master Cleanse…Light and One Luv…. Bigup up yourself, seen star…

  39. Cookie Says:

    Fine-Girl, I understand your energy… It is a wonderful feeling. Have you gone into the commerical supermarket and see how unhealthy the food is? Its mass produced without ANY nutritional value, but for for profit only. I started shopping at WholeFoods, its pricey but my health is worth it.

  40. inkyfinky Says:

    can you exercise while fasting? i bike about 16 miles each weekday and run about an hour. i don’t need to lose weight and am worried i might not have enough energy to continue biking to work?

  41. Cookie Says:

    InkyFinky, I am a walker, I could walk until the cows come home. I go to the gym, use my medicine ball, ride by bike (not 16 miles LOL). After the third day I didn’t miss food, and I stopped thinking about what to make for breakfast, what to pack for lunch, what to have for dinner. I had sooo much energy. All those endorphins are awesome…. If you want to maintain I would suggest adding a little more Maple Syrup, and if you need to chew try the pulp. Also, I didnt use the salt wash, couldnt stand the taste… good luck.

  42. Erika Says:

    Ok, I have been doing a search online for others that may of tried this, because my brother had started it. I thought last night when I started after drinking the tea (which I dont normally drink) would turn me off, Then, this morning I drank the salt water, and I felt very bloated, but that finally left after going to the bathroom 4 times before leaving my home. After being hesitant for the past 1hr I finally mixed my drink adding the pepper, it wasnt bad, BUT if you are not into hot foods, drinks it is best not to let it sit for a long period. I am going to hope I find the support here to atleast get me to day 2. I really want to try this for 10 days first. I am 242 and 5 4

  43. George Says:

    I’m on day three of the diet. My wife thinks I’m crazy. I’m 5’10” and about 268 pounds. I haven’t felt good for a long time. I have asthma and allergies. I get winded easily. I used to be able to exercise to get my weight down but it got so out of hand that I couldn’t do much without being out of breath. I just got a new exercise machine I’m excited about. I haven’t weighed myself yet but know that my clothes are already feeling less tight. I vowed not to go to by any bigger clothes (again). My attitude is this. If I can jump start my weight loss and do this for fourteen days I will lose probably about 20 lbs. This will get me down to a weight where I can more easily exercise. I also believe that after fasting for 14 days it will be much easier to look past the cookies and other junk foods around the house that my kids eat. There is something spiritual to this as well. It’s mind over matter to use a cliche. I do get some headaches from the lack of caffeine. I’m a big coffee drinker. To be honest I’ve still had one cup of coffee a day and hope to wean off of it entirely by tomorrow. I do realize that when this is done, I will need to maintain a better diet than before or it will be for nothing. I can’t say either that I don’t crave food. When I make my kids dinner or pack their lunch, the food looks very good. But three days in I think I can be strong.

  44. Cookie Says:

    Erika and George, congrat’s… I don’t add pepper to my lemonade, I use pepper pills at my discretion. I don’t like the taste of HOT Lemonade, I couldn’t force myself to do the salt water. I use the Smooth Move and drink plenty of water. This is my second go round, the first time I did 14 days. This is day 4 for me,

    Light and Love to both of you,

  45. Sir Lemon of Ade Says:

    My wife and I did the Cleanse a few years ago. It was very difficult for us at first. In fact after 24 hrs of no solid food, we broke down, had a huge salad, then decided to give it another try. We lasted 10 days. Overall experience, I’d say it was very good. We both lost over 10lbs, kept it off, and literally felt more inclined to make better eating choices. Everything you choose as far as diets, cleanses etc are individual things. What one person will hate, another will love. So my 2 cents is don’t listen to the people who can’t hack the system or stick to it’s regiment, therefore “It didn’t work”. Get yo’re own results, thus your own opinion.

  46. DonQ Says:

    On Sunday February 25, 2007 I entered into a complete water fast. It is now Monday Feb. 27th and I’ve entered my first day of the Master Cleanse. I’m following the book to the T. At the moment I’m experiencing alot of bloating, rumbling, and a certain uneasyness in my stomach. I have recuring headaches during this first day and also joint pain and dizziness. I have Asthma and allergies and hope to rid my body of mucous and toxins. I hit the gym 5-6 days of wk of cardio and weight training. I am 5’9″, 176lbs at the start of the fast, I’m going to attempt to only weigh myself at the end of the fast. We’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping to also tap into my inner spirit with prayer and meditation. Thanks for reading! Blessings and determination to you!

  47. Melissa Says:

    I am going into day 8 on the master cleanse and I LOVE IT! Dont get me wrong, it sucks but the benefits that i will have from it make me keep pushing forward. i am doing it for the cleansing and hopefully i will lose some fat along the way. so far i have lost 15 pounds and i am sure that a lot of that was flushed. so what! i have so much energy and get out of the bed so much easier in the mornings. i loved reading all the testimonials on here and wanted to add my 2 cents. good luck to you all!

  48. DonQ Says:

    Can someone please speak to the type of toxins that they’ve eliminated through bowel movements? I Guess I’m asking color, size, shape, texture? I know its not the most pleasant topic but I’m curious. Thx

  49. Cookie Says:

    DonQ, well the toxins released for me was mostly mucus, slimey, nothing solid, almost the color of the sides of this webpage. Very surprising what you have left inside, very surprising. Q, you do know that certain foods are mucus forming, such as eggs, cheese, rice, milk, dairy in general? As I stated before after my first time of doing the Master Cleanse, I gave up red meat, chicken, all dairy and limit the amount of cooked foods. I am really trying to give up fish, I have mastered that yet. But best of Health to All of You in the years to come !. Cookie

  50. DonQ Says:

    Thx Cookie:

    I guess thus far my bowel movements have been similar to yours although it is only my 2nd day of the cleanse. Yes, I am very aware of the mucus forming foods. I have been moving towards a raw foods diet over the past couple of months and I use Soy milk and have limited the amount of eggs I ingest alot compared to before.

  51. DonQ Says:

    7:20 am, 2nd day of the Cleanse. I’m finishing my 32 oz. of the Saltwater flush, feeling very full. Last night was filled with cramping and 2 trips to the bathroom. Has anyone else experienced cramping while taking the lemonade? This morning I have less of a headache compared to the first day. It’s now 7:25 I’ve finished the saltwater flush. Just waiting to Purge!

  52. DonQ Says:

    It is now 3:05 PM and I’m feeling like I have a cold. Hunger pains really are tolerable. Surprisingly, the 32 oz. of saltwater this morning really didn’t hit me the way I thought it would, meaning it produced more bowel movement. Body is lacking big time in energy. This is my 3rd day fasting, but 2nd day on the Cleanse.

  53. Carly93 Says:

    finally a blog that’s real time (my other searches have taken me back to 2003)! This is day 2 for me, and I’m really struggling! While my motives are to detox/cleanse, I have a history of bulimia, and this is setting up all sorts of cravings, conflicting self-talk, etc. I feel deprived, and I know that it is more psychological than physical. I have allowed myself limited raw fruits and veggies (a pear and an apple last night; a pear and raw snap peas this afternoon) in lieu of pizza or taco bell. Until Monday morning, I have eaten whatever, whenever (I’m not overweight, I exercise regularly and I do have some self control; what I mean is that my diet includes dairy and meat daily), so I figure I must be getting SOME benefit from the cleanse, even if I ‘cheat’ a little with minimal raw food. If someone tells me this is a complete waste of time, unless I do it perfectly, then I guess I’ll go buy some of those silly ‘detox’ pills they sell at the healthfood store…you know, the ones that allow you to continue to EAT!!! Also, is it normal (don’t read if you have a weak stomach, but who are we kidding, no one with a weak stomach could endure this!)to have totally liquid (as in, like water) stools? Being a nurse, I can’t help but wonder if 10 days of this will alter my electrolytes. My husband is not experiencing the same thing (more specifically, I can see clearly to the bottom of the bowl…he cannot). Whew! I feel much better, and I look forward to any well-meaning, supportive comments. toodles!

  54. DonQ Says:

    Carly: I have also experienced liquified stools! Even after drinking the 32oz saltwater flush this morning. I was really surprised that I passed the liquid via #2 as rather than going #1.

    Stay Strong!

  55. Carly93 Says:

    Don I guess I expected the liquid expulsion after the swf. I just thought it wouldn’t last all day. I also must confess I nibbled on some raw almonds this evening…just a few, but I think I need to stick to raw fruit and veggies…I forgot to mention earlier that another reason I’m not totally sold on fasting completely is because my initial goal is 5 days, not 10, and I’m not ready for the committment of ‘easing my way’ back to solid food…baby steps…one day I’ll go all the way!

  56. Carly93 Says:

    I noticed ‘up high’ on the screen are several people who made entries early on in their cleansing, but haven’t given updates. I LOVE hearing success stories, but it is a BIT frustrating that everyone sounds so damn chipper!!! 🙂 What, specifically, did you do to get through moments of weakness? Don, I appreciate your committment to deepening your inner spirit as a part of this process. Maybe that’s the simple answer…

  57. DonQ Says:

    8am, 3rd day of cleanse. Just finished 32oz. saltwater flush. At 4:30 am woke up cramping and had a strong movement which surprised me because I thought I didn’t have any solids left in me, well not really solids but loose stool. I have alot more energy today than the previous 2 days, headache is gone and symptoms of cold have vanished. Still feeling hungry! Not really hunger pains but feeling the desire to eat, although I have refrained from eating. I’ve noticed slight reduction of belly and love handles. I’m also noticing more vibrant skin.

  58. elijahsmama Says:

    I just want to say that I myself have not tried it and after work I plan on getting the ingredients. I personally know someone who used to drink not this diet per say, but she did colon cleansing professionally like every 6 months through a clinic and they told her to drink cayenne pepper and water to fast, so kinda the same concept, and she told me that just doing that 3 day fast on that she felt incredibly better, I being a new mom and having gained those few extra pounds back after losing the 24 lbs i gained while pregnant….i just want to say that not only do i want to benefit with the weight loss aspect, I want to cleanse my body and see how i feel, b/c adding those 6 lbs. i gained back makes me feel lousy. I need energy so I say to all TRY IT! 🙂 Do your research though….and good luck to all!

  59. George Says:

    I had my initial comments back around #43. I’ve done great since then. I’ve lost about 16 to 17 pounds and feel pretty good. As stated before I just have to control my diet better when I come off this thing. I still have about 6 loose stools a day of what I’m not quite sure. I cheated one day and had a salad at a dinner show. I’ve not done a SWF but am sticking to the lemonade. I also tried the cayenne pepper pills to avoid the spicy drink. They work fine but cause a little heartburn. I find a stick of gum helps that feeling for an hour or two. I will stop the diet Friday at day 12 to have some salad and fruit Saturday leading up to a birthday dinner I’m attending Sunday at a nice restuarant. I’ll give another update early next week.

  60. Carly93 Says:


    I appreciate E’s-mama’s comment about her friend doing a similar fast for 3 days and getting good results, since my committment is 5 days for now. Day three is as hard as I’ve read others’ say. Strangely, though, I feel less like blowing it than I did on day 2, because “I’ve made it this far”. Mind you, I am still nibbling on raw fruit and veggies; but only 1-2 servings (ie pieces of fruit or handful of veg) a day (at night, when I’m ‘weak’). I had to get an early start to work today, so I drank tea instead of doing the swf, and surprisingly, I MISSED IT! I believe what I’ve read, that part of the reason I feel so crappy today is b/c the toxins are stirred up and lingering. I’ve had a headache all day (first one, even though I haven’t had coffee since Sunday morning), my joints and back ache, and I feel nauseated. Still pluggin’ away, though. Best to all!!!

  61. DonQ Says:

    Stick with it Carly!

    I’m on day 3 in the evening and thus far all is well. No headaches, no symptoms of a cold and stomach cramping after lemonade has vanished today. Actually, I just returned from the gym and I was able to lift weights, and performed light cardio in which I burned up 150 calories, which is pretty good since I’m not taking in many calories. I’m very excited to see if I have even more energy tomorrow. So far I haven’t had any solid food. While at the gym they had an open house with pasta, chicken, protein shakes and I was able to walk by with no problem but the aroma was calling me. BTW, I caved in and weighed myself. When I started on Sunday with just water I weighed in at 176lbs and today I am 171lbs. I’ll will persevere!

  62. Sam Says:

    What does the lemonade taste like??? Is it bearable…

  63. DonQ Says:

    Sam I warm up the water prior to making the lemonade. I would say that it tastes like a lemon flavored spiced tea. I have no problems drinking it.

  64. Carly93 Says:

    Personally, I take mine a little cooler than room temp, which is how I take my water, too. You can adjust the cayenne pepper to taste: much of it settles to the bottom, so if it’s in a glass/container that you can stir or shake between sips, that’s good. I actually like the lemonade! I saw another website where a bunch of people who had done the cleanse made “mastertini’s” which were ‘our lemonade’ (spiked, I assume) with cayenne pepper on the rim!

    I’ve introduced more solid food than anyone would approve of: all vegetables and fruit; last night was a salad with black beans thrown in. I know that at this point the ‘master’ part of the cleanse is over, however I spoke with a very seasoned chiropractor/nutritionist/vegan, who said that you do get SOME benefit from a modified master cleanse. I’m not beating myself up. I’m proud of what I have accomplished and have set some nutriton goals that are more reasonable from where I am starting. I’ll still be checking in, though…you guys inspire me!!! toodles!

  65. jeffinaustin Says:

    I am on Day 4 of the Stnaley Burroughs Master Cleanse, and I’m shocked to find out that it’s true that the cravings for food go away around this time. Up until now, lunchtime has been the toughest for me to get through. Today, there are no cravings. The lemonade really does satiate my hunger. I’ve been sticking to room temperature lemonade, but last night I made a couple of drinks with limes instead of lemons (allowed on the cleanse) and used sparkling water and crushed ice. It felt as though I was cheating. It was just great to have something different. Btw, I’ve lost 10 pounds so far. My #2 trips to the bathroom have basically been in the AM after the salt water flush. My energy level is high and state of being is very peaceful. As hard as it can be at times, I view it as an inward personal vacation. It’s been great!

  66. M & M Says:

    WOW! I’m so glad I found this forum! My husband and I are currently on day 2 of the Master Cleanse. So far so good. So far I haven’t had any food cravings…although I have had a desire to eat and mild hunger. The drink manages to rid my hunger. I did notice today that my energy levels were way up this morning. I slept better last night than I have in weeks. I took advantage of the increased energy and hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. I could have kept going but I had small children at feet begging mommy for breakfast. My husband has been having a tough time with the SWF. It’s making him really nauseous. I think from here on out he’ll just drink the tea in the evening and in the morning. So far I haven’t really seen any physical changes in him(but of course we’re only on day 2). He’s been really moody today though. He told me that he misses eating.

    This is great. I’ve enjoyed reading all these entries. It’s good for the ol’ motivation factor. OHHH One more big thing I noticed tonight. For the last 7 years I have had horrible sinus congestion. No amount of sudafed or anything has been able to clear my sinuses. It’s starting to clear up now! I can breathe again.

  67. MC Says:

    It’s the Zero Hour for me … I just drank the senna tea, and I start fasting tomorrow …

    For the OP – I’m looking at this as a fast more than a diet, although I could stand to adjust my eating habits when it’s done. It’s a chance to make a radical break. And though I’d really like to lose a bit of fat, in reality I’m doing ok (14% BF at age 41).

    I don’t believe the detoxing hype, it seems like so much pseudo-science to me. But I’ve never fasted before, so I’m curious about what this experience will be like.

  68. DonQ Says:

    Starting this morning at day 5 of the Cleanse. The hunger pains have gone away but I’m still hungry! Energy levels are pretty good.

    It seems as if the amount of liquid that I’m consuming isn’t being expelled in the same quantities?

    Still haven’t eaten any solid food. Vision seems extremely clear and sharp.

    Note to M&M: I also have bad sinuses, allergies, and asthma. I haven’t had one symptom of asthma and my sinuses are completely clear!

  69. MrsJ Says:

    Hey All,

    This is my 5th day on the Master Cleanse. You never could have convinced me that I could do it, but here I am. Yesterday was the worst and I wanted to eat everthing I saw. My cravings were so bad that I decided to have just a taste, I mean literally a pinch of my daughters food. I chewed one little piece of meat and spit it out, but the juices actually made me sick to my stomach for about and hour. I had the extreme urge to crunch something so I chewed 4 croutons 1 by 1, and spit them out. It saisfied the chew reflex. Whew. Other than that all is well. My arthritis in my neck has all but subsided. I have tons of energy and I lost 11 pounds in the first 3 days. Somehow I feel very light. Keep it up folks.

  70. Sabrina D. Says:

    Hi everybody,

    Thanks for your forum and sharing your experiences. I have read extensively about the MC. I want to start on Sunday with the cleanse.

    However, I wonder about two things:

    1) Both my stomach and digestion are really robust (and somewhat slow). I am wondering if the salt water flush and the laxative tea will work on me at all.

    Do you have some info of what to expect?

    2) The other big fear I have is the salt water flush. I have not tried it yet but I imagine the taste not being a problem. The problem for me will be the quantity. Usually, everything I drink per day does not even begin to come close to amount to a quart! And the salt water flush is just the morning part of the cleanse.

    I have no idea how it will turn out but I cannot imagine drinking that much. Is this going to change anything? Is that a problem?

    Also, how bad is the digestion? Can you actually leave the house? I am afraid of a serious red alert and not being able to leave the bathroom for hours. But then again, I am slow in digesting.

    I would appreciate any comments and or advice.

  71. Sabrina D. Says:

    Ok, I have to revise: It was a simple conversion problem. Yeah, I think I can do a quart but it will require an effort.

    The problem with the slow (regular) digestion still remains. Any thoughts?

  72. Peter Says:

    Tonight is the end of my 10th day on the Lemon Cleanse…this is the third time that I have completed a 10 day period. I actually intend to carry it out through Easter. I always do my best work while I’m on the Master Cleanse and always feel my best. I have more energy, I think more quickly and clearly, and I don’t have to worry about what I am going to eat for my next meal. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  73. nece Says:

    Is it necessary to purchase organic lemons for this cleansing process to work properly?

  74. DonQ Says:

    You definately want to use organic because the point of the cleanse is to rid your body of toxins. A large quantity of the toxins we have within us are due to pesticides that we ingest from fruits and vegetables that are not organic.

    Organic lemons have been grown without the use of pesticides and without chemical fertilization. Also, the fact that they are organic means that haven’t been genetically altered in any way.

  75. nece Says:

    Thanks DonQ. Im on my way to the Whole Food store now to purchase the ingredients. Ive been told to drink a tea called Smoothe Move at night and to do the salt water flush in the morning. Do you think both of those are necessary?

  76. DonQ Says:

    Absolutely! I’ve been following the cleanse to the T. Today is my 6th day and I’ve been feeling really good. I know my body is being cleansed. Also, I’ve been losing 1lb per day.

  77. BC Says:

    Hello, I am so excited to give this a try. Just want to know if I will be able to leave the house, or will I constantly need to be nearby a bathroom!! I have two kids, & I am very busy, should I try to schedule my cleanse around a not so busy week?

    Thanks!! ~ BC

  78. Dahlia1980 Says:

    Hello All:

    Thank goodness for this support forum! I initially went online to find justification in cheating on this cleanse! I’m craving a shrimp salad! I’m on DAY 2 and I’m struggling a bit. I’ve lost 3 lbs so far. I plan to go for 7. I’ll be okay. The hardest part for me is the SWF. I don’t mind taking it, but both yesterday and today, my bowel movements lasted all morning, 4 to 5 times, spaced apart over about 6 hours. Luckily, today at least is a weekend day and I was running to the bathroom in the comfort of my home. At this rate, when work resumes on Monday, I don’t think I’ll be able to do the morning flush. HAS ANYONE DONE THE FLUSH IN THE EVENING???? Will you achieve the same results?

  79. Scott Says:

    I want to desperately begin the full clense A.S.A.P. Do I need to order the ingredients I need or can I just go to Trader Joes and load up. Should I purchase Stanley Burroughs book? I really want to start on Monday, is this possible?? You all got me PUMPED UP for the toxin challenge! I am 5’8″ and weigh 215. I suffer from gout and had an episode recently. If I can knock the toxins in my body out, perhaps assist with my gout, and lose some unwanted poundage, it seems like it’s worth a shot!

    Thanks! Scott

  80. patty Says:

    Hi all,

    I take meds for highblood pressure, cholestorol, and diabetes. Can I still take my meds while on the cleanse? I start at the end of next week 3/10. Wish me luck. My goal is to come completely off the meds at the docs discretion of course. Nurses and doctors out there and anyone else who really can inform me please respond

  81. Laura Moncur Says:


    Do NOT get your advice from the people commenting on this post. Talk to your doctor about anything radical that you want to do.

    Laura Moncur Starling Fitness


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